Rose Tyler, The Doctor, And Forever

by ZanPotter

Disclaimer; Don't own the doctor, wish I did but if wishes were horses as they say

On Bad Wolf Bay Rose Tyler had to make a choice but whether that choice will lead to sunshine and roses only time will tell

Chapter One: Two Doctors and A Rose

The moment was static, filled with unrelenting tension. There was silence, a world waiting breathlessly. The day's horrors had passed, goodbyes finite in time. All was said and done and her journeys had led her to this moment. In all time and space with everything she had seen and done, nothing should surprise Rose Tyler anymore. No one should, but the doctor wasn't just anymore. He was a mad brilliant man, a man with a blue box, lord of time and space, a dark knight that always rose to the occasion. Was it fate, or destiny that led her to this place, to this moment in time, she had no idea. She was at a crossroad and she had but one path to chose. She glanced at the two doctors who stood slightly in front on either side of her. They were identical from head to toe, she would have a hard time telling them apart if they weren't in different suits. Same memories, the human doctor had claimed, but one life to spend with her. She felt his single heart already, heard it beat beneath her fingers but it was so confusing because she did know better. It wasn't the same, through he was offering her everything, and as cruel as it was to think, he was a copy.

"All right." Rose said, taking a breath. "Both of you, answer me this. When I last stood on this beach, on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me?"

She had come to some sort of decision, both doctors understood and looked at each other deep in thought. Neither spoke though, but Rose needed the answer. The answer was everything.

"Go on, say it." Rose said with some urgent in her voice, one of them had to say it.

A moment passed then the original doctor broke the eye contact with his double and turned to Rose, " I said Rose Tyler", He said.

"Yeah," Rose said, attention on him, "and how was that sentence gonna end?"

The doctor's eyes held her in a spell, her heart was beating a million miles per minute and she wondered what was going on in his head, what was he thinking. The doctor looked at Rose Tyler, she was so much than she realized, brilliant, beautiful, benevolent, he had met so many people in his lifetimes, all 10 of them and had loved and lost many. Rose was an enigma, the anomaly of the universe, unique, perfect.

"Does it need saying?" He asked, truth was he was unable to say it out loud. Those words scared him so much, he knew how much she wanted to hear those word but he knew that it would end up hurting her in the end. What the doctor didn't realize was that not saying it had already hurt her. Her heart literally stopped a beat, her hopes dashed to infinite. She forced herself to look at his double then.

"And you, Doctor?" She asked trying to stay calm, to hold her self together "What was the end of that sentence?"

The human doctor observed her for a moment, thinking the same thing that his double had thought accept he knew that he was could give her the one thing that the original doctor couldn't. A lifetime of happiness he was more than willing to give her. For Rose Tyler, time stopped existing, Her reality rested on this moment, on the answer she would receive. It would either make her or break her, she realized. It was hard to stand there and way, but she had waited for so long but at least not any longer. The doctor leaned towards her, she felt his warmth, his breath against her ear.

"Rose Tyler," He whispered in her ear, "I love you"

Rose let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding, she felt like she could cry right then and there. Turning to meet the doctor's eyes, warmth flowed throughout her body, impulsively, without thought of the consequence, she pulled his head closer and kissed him. She kissed him for all she was worth. He had given her everything, all her doubts gone with those three little words, an all her wishes had come true, dreams a reality. The old doctor watched the kissing couple in front of him for a moment, and he knew without a doubt that he had done the right thing. So why did it hurt so much, why did it feel like both his hearts were breaking into tiny pieces? Gathering all the strength he could muster, the doctor deliberately turned way and strode the Tardis with Donna on his heels.

"You okay?" Donna asked as the two made their way in the Tardis, it was a stupid question but doctor-Donna with all the knowledge of the universe couldn't think of anything else.

"I'm always okay" The doctor answered, it was a lie of course, but the doctor was in the habit of lying. Lying and running the two things he was so very good at.

Rose had dreamed of this moment, the moment she would finally kiss the doctor. A real kiss, not one where he is trying to get time energy out of her body or when she is possessed or something but her first real kiss with the doctor. Her doctor. But this wasn't her doctor...was it? Rose pulled back, "I'm sorry" She whispered. She didn't even the doctor a moment or a chance to truly process her words before she started to back away from him and started to ran. She ran because her life depended on it. Good thing for all that practice with the doctor. She barely made it pulling the Tardis door open and closing it shut before it dematerialized. The two occupants in the Tardis looked at her, leaning against the Tardis doors, breathing heavily. Both in obvious shock. The doctor who had leaned against a Tardis pole for support a few moment ago, stood up straighter.

"I can't" Rose whispered, her words carried over to the doctor, she looked at him square in the eyes "I'm sorry doctor"

"Rose" The doctor said her name and then stopped, he was speechless, the timelord majestic, the doctor who could tell you the base code of the universe without taking a breath. The doctor who could defeat the daleks, the sontarians, the cyberman and other various enemies of humanity without breaking a sweat had been rendered speechless by one Rose Tyler.

Rose gathered herself up and strode to the doctor with determination. She had come to conclusion about what the doctor had tried to do, about what both doctors had tried to do. Now that she knew that the doctor loved her, knew without a doubt because of those three little words the double had whispered in her ear she would not accept anything but to spend forever with her doctor. She stopped in from of the doctor and put the palms of her hands on his face, holding him still.

"I won't stay, and let you run out on me" She told him, her voice firm, decision made.

On Bay Wolf Bay

The doctor stood where Rose had left him, watching the spot where the Tardis had been. The doctor was shocked but he was definitely not the only one, though Jackie wasn't completely shocked. She was speechless actually, she took steps to the doctor before tearing her eyes from the spot and looking at the doctor. His eyes were scary, vacant it almost seemed. She didn't know what to say or do, she was Rose's mother, her daughter's action should reflect on her. After all that time, Rose looing for a way to be reunited with the doctor, all the drama the Tyler family had gone through. still she could help but feel for the man standing beside her. The only thing she could think to do was take his hand. The contact was what the doctor needed, he blinked and looked at her. He stared at her as if he couldn't see her, it was slightly unnerving, the look in his eyes.

"Do you know what I'll love right now" The doctor asked.

Jackie didn't know if she wanted to hear what he wanted, but she couldn't voice that, "What?' She asked, keeping her voice as neutral as possible.

"To meet Tony" The doctor said, then he smiled, his wide smile that light up his face, the happy smile that was so like the doctor, "Tony sounds brilliant"