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Key: J=Japan A=America

Hungary's Birthday

It was a lively day at the world meeting, as the nations gathered to celebrate Hungary's birthday. The room was filled with balloons, Hungarian flags, and laughter. The big, oval-shaped table was overflowing with snacks, drinks, and gifts. There were many activities and games such as, pin the mask on the Turkey, whack a Prussia (complete with frying pan), and karaoke.

At the karaoke station, Sealand had just finished singing, "I'm on a Boat", much to Finland and Sweden's horror, and was ready to pass the microphone to the next volunteer. Japan shyly stood up and motioned for America to follow. "I would like to dedicate this next song to our dear friend, Hungary-san." Japan announced. Hungary smiled as the music began to play.

J: "The Birthday Rangers present: Real Fans of Genius."

A: "Real fans of genius!" America belted into the microphone.

J: "Today we salute you, Miss Yaoi Obsessed Fangirl."

A: "Miss Yaoi Obsessed Fangirl!"

Hungary let out a small giggle as her smile only grew bigger.

J: "You see one guy; you think it's cute, but two guys, all over each other with wind blowing through their hair...Now that's sexy."

A: "Where is that wind coming from?"

The crowd that had assembled around them, started to laugh.

J: "Doujinshi, fanfics, you've got it all, but it's never enough. And no clothing ensamble is complete without a giant, wooden paddle."

A: "Someone's been a naughty bishie!"

Hearing this, Hungary burst out in full laughter.

J: "No manga writer would have ever imagined the kind of kinky activities you've come up with for the characters they've created."

A: "YEAH!"

Hungary gave them a thumbs-up.

J: "So take a bow, and a Ritalin, oh crazed babe of the bishies. We take our hats off to you...but only our hats."

A: "Miss Yaoi Obsessed Fangirl!"

J: "This tribute brought to you by the Birthday Rangers. Embrace your inner otaku."

Japan and America finished with a bow as Hungary ran up to them and engulfed the two in a giant bear hug. The crowd praised the preformers with a standing ovation and wild clapping. Even Germany slipped a small smile and applauded.

"You both have just made this the best birthday I've ever had. Thank you SO much!" Hungary boasted, refusing to release the two from her bone-crushing hug. "You are most welcome, Hungary-san." "Yeah, no prob!" gagged America, as he slithered out of Hungary's grasp.

"Ve~ Everybody gather around! It's time for cake!" Italy shouted to all the other nations. "C'mon you two, you can have the first piece." Hungary proposed as the nations of the world clustered to devour Italy's masterpiece and bask in the peace and happiness that would probably only last for the day...or at least until someone decides to let France into the building.


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