The sun was already lining the horizon when the teenagers collapsed into slumber,amidst a tangle of other bodies on the floor,furniture and the stairs. The music had been turned off at one point,and all the noise brought to a snoring filled silence in the end as most of the teenagers had stayed,instead of going home. Some of them had gone home,or decided to bring the party to the streets and wreck havoc someplace else.

Chris ended up sleeping in the shed in the back garden,although he didn't remember even going into the shed in the first place - but he landed himself on bags of soil,his body sprawled in different places and his mouth wide-open as he snored loudly,a beer bottle teetering on his stomach.

Sid and Cassie were bundled up on the couch,in between two other teenagers who were half-naked. Cassie had her arm wrapped tightly around Sid's. And Sid laid his head ontop of hers,his glasses askew.

Jal had done the sensible thing of sleeping in Tony's room,slumped on his bed and the duvet half on and off her as she nestled her head in the red pillow that Anwar brought during the shot game.

In the kitchen,Tony and Maxxie were sat on the floor. Tony was leaning his back against the sink cabinet with the blonde sitting back against his chest,slumped between his legs with Tony's arms gripping around his waist and his head lolled forward onto Maxxie's shoulder. Maxxie's head rested back on Tony's shoulder,his hands holding onto the male's arms around his waist.

The sunlight streamed into the kitchen onto Maxxie's face,causing him to flinch in his sleep and eventually open his eyes - which was a bad idea,since the sun felt like it was burning his eyes. He tried moving his head,but his neck was stiff and his headaches had come back much worse,almost to the point of sheer torture. It wasn't a good idea to get drunk whilst suffering from headaches in the first place.

"Tony.." Maxxie muttered,shifting his body to wake the male behind him."Wake up." He mumbled,looking away from the sun and squeezing his eyes shut for a moment. The silence hurt his head more and he wanted somebody to speak,or move.

At last,Tony murmured.

"Tony." Maxxie spoke,unwinding Tony's arms from his waist,but the male refused to let go."Tony,come on. Do you have any tablets?" He asked,wanting to get rid of the raging headache he had and the feeling of sickness. Sickness - that was what was rising up his stomach. He had the sudden dread that he was going to throw up,so he nudged Tony strongly."Let go." Maxxie pleaded,trying hard not to let his stomach loosen.

Tony mumbled,and finally shot his head up,resulting in smacking his head against the sink cabinet."Fuck!" He shouted,rubbing the back of his head.

"Let go of me,Tony." Maxxie said,pulling away Tony's arms.

Tony looked at the blonde with a frown."Why should I?" He asked."I like you here." He added,grinning as he gripped Maxxie towards him,pushing his arms against the blondes stomach.

That was a bad move.

Maxxie could feel he was going to throw up,so he quickly pulled away from Tony,holding his hand over his mouth and turning to face the sink they were sat under. He let loose his stomach into the sink,his mouth dry yet moist at the same time. His head was pounding now,and he tried to steady himself,but Tony was sat in the way besides his feet."Tony,move." Maxxie groaned,giving Tony a quick shove with his foot.

Tony didn't move for a while as he collected himself,his head also pounding as he suddenly met with the floor as he fell to the side. The floor was spinning slightly as his cheek pressed against the cool linoleum.

Maxxie tried to bend down to help Tony up,but the nausea washed over him again and he had to bend over the sink instead,holding his stomach as he grappled for the tap,turning it on and washing away the contents. Waiting until he was sure that the sickness wouldn't hit him,he searched the cupboards for tablets. Finding some,he made a glass of water to swallow down the tablets easily. Whatever those tablets were,he didn't care - he just wanted this hangover sorted out.

Leaving Tony on the floor,Maxxie went to the back door,opened it and exited into the back garden where the air hit his flushed face quickly. It was soothing and he felt a little bit better.

Chris stumbled out of the shed then,looking disheveled and confused."How the fuck did I end up- Maxxie!" He bellowed,striding over to the blonde and patting him on the back cheerfully.

"How are you feeling alright?" Maxxie asked,groaning as the pat on his back brought back the nausea.

"I thought about living another day." Chris simply stated,before grinning like a fool and sauntering inside the house,stepping over the slumped Tony - who had now sat up-right again - and walking into the living room,where he stepped over more people.

Maxxie just shook his head and smiled. Chris was just as odd as Cassie,but he was also crazy enough to forget the day and carry on.

Another refreshing breeze came by,and Maxxie closed his eyes briefly as he stood on the patio,listening to the birds singing and the rustling of a few leaves of a tree nearby. He was just glad that he didn't have college today,or else he wouldn't be able to cope. His thoughts turned to Michelle once again,wondering whether or not she took him and Tony lightly - or whether she was plotting a demise right now.

There was a crash behind him,and Maxxie turned around to see. Tony had successfully managed to stand up,but he landed a chair to the ground and a few cups from the sink. Tony looked over at Maxxie - some glint in his eyes - before standing up straight and walking,very slowly,towards the blonde,attempting to look cool and casual,and not lethargic and feeling like shit.

