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Of All The Stutterish Things To Say!

James sighed in frustration. He just couldn't say the sentence without messing up!

See, James was fourteen years old and was going to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry tomorrow, which was so close considering it was 9 PM, in his fourth year. James always felt like he didn't fit in. It's not like he wasn't popular. He was, with his friends, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew but there was one little problem.ok, one BIG problem.

He stuttered.

Not just when he was nervous, excited, or scared. All the time! Well, not when saying a spell, which was a little freaky. The girls all found it cute though, but James didn't. It got on his nerves when he was trying to say something and the other person was just standing waiting for him to finish his sentence when it just wouldn't come out!

Now, back to his friends.

Sirius was the devilish one. It was like every second he wanted to pull a prank at some innocent person, whether minding their own business, or they were Slytherins. He had long, black hair and almost black eyes. He was James's best friend and always seemed to be able to read his mind of what he was trying to put in words. James was grateful for this.

Then there was the logical one, Remus. He always pointed out the possibilities of what could happen in a dangerous prank. Remus had soft, brown eyes with dirty, blonde hair. Remus also understood the things James said.

Last was Peter. He was a small, slightly chubby guy with a blond hair, and watery, beady blue eyes. No one knew why James hung around him since he was a tag along. But that reason was because Peter knew what James was trying to say too.

That was why they were called 'The Marauders' and why James hung out with them.

Now, back to the situation at hand. James was trying to say this one sentence without stuttering.

"G-g-gry-f-f-indors r-r-rule, S-s-s-s-s-s-.. URGH!" James threw his hands up in the air in defeat.

"Now James, don't give up yet. One of this days you will learn not to stutter."

"M-mom!" James turned to his mother who was the one who had spoken to him, "I-It's useless! I-I'll b-be s-s-s-stuck like this!"

James mother, Caitlyn Potter, hugged her only child comforting, a single tear falling.

"James, promise me you'll never give up trying, promise me James."

"I-I-I p-promise mother. I-I l-l-love you."

Caitlyn got up, after tucking him in and giving him a kiss on the forehead, and turned the light off with her wand.

Before she closed the door she said five words that made James fall into a blissful sleep.

"I love you too James."

*** James craned his head over all the other heads of students saying good-bye to their parents and relatives. It didn't take long to find Sirius. This was due to the fact that he was wearing a bag with the words 'Sirius Black' in Sirius's messy hand written across it, over his head. There were little holes for his eyes, nose and mouth.

Sirius grinned sheepishly, or what looked like one from what James could see, when James was by him.

"H-h-hey, what's u-u-up with the b-bag?" James stuttered, making an attempt to reach the bag.

Sirius put his hands in front of him, defending himself.

"Don't you dare take the bag off! Not in front of everyone." Sirius looked wildly around.

James nodded, grinning, wondering what would surprise him when Sirius did take it off.

"W-well let's," James sighed. Sirius understood James and headed over to the compartments. After finding one in the back and putting their luggage up, they settled down.

It wasn't long before Peter and Remus came pouncing in with huge smiles.

"Why are you guys so happy?" Ask a very curious Sirius.

They both giggled and sat down their luggage forgotten in the hallway.

"Well," Peter started but before he could continue a blood shocking, girly screamed ran threw the train that died out when the train whistle blew.

"W-what did you t-t-two d-d-d-o?" James's voice was heard with interest.

"We made Snape get slimed by Gryffindor colors!"

Sirius shot up in the air and highfived both of them. He did this little dance and didn't even realize that his bag had fallen off in the progress.

What each one saw was very, very humorous.

Sirius, wide-eyed, reached up and touched his face that was now bagless.

"Nooooo," he moaned sitting down in the sit, putting his face in his hands. Sirius Black was now, bald, well almost. He had an army looking haircut. To make matters funnier was that it seem as if puberty had struck him. His face now had pimples on it.

James couldn't hold it in anymore, and burst out laughing. Remus and Peter soon joined him while Sirius was glaring at the three.

"Wait-till-it-happens-to-you-guys!" Sirius said in a dangerous voice.

"I-I-I d-d-don't have to w-w-worry. M-my family has n-never gotten i-i-t! James said hollering with laughter after finishing.

"What's up with your hair?" Remus asked trying to keep a strait face.

"My mom didn't like it long." He mumbled grabbing the bag, stuffing it back on his face.

"You do know that you can't wear it forever?" Peter asked giggling.

Sirius mumbled something no one understood except James who was sitting next to him. James broke out laughing again.

"What'd he say?" Peter asked leaning in.

"H-h-he s-s-said," James shook his head and continued laughing silently.

"Well, well, well if it isn't stuttering Pothead, weirdo, bagging Black, cubby pinky Pettigrew, and Mr. Sensitive Lupin." A voice drawled form the compartment door.

They all turned to see Severus Snape. A greasy-haired boy in the same year as The Marauders. He was their enemy for three years, going on to four.

You could still see a little gold and scarlet tint on him. He looked as though he tried his best to get it off.

"Sh-ut up-up a-about my friends and m-me!" James said, angry seething through him as he grabbed for his wand in his pocket.

"Aw, is little Potter having a hard time speaking? I feel so sorry for making fun of you . . . NOT! Now I know you four did that prank and I want a bloody apology!"

