They—those rotten Gryffindors—say he's sick, that he's good for nothing more than the Cruciatus curse.

But look who's following the rules now. It's him, Gregory Goyle. What if he maybe likes this torture and murder and pain? He's supposed to, isn't he? Obviously they wouldn't be telling him to do something pointless. They're Death Eaters—they're his, and he's the best wizard there is! Of course they're right. Those Mudbloods deserves it, and those blood-traitors deserve it, and anyone who disagrees deserves it too.

And those Gryffindors can stop with their nonsense, because he's doing the right thing.

AN: Goyle... Well, I think half of the reason he was never really more than Draco's less important sidekick was because he's so unintelligent. He couldn't form his own opinions, and he couldn't do anything extraordinary. So he just went with what he was told, I think, you know? Well, maybe it's just me. Thanks for reading. I'm off to write Hufflepuff's collection.