"Alright?" Tony asked,grinning his cunning grin as he stood beside Maxxie.

"Could be better." Maxxie replied back,averting his gaze elsewhere. Tony picked up on it.

"What's up?" Tony asked,sliding his hand around Maxxie's waist and smirking lightly as he looked at the blonde with amusement.

Maxxie looked back at Tony."What's going on?" He asked,seriousness in his tone which Tony frowned at.

"What do you mean?" Tony asked."Drugs made you delirious again,Max?" He asked,laughing afterwards.

"With us." Maxxie said,making Tony stop laughing."What are we,Tony?" He asked,his face serious as he searched Tony's eyes for any lies.

Tony stared back at Maxxie,before replying: "Together,that's what." He simply stated before planting a kiss on Maxxie's temple and walking back into the kitchen.

"Right." Maxxie muttered,before following him into the kitchen to get a glass of water. He saw a few people waking up in the living room,looking just as rough as he probably did. They stood up slowly and took in their surroundings,slightly dazed as they collected themselves.

"Mornin'" A familiar voice said. Anwar strolled into the kitchen and took Maxxie's glass of water,before downing it and placing it down on the kitchen table.

"You're welcome." Maxxie said,sarcastically,getting himself another glass of water and wondering off into the living room. More people were waking up and beginning to put on the clothes they shed during the night,looking at Maxxie briefly as he climbed the stairs towards the bathroom. Tony was right behind him. Maxxie turned around."You don't have to monitor me." He said,laughing lightly."I'm going to have a shower." He added,before proceeding to the bathroom.

"Mind if I join you?" Tony asked,with no hint of amusement at all.

"I think I can have a shower by myself,Tony." Maxxie replied."I'm old enough."

Tony grinned and shrugged."And?" He asked,"Come on,Maxxie. Less water used,the more we're saving this wonderful planet." He tried to persuade,smiling brightly.

Maxxie sighed."Fine,but.." He trailed off,thinking,before shaking his head and walking to the bathroom,followed by Tony.

"But,what?" Tony asked,turning on the shower and testing to see whether it was warm yet. When the water was warm,he undressed himself.

"Nothing,Tony." Maxxie said,undressing himself,before stepping into the shower and instantly wetting his hair. He watched as Tony stepped in behind him.

"Are you regretting it?" Tony asked,switching places with Maxxie to wet his own hair. Maxxie looked at him.

"No." He replied,knowing full well what Tony was referring to. He was referring to last night,and the event that went on in Tony's bedroom. He looked down at his stomach and washed away the evidence that was still there,since they didn't clean themselves.

"You're acting all awkward,though." Tony replied,frowning."Like you don't want this happening. What about that time near the canal? You said 'thank you'." He explained,still frowning. He stopped washing himself as he spoke,and Maxxie stopped as well.

"I just.." Maxxie began,his gaze wondering around the bathroom as he tried to form words. His eyes flicked back when he felt Tony put his hand on his waist,his eyes unreadable as he stared at the blonde. Maxxie could see Tony's jaw tense.

"No,Maxxie." Tony said,his hand sliding to the lower part of Maxxie's back."No doubts. No worries. No fears." He said,his other hand brushing back Maxxie's damp hair."I know you're wondering why the fuck I've changed,but I know you like me. Cassie told me. But,don't use that against her." He said,noticing Maxxie's absent expression."Let's just forget everything that's coming between us. Like Michelle,and Russia. We can just start over,alright?" He explained,pulling the blonde towards him,half-hugging him.

Maxxie pressed his face against Tony's chest and smiled lightly."Geezus,Tony." He said,quietly."You really have changed,haven't you? I kept thinking,'why the sudden change?',but you've proved alot. Words weren't enough for me,but you haven't done anything to hurt me yet."

"'Yet'?" Tony asked."I don't want to. I've hurt you enough." He said,"I've hurt too many people,but you took it the worse. And I'm sorry for that,Maxxie. I'll make it up to you. Do you forgive me,though?" He asked.

Maxxie looked up at him for a moment,before pressing his lips against Tony's,drawing it out to emphasise his next sentence."I fell for you ages ago,Tony. And I'll take the chance by forgiving you." He said,smiling softly.

Tony smiled back and kissed Maxxie on the lips,but it was only a brief one as somebody banged on the bathroom door loudly."I need the loo." Somebody shouted,before banging on the door again.

Maxxie blushed lightly,before washing his body quickly and stepping out of the shower,towel-drying his hair and wrapping it around his waist,since he didn't want to put his clothes on again - there was no point in washing,only to put the dirty clothes back on again. He picked his clothes up.

Tony did the same,turning off the shower,wrapping a towel around his waist and following Maxxie out the bathroom,smiling an exaggerated smile at the person needing the toilet. The person raised an eyebrow,before going into the bathroom.