James was about to say a curse but a voice spoke up, "DON'T!"

Everyone turned their attention to the door again. There was an average height girl, with a slender body, dark red hair, and emerald eyes. Her name was Lily Evans, a fourth year Ravenclaw. She was a tough girl with a sporty attitude. She didn't have any close, close friends, but friends. Lily was known for her good grades, and drawing skills that were marvelous.

James lowered his wand looking at Lily waiting for her to explain the intrusion.

"Get out Snape," here she said his name with disgust, "and leave these boys alone!"

"Oh yeah? And who's going to stop me?" Snape sneered at Lily.

"Me," and without hesitation she high kicked him in the nose and roughing pushed him out the door, slamming it shut with her leg. Lily brushed her hands together and turned around at the opened mouth Marauders.

"What?" Lily asked as if it was the most obvious thing to high kick someone who was getting on your nerves.

"W-w-wow," was all James had to stutter.

"Well, he was getting annoying so he deserved it!" Lily sat down and put her legs on the table, which was in the middle of the compartment.

"Hope you guys don't mind me sitting here, all the other compartments were full." Lily said grinning.

"Make yourself a home," Sirius said sarcastily.

"Thanks! So anyone like Quidditch?"

"Do w-we ever!" James said.

"Well, what's your favorite team? Mine's the Montrose Magpies! They are the best." Lily said.

"O-oh my gosh! T-they a-a-re m-mine too!" James said wondering why he and Lily hadn't hit it off in the first year.

James and Sirius turned to each other with identical grins. They both nodded deciding that they already liked this girl.

A couple hours passed with nonstop Quidditch talk. (A/N: ::giggling:: That sounds funny!)

Lily grinned at all of them.

"I'm trying out for Ravenclaw's seeker position!" She said proudly.

For the hundredth time James said, "M-me too!" James paused then thought twice, "But for Gryffindor o-of c-course!"

"Looks like there's going to be some competition!" Sirius said, grinning from under the bag.

Lily ignored Sirius' comment and as if she just realized for the first time she said, "Anyway, what's with the bag Sirius?"

"NOTHING! Now will everyone stop questioning me about that? Geesh. Can't a guy get some rest?"

"Talk about PMS," mumbled Lily.

Remus grinned and said, "Well, he is at that stage!"

James and Peter snickered while Lily looked confused. She just shook it off and said the first thing that popped into her mind. She regretted it though after saying it.

"Would you guys like to look at my drawings?"

"S-sure," They all said. Remus, Sirius, and Peter though were mimicking James as they said it. They knew he was going to say that, as well as stutter. James gave them a glare before turning to Lily.

"Well, I have to go into this other compartment where my sketchbook is in my luggage. I'll be back in a second." Lily said in a rush and got up and left their compartment.

"She's amazing," Peter said in awe, voicing everyone's thoughts.

Everyone nodded.

Lily returned back shortly after Peter said that she was amazing. She handed James her sketchbook, blushing. No one ever saw tough girl Lily blush. This was a new side of her.

On the cover the words, 'A diamond is a girl's best friend, they're sharper than knife,' were written in Lily's neat handwriting. Sirius turned to Lily saying, "I love your drawings already Lily, you're talking my style.

James delicately opened the first page and gasped. It had dolphins, whales, different fishes, and a little girl, who looked like Lily, in the center as they swam around her.

"That was when I was ten, fishing with my father," Lily pointed to a guy in a boat who looked like he was fixing to dive into the water. He had a very scared expression on his face. "I fell into the water when my fishing rod pulled me in. I guess something got hooked to it. Well, as I was going down, I just wished something would save me. I thought I had no hope. Then it was like I could breathe in the water perfectly. I opened my eyes and there were ocean creatures swimming around me. They brought me up. I could never forget that day."

All of this was whispered in James' ear and he shivered at the sound of her voice. Sirius, Remus, and Peter peered at the picture, gasping too.

There must have been one hundred drawings in her book but when James turned to the very last page, Lily snatched it out of his hands.

"W-what was that o-o-ne?" James asked surprised at such movement in only one second.

"That's for me to know, and you NOT to find out!" Lily marched out of the door with her head up high and returned ten minutes later wearing her Hogwart's robe with the Ravenclaw logo.

"You guys should also change into your robes, we'll be arriving in about ten minutes."

"We will be arriving Hogwarts in less than ten minutes, and don't worry about your trunks," A voice from above spoke.

"How'd you know that Lily," Remus asked astounded.

"I just asked," Lily smirked at Remus and the others.

"G-get o-o-ut," James said getting up but when he saw Lily's hurt look he added quickly, "W-we need to change of c-c-ourse!"

Lily's frown changed to a grin and she bounced off, shutting the door on her way.

"That girl is full of surprises," Remus mumbled, going to his trunk.

"I agree Moony, I agree." Sirius said doing the same as Remus.

*** After the sorting and Professor Dumbledore's, Headmaster of Hogwarts, speech was over everyone began to eat.

James looked down at the Ravenclaw table to see Lily practically using the food as makeup as she stuffed the food down her throat.

James laughed silently and began doing the exact same.

"By the way," Dumbledore spoke up. James chicken fell from his mouth as he looked up at Dumbledore. "Mr. Black, would you kindly remove your.bag. "

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