Epilogue - Four years later

We were laying on the beach gathered around the fire. Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Aria and I. We had graduated from our respective colleges this morning and were having a small bonfire party just for friends before we went back to Rosewood. At the end everything worked out.

Aria had decided that Rosewood boys were all carbon copy of each other and decided she'd wait to go to college to look for a suitable guy. That was greatly accepted from Ezra Fitz who bolted out if the door as soon as he heard that Ella thought he was sleeping with Spencer. Aria was sad and angry with him but got over it pretty fast and focused on her studies in Art School at Dartmouth. She had taken a year off college to see the world and still managed to graduate with us.

Emily's ulcer had gone away and she had upped her workout so much she ended up getting a scholarship from Danby before she had to tell her mother the truth. However she decided going there would be filled with -A- memories so she decided to go to Penn University (it had offered her a scholarship as well) and she was never happier - being free to stay at her own home helped.

Spencer had cleared the air with Melissa about Ian and everything and the two were enjoying their newfound friendship. Of course finding Melissa's ring at Alison's stuff didn't hurt either, neither did that Melissa's water broke in an elevator where she and Spencer were forced to have that baby all alone. She had gone to Law School (along with Melissa who's dream to become a stay at home mom died with Ian) and would start working at their parents' law firm.

Hanna had gotten over Caleb and loved the single life. During the months Emily stayed with them she got her to study as well and by graduation day she had good enough grades to study fashion design at college. She had chosen Penn U. as well and she and Emily were just trudging the waters of a more intimate friendship. Her grams had taken my advice and her dad never married Isobel. Instead her parents were back together and happier than ever.

The most important thing though was the lack of -A- texts. We didn't look over our shoulders anymore. No one jumped in fright when a text beeped or when the delivery man brought baskets. In fact as a way of burying everything behind us, our bonfire didn't consist only of wood found at the beach but also the printed -A- texts, the gifts and everything that could come back and haunt us. Except Zoe of course.

My little Zoƫ had become a star in dog shows ever since I gave to mom the summer after high school till I got situated in college.

As for me... The day after burying Alison I had visited Peter Hastings and returned the Book as well as Alison's tattoo. In return I had earned the colour on my Eye (I had chosen a mixture of red and gold in memory of the lessons of Forks) and the position as the head of N.A.T. The first woman ever.

I had also gotten my acceptance letters from the colleges I had applied to, letting both mom and dad sweat the pros and cos of an ivy college. I had chosen Cornell. Seeing Carlisle on campus where he taught a seminar in medical school had allowed me to say goodbye in my own terms and be able to fully move on. Choosing Cornell also meant that I was far away from both Charlie and Renee but near enough to Rosewood so Jason and I could be together. He had taken a job as a freelance photographer in various papers.

we were all chatting around the fire, munching on marshmallows (which is our weekly routine anyway) and my eyes were drawn to Jason running out of the water, surfing board in hand. who said you needed a vampire for perfection again? Jason and i had been officially together since the day we killed Alison. We rarely spent a night apart, unless it was spent with friends and had crossed the line many times. He run to me, stuck his board in the sun and sat behind me with his legs on either side of mine.

"That bikini should be illegal"

"That's why I'm wearing a skirt"

"That's not a skirt, that's a scrap of a fabric"

he complained for the umpteenth time. I rolled my eyes and fed him a marshmallow. my man has a sweetest tooth than me.

"now that's school's over you're free to marry me"

he said matter of factly and I choked

"har har. You're so funny"

"Don't laugh at me. I'm serious"

He said calmly

"In case you didn't know there are two kinds of love baby. The famous one is the love at first sight. You know the one with the fireworks and whatnot. But there is another kind of love, the one that fills you up slowly and takes hold of you. It's deep, stong and real"

"you're crazy"

"crazy for you. have been for so many years"

our eyes locked and a warm smile reached up to his eyes. To my extreme surprise I felt my heart flutter in agreement.