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The sun shone blindingly down onto the rooftops that were the pallid flats where Maxxie lived,but the certain blonde-haired male didn't realize as he ran along the length of the roof - jumping on cue and gliding effortlessly - dancing his thoughts away.

His thoughts that were his friends.

Maxxie couldn't say much on his friends,since he was just as bad as them,but one of them: one of them just got on his nerves completely. And his name was Tony Stonem.

'Stonem. Even his surname is bad.' Maxxie thought as he glided back across the roof - the sun noticed now as sweat trickled down his fringe and down his face - but stopped abruptly when he noticed that he wasn't alone anymore.

"Nice dancing." Tony chuckled as he stepped over the ledge and onto the roof that Maxxie was standing on."D'you come here often?" He asked,smirking and giving the blonde male a wink. A failed chat-up line,if Maxxie ever heard one.

Maxxie didn't reply as he walked over to his water bottle that he set down before-hand,picking it up and taking a delayed swig of it. He wasn't thirsty; he just didn't want to talk to Tony. And if choking on water managed that,then so be it - Maxxie continued to drink,until he ran out. His water bottle was full when he started.

But,the twat still remained hovering and Maxxie had to - unfortunately - eventually talk to him."What do you want,Tony?" He asked,reaching up and swiping a hand across his forehead to get rid of the sweat. This sun was getting ridiculously hot.

"I thought you'd want to come out with me." Tony replied.

'Tch. Yeah right.' Maxxie thought,but he replied,instead: "Where to?" Although he didn't particularly want to be around Tony.

Tony had been a prick all week - although,when is he ever not? - but it was much worse. It seemed that Tony was specifically targeting him this time,and it was every day - and every moment - that Tony would make a rude remark,or make fun of Maxxie. And quite frankly,Maxxie was sick of it. He was used to Tony being mean every now and again,but he had taken it too far this week,and Maxxie couldn't stand to be around him anymore.

"I 'unno." Tony repliy,shrugging. He placed his hand above his eyebrows to shield the sun from his eyes as he blinked at Maxxie.

Maxxie frowned lightly."And anyway,I'm busy." He said,softly,but with enough sternness to get his point across. He then walked past Tony and made his way over to the stairway.

The blonde's mobile started ringing and he stopped walking to dig into his pocket and answer the call. It was Jal. The only girl who was sensible - sort of - and couldn't let you down,unless it was important.

"Hey." Maxxie said into the phone."Yeah,alright." He said next,glancing once at Tony who was watching him with a mock grin."Alright,see you in a bit." Maxxie concluded,before shutting his phone and placing it back into his pocket.

Tony frowned."You just said you were busy!" He near yelled.

"Oh.." Maxxie began,turning to face Tony."..I guess now I'm not." He added,before smiling and walking off down the stairway.

"Maxxie!" Tony called after him,sounding pissed off,but Maxxie was already half-way down the street when Tony got down from the roof.

"Sorry,Jal,I didn't hear you." Maxxie began as he sat down on Jal's bed,with the girl standing near her desk of many books and papers."You want me to help you study?" He asked,bewildered. He would rather hang out with Tony than study.

And that was something he thought he'd never think.

"Yeah. It'll be fun." Jal replied,as she took a stack of books and flopped down to sit next to Maxxie."I thought you liked psychology?" She asked,sliding some books onto Maxxie's lap,and opening up to a certain page. She pointed a red painted index finger to a topic and smiled up at her companion.

"I.." Maxxie began,looking down at the textbook and blinking,hard. So many words and phrases.But,he didn't want to let Jal down. Afterall,she just saved him from a daytrip with Tony."Sure,Jal." Maxxie replied,smiling back at her."Can't wait."

"Great!" Jal said,patting the book in her lap for emphasise as she got comfortable on the edge of her bed."I hope I didn't interrupt anything?" She stated,and asked at the same time.

"Oh,no,you didn't." Maxxie replied,shaking his head."I had nothing to do,so you saved me from a boring day." He felt bad lying to Jal,but he didn't want to put her on a downer when he mentioned that she did,infact,interrupt him,especially something he loved: dancing.

Jal didn't look convinced at first as she stared at Maxxie for a long time,but she must have believed him as she stared back down at the textbook in her lap and began reading the topic they were on.

It was a few hours later when Jal finally decided to call the studying session a day. Maxxie mentally thanked the guy upstairs. As much as he loved Jal,she sure knew how to put the 'bore' in 'boredom' at times.

