A lot of people say that it's hard to forget, having someone ripped away from you like that. They say it's something that stays with you for the rest of your life. You never forget losing them.

For George, it's easy to forget.

When you spend your entire life with someone who is your exact copy, you kind of forget they aren't there. You just kind of pretend that they are.

He still figures that people need laughs, dark wizardry or not, so he keeps the shop. But sometimes, when he's tampering with the puking pastilles or some other dangerous sweet, he'll say, "Alright, Freddie?"

And then he remembers.

And when he's remembering, he can still feel a ghost of a grin on his lips and the words, "How are you feeling, Freddie?"

He can still hear an exact echo of his voice coming back to him. Just like it was never gone.