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This story came about because of a plot bunny issued by dare-denymecider. I hope this beginning chapter meets with your approval ;) It would have been posted at the start of the week however I didn't feel it was quite there, and after some major reworking I like this much better than the original.

Pairing is Karen/Rob because I absolutely adore them. Set after the end of series 7 pt 1.

It is rated M because of explicit sex. Consider this a warning. If it's not your thing, then please don't read :)

If you do read, I hope you enjoy.

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A Time of Change

Chapter One

The sound of the mail being pushed through the letterbox and dropping onto the mat caused Karen to jump out of bed as it had done every morning for the past week and a half. She was still waiting to hear back from the LEA about her suspension, and with every day that passed with no news she became more and more certain that she wouldn't be returning in September. She picked up the pile of letters barely glancing at the white envelopes, all the while looking for an elusive brown one. There it was. Second from bottom of the pile. Karen placed the others on the telephone table, holding the brown one aloft with trembling fingers. Her heart hammered nervously in her chest and now it was here, she didn't know if she could face opening it. What if it was bad news? What would she do then?

"Karen?" Rob's voice floated down the stairs but she barely heard him, unable to take her eyes off the emblem on the front of the envelope, tracing the lines with her finger. "Karen are you okay?" Having received no reply, Rob had come halfway down the stairs and seen her simply standing there. He came and joined her in the hallway and seeing the letter in her hand, instantly understood. He knew how afraid she was about the prospect of not returning to Waterloo Road, and whilst he continued to reassure her that no news meant they were taking the time to consider it properly, privately he was worried. It wasn't that Karen wasn't a good headteacher, because she was one of the best, but no one could deny that the inspection had gone badly, and that she had made errors. "Do you want me to open it?" He asked, wrapping his arm around her and giving her a gentle squeeze.

Karen shook her head, eyeing the letter warily as though it was about to burst into flames. "No – no I'll do it," She managed, finally finding her voice.

"Let's go and sit down," Rob said calmly, and she felt him gently grip her arm and lead her into the living room. Numbly Karen let herself drop down onto the sofa, and she took a deep breath before turning the envelope over and ripping it open. The muscles in her face tightened as she unfolded the crisp cream sheet of paper, and faced her fate.

'Dear Mrs Fisher,

We are pleased to inform you that we have reached a decision on the outcome of your headship at Waterloo Road. It has been unanimously agreed – following an investigation into the allegations against Mr. Richard Whitman, and consultation with the staff at Waterloo Road, that it is in the best interest of the school and its students for you to be reinstated as headmistress with immediate effect. Whilst no formal action is to be taken against you, Waterloo Road will be subject to regular inspections over the course of the 2011/2012 academic year, until otherwise stated.'

Karen read the body of the letter through twice in quick succession, feeling the knot of fear in her chest loosen each time she read the words… unanimously agreed… reinstated as headmistress… She was going back! Happiness welled up inside of her at the thought and a relieved tear dripped down her cheek.

"Well…" Rob asked anxiously from where he was stood. He'd wanted to give her some space, but now he was incredibly nervous. "What's the verdict?" Wordlessly Karen gestured at him to take the letter from her, unsure whether she was currently capable of standing. He took it from her and quickly skim read it, his face splitting into a wide grin, "Karen that's fantastic!" He said, relieved.

She couldn't help the smile that crossed her face. "It is," She agreed. "As far as being inspected goes, that's nothing new there. We'll just have to make sure we leave no room for criticism this term."

Rob smiled proudly, "That's my girl!" He replied. "I told you it'd be okay."

But Karen wasn't listening to him, "I need to call Tom, we'll need to have a meeting." She reached for her phone.

Rob put out a hand to stop her, shaking his head slightly; she was in her element already, which didn't surprise him. Even before this morning she'd been making the preparations for the upcoming term. "Karen it's ten past seven," He pointed out, "Give him a chance to wake up first!" He sat down beside her.

"Sorry," Karen replied sheepishly, laying her phone on the arm of her chair. She looked at him. "So Mr Scotcher, any suggestions for passing the time?" She gave him a coy grin before deliberately reclining across the sofa.

Rob's eyes roamed over her body appreciatively; she was sitting there in one of his t-shirts, which clung to her curves perfectly. He leaned over her, brushing her hair back from her face. "I can think of one thing," He whispered in her ear, his breath grazing her cheek.

"Oh yeah?" She cocked her head to one side, and he leaned down pressing hot kisses down her jaw, finally capturing her lips with his own. A breathy sigh escaped from her mouth, and her arms wrapped around his back pulling him firmly against her.

"Why don't we take this into the bedroom?" Rob suggested against her lips, intoxicated by the feel of her body pressing against him. He broke their kiss, getting up from the sofa and holding out a hand invitingly. "I'd say a little celebration is in order." Karen willing took hold of his hand, her eyes clouding over, and he led her back upstairs, pushing her down onto the bed. She giggled, pulling him down on the bed to join her. His hands wandered across the contours of her body, palming her breasts through the shirt and feeling her nipples harden under his touch. Reaching further down her body, he grasped her sides and pulled the t-shirt swiftly over her head, before leaning down to kiss her again.