"Thanks again,Maxxie." Jal said as she watched Maxxie walk down her driveway with a small wave,and a polite smile.

"No problem,Jal. Anytime." Maxxie replied,and instantly regretted those words,the moment they came out his mouth. He mentally swore at himself,as he knew Jal would keep that to heart and bring it back up,claiming that he would help her study again.

Maxxie was nearing his home when his mobile rang again. He took it out his pocket and was about to flip it open when he noticed who was ringing; Tony.

He ignored it and rejected the call,before placing it back in his pocket again. Not five minutes later did Tony call again. Mumbling,Maxxie rejected the call once again.

Then it rang once again,and Maxxie was about to reject it when he noticed that it wasn't Tony ringing,but Sid. Feeling relieved,Maxxie accepted the call and pressed the phone to his ear.

"Hey,Maxxie!" It wasn't Sid. It was Tony,instead. 'The bloody bastard tricked me.' The blonde thought as he gritted his teeth together."Sid let me borrow his phone,since mine can't reach you,for some reason. How come you're avoiding me?"

Maxxie wanted to shout down the phone; 'Because you've been a prick towards me,and I hate you!' But,he couldn't force himself to,so he simply cut off the call and switched his mobile off.

Tony sure was an arrogant twat.

But why the hell was he so insistant in getting Maxxie to spend the day with him? The blonde didn't think of that at first,but now he did as he made his way towards home. Sure,Tony would be persistant when trying to get what he wanted,but he'd usually waste that 'talent' on Michelle - who graciously soaked it all up,and would only cry when she got knocked down,even though she knew what she was getting herself into.

"But,why me?" Maxxie asked himself as he noticed the familiar estate where he lived. He noticed his dad outside,who had just spotted him and began walking towards him.

"Tony was around." His dad said,obviously having not witnessed what went on before when Maxxie escaped from Tony."He said for you to go 'round to Sid's. Don't ask me why." His dad finished,before walking back into their home.

Maxxie sighed and ran a hand through his blonde hair. This was going to be a long day.

Risking it,Maxxie turned on his mobile and rang Sid. It rang a few times,before somebody picked up.

"Gonna give me an answer?" Tony spoke down the phone,and Maxxie swore he could hear the smirk playing on the males lips on the other side.

"Put Sid on the phone." Maxxie replied,ignoring the question.

"Give me an answer first,then maybe I will." Tony tried compromising,and only laughed when Maxxie growled down the phone."Calm your tits,Maxxie.I'll put Sid on the phone,but I want an answer afterwards."

Maxxie could hear shuffling as the phone was passed over to Sid."Hey,Maxxie. You alright?" Sid asked.

"I'm really sorry that Tony got you involved,Sid. I really am." Maxxie apologized,knowing that Sid probably,unwillingly, got involved.

Sid laughed down the phone."It's alright. I always get involved in shit. Hey,um.." There was noise in the background; shuffling,talking,then a door closing. Sid must have gone into another room,and locked the door."How come Tony is like,practically stalking you?" Sid was near whispering now,but it sounded echoed. He was in the bathroom.

"I don't know,but it's getting on my nerves. I don't want to be around him anymore. He's been.." Maxxie trailed off as he thought of a good word.

"A fucking arsehole?" Sid completed the sentence.

"Yeah." Maxxie replied,although it wasn't the word he was looking for,but it worked either way.

"Yeah,I've noticed too. He's been acting all weird around Michelle as well. Like he despises her,or some shit like that." Sid explained.

Maxxie could hear the venom dripping from Sid's words. He knew that Sid liked Michelle,but Michelle paid no interest to him,as though he was invisible. There had been a few rumours that they had done it a few times,but Sid was too modest to admit anything,and Michelle definitely wouldn't say they did.

"But,Maxxie,I think you should just..y'know,see what Tony wants-"

"No!" Maxxie shouted down the phone.

"-no,listen to me,Maxxie. See what he wants and then you can push him away afterwards,and it'll be off my back as well. Give me some sympathy here." Sid explained,sounding almost desperate. There was a banging in the background,and the sound of Tony shouting for Sid to 'hurry the fuck up,and tell him what was going on.'

"You best go,huh?" Maxxie said,chuckling briefly.

"Yeah. But,please,just see what he wants." Sid tried one last time,before he cut the conversation and left Maxxie to silence.

Maxxie sighed and closed his mobile,placing it back into his pocket."Might as well.." He muttered,before turning around and heading in the direction of Sid's house.

This sun was too hot to be walking around like this.

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