Chapter 1

Carlos Garcia walked through the Palm Woods park, staring down at his dirty sneakers. The white sneakers, now a dark shade of gray, were starting to tear apart. there was a hole on the side of his left sneaker, and the right side of the right sneaker had a little tear in it.

Carlos sighed. He was so bored. Kendall had gone on a romantic lunch date with Jo. The Latino's best friend reserved two seats in the most expensive restaurant in the state. Carlos was amazed at how much money Kendall actually had. Even though Carlos had no idea how much it cost, he knew it was more than it cost to buy some new sneakers.

James had gone out to pursue a modeling job. He wanted to move on from having a famous elbow. He wanted 'The Face' to be on the covers of every fashion magazine. Even the girl fashion magazines. Carlos had no idea how James could care so much about himself, but somehow, he kind of expected it.

And Logan had gone to some genius medical class. Logan was well over Phoebe Nachee and how she insulted him, and boys in general. Logan was so sure that after Big Time Rush, he would become a doctor. He was the top student in the class, and the teacher said he had a 100 percent average. Logan would have no problem fulfilling his dream if he finished the class with that same average.

Carlos wondered why he wasn't as romantic as Kendall, as pretty and handsome as James, or as smart as Logan. Carlos had never had girlfriend before. Well, other than that time Kendall and Jo... Carlos tried to shake that out of his head. Candy and Megan were out of his life now. Stephanie had a new boyfriend name Daniel. Carlos could tell Daniel was much better looking than he was. Not that Stephanie ever was Carlos's girlfriend. And Carlos had never attracted girls because of his looks, or stuff like that. His helmet ruined his hair, and every day he watched James's brush his perfect hair. Carlos had never even seen an A+, ever, on any of his worksheets, either. There were only few times where he got an A. So he obviously wasn't smart, either.

Then what was he? I hate it when everyone thinks I'm just a- Carlos thought, but was interrupted when he tripped over something. Carlos yelped in surprise, and turned