Karen kissed him back, her tongue slipping into his mouth, his hands tangling in her hair as they battled for control, although truthfully she was quite willing to submit. Following suit she awkwardly pulled Rob's t-shirt off, her hands travelling the planes of his body and lightly pinched his nipples. He let out a low groan, his hands coming up and gently cupping her breasts. He tore his mouth away from hers and began placing soft kisses against her neck. She moaned as he sucked gently on her pulse point, her body arching up off the bed.

Rob pressed himself against her in response and Karen could feel his hardness against her stomach. Using one of his legs he parted her own, slipping his thigh in between them. She raised her hips up, moving against him, eliciting a small whimper as she sought the much needed contact. Her wetness soaked through the cotton knickers she was wearing; this realisation causing Rob's member to twitch painfully. Karen reached down between their bodies, and into his boxers, her hand closing around his cock. He let out an animalistic groan as she moved up and down his length, stroking him torturously slowly. "God Ka-" His words were cut short and a low hiss escaped from his throat as she ran her thumb over his weeping head.

Rob sat up, straddling her body. His hands fell to her waist, as he awkwardly began to slide her underwear down her legs, deliberately brushing against her clit in the process, before continuing. Karen bit down hard on her lip stifling a gasp, his touch sending a new rush of liquid heat straight to her core. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him back down on top of her, feeling an overwhelming desire to feel him against her once more. Their lips crashed together, and tremors wracked Karen's body at the sheer intensity of her feelings. His lips moved downwards, dipping into the hollow of her throat before placing butterfly kisses across her breasts. She revelled in the sensation his ministrations were creating, for he'd now taken one of her nipples in his mouth and was alternating between licking and sucking. His hand came up to palm her other breast, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger; Karen's eyes fluttered shut involuntarily as she moaned in delight. "Rob – please," she gasped, the words ripped from her throat.

"What do you want?" His voice had deepened, and he swallowed hard at the sight of her writhing beneath him.

Karen swallowed convulsively, clutching at the bed sheet with one hand. "You," She panted. "I want you Rob." He felt himself hardening at her admission, and sensing her desperation, nodded. How could he deny her anymore? Without speaking began to trail his kisses in a line down her stomach, finally reaching the place where she needed him the most. She was unable to suppress a moan as he placed a kiss on her clit, before continuing down with his tongue, though not slipping inside her. Rob paused to look at the expression on her face; her eyes were closed and her mouth was half open. Personally he never thought she'd looked as beautiful as she did just then. He took her swollen nub in his mouth and sucked hard, before stroking her with his tongue again. Alternating between long and slow licks, and short quick flicks of the tongue, each one pushing her further over the edge into oblivion. Every move he made sent electricity coursing through her body. "Oh God," she moaned, her hips bucking as she felt him pick up the rhythm.

"God can't help you now Karen," He whispered wickedly, pushing his tongue inside her briefly. He could feel himself beginning to climax; her taste combined with the intensity of her approaching orgasm was sending shockwaves throughout his body but he forced himself to keep going. "Rob… Oh Rob…" Karen's moans became more desperate, "I need you inside me. Now." She ordered between gasps.

She groaned at the loss of contact between them as he moved back up her body, placing a firm kiss on her lips and again at the taste of her own arousal. Removing his boxers, Rob looked down at her, positioning himself between her legs. Slowly he lowered himself on top of her, never breaking eye contact and she felt him teasingly run his cock over her entrance. "Rob I swear to God if you don't just fuck me –" She growled, the end of her insult lost as he slid inside her in one swift movement, at the same time grabbing both of her wrists and pinning her to the bed.

Rob smirked, the glare in her eyes replaced by a hooded expression. "How's that?" He teased.

"Just move," Karen managed through gritted teeth, rolling her hips upwards. Rob, deciding that he'd tortured her for long enough, slowly began to move inside her. He let out a groan relishing the feel of her tight walls around his cock. As he thrust in an out of her, Karen's hands became loose and he could feel her nails digging into his bag. They wandered down his body, desperately clutching at his arse in an effort to make him go deeper. She let out a frustrated sigh as Rob withdrew almost all the way; this changed to a loud whimper as he thrust back inside her, filling her completely.

Lifting her hips to meet his thrusts, she heard him moan into her shoulder and they settled into a comfortable rhythm; Rob alternating between thrusting hard and fast, and slow and gentle. He could feel her walls beginning to contract around him, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he climaxed either. Beads of sweat trickled down his chest and onto her body as he continued his motions. Karen's breathing was ragged; she let out a loud scream as she came, which he muffled by kissing her hard on the lips. He pushed himself in and out several more times, before coming with a low groan; her name on his lips.

They were still for a few minutes, Rob listening to her heart pounding against her ribcage. Steadying his breathing he rolled off of her, pulling her into his arms. Karen smiled at the gesture, "That was some celebration," She murmured exhaustedly, her eyes fluttering shut.