When they made it to Tony's bedroom,Maxxie dumped his clothes on the bed and rubbed the back of his neck,thinking how he couldn't get home with just a towel around his waist. If he was drunk,he'd put on his clothes again,but now he was sober,he had the hygiene decency to know not to put them on again.

"Borrow my clothes." Tony suggested,seeing Maxxie deep in thought."You're about my size,I'd guess." He added,opening his wardrobe and displaying his clothes to Maxxie."Take your pick. It's not your usual style,but oh well."

Maxxie rolled his eyes at the comment,before picking out some black jeans and a plain blue t-shirt. He was about to pull on the t-shirt when he was hit by a pair of boxers.

"Unless you wanna go commando under those clothes." Tony said,shrugging as he got changed. Maxxie just smiled and dressed,noticing how Tony's clothes seemed to fit him better than he expected.

Music sounded,but it wasn't from the speakers downstairs. It was Maxxie's mobile,and - remembering his ringtone - he quickly rooted through his jeans and pulled the phone out,before answering it.

"Did everything work out,Maxxie?" Cassie said on the other side. Her voice still sounded sweet,but Maxxie knew she was secretly laughing for telling Tony that he did,indeed,like him.

"Yeah." Maxxie replied back,looking over at Tony before exiting the room and walking across the landing to sit down in a spare room at the end of it. "Yeah,everything's worked out. I can't believe you told him,though." He said,although he laughed. He wasn't angry at her.

Cassie laughed lightly."I'm glad,Maxxie. Just forget about all the bad times with him. He likes you,you like him. That's enough to get you to believe in the future,right? Why should everything be tied down by burdens,when you should enjoy what you have now." She explained.

Maxxie smiled."Yeah." He replied back,looking out the window of the room he was in as he sat down on a chair."I just need to get over the shock first,though. It's all happened all at once,and it's still weird to see him changed."

"I know. But,embrace that. Make the most of it,and enjoy." Cassie replied."Anyway,I rang to say that we're all outside and waiting for you. If you're going home,that is." She explained.

"Cass." Maxxie began."He told me he loved me last night. Maybe he was drunk,but it was nice." He rubbed the back of his neck as he looked down at his shoes,smiling to himself.

"You can talk to him about that one day,but for now,go with the flow." Cassie said."Alright,Maxxie?"

Maxxie looked up and noticed Tony stood in the doorway."Yeah." He said back."I'll be down in a bit." He added,before shutting his mobile.

"You're going home now?" Tony asked,walking over to Maxxie.

Maxxie nodded and stood up,feeling embarrassed that Tony heard the conversation. He didn't even hear him,or notice him."I'll see you in college,Tony." He said,before making his way towards the door.

"No goodbye kiss?" Tony asked,smirking as Maxxie looked over his shoulder,and said: "Maybe - if you follow me."

Outside,everyone was leaning against Sid's car and chatting to one another as they waited for Maxxie. They went quiet when both Maxxie and Tony came out the house,making their way towards the car.

"'bout time,Maxxie." Anwar commented."We were wondering where you were." He added,looking over at Tony for a moment,before back at Maxxie.

"Sorry guys." Maxxie said,before making his way to the car. Tony reached for his hand and held it,making the blonde look back at him.

"I followed you." Tony commented - mostly confusing everyone - before leaning forward and kissing Maxxie on the lips for a long time. Everyone remained quiet throughout the whole display,before Tony pulled away from the kiss."See you in college." He said,before releasing Maxxie's hand,nodding at Sid and making his way back into his house.

Cassie smiled towards Maxxie,before opening the door to the car and sitting inside. She shuffled to the window and waited patiently for the others.

Anwar looked chuffed,before getting into the car as well.

Jal smiled at Maxxie."I'm glad you both sorted things out." She commented,before getting in the car.

Sid nodded back at Tony before he left,and he now looked at Maxxie with a respectful smile."Well,now I don't have to listen to his problems at three in the morning." He said,before climbing in the drivers seat.

Chris strolled over to Maxxie and strongly patted the blonde on his back."You shagged him yet?" He asked,casually,making Jal tell him off. Chris shrugged and seated himself in the car next to Jal,who was nagging at him.

Maxxie laughed briefly before getting in the car,sitting in the passengers seat. He felt something wash over him as he looked back over at Tony's house,watching as the teenagers walked out sluggishly. He felt content,and he trusted Tony for once: trusting him to keep to this change - but not his witty side - and keep to his word that he wouldn't hurt Maxxie anymore.

To others,it probably seemed like a foolish thing to do,but Maxxie didn't care anymore. Tony wouldn't have said those things if he was lying,since Tony was the kind of person to only make an effort if he was doing it out of spitefulness. And to get the others involved with them supporting him,would only mean he was telling the truth. Nobody could get past Jal,yet she knew all about Tony's feelings and she hadn't tried to stop him. And if Michelle tried to get in the way: well,she would have to get past all of Maxxie's friends.

Maxxie lent back in his seat and smiled as Sid drove away from Tony's house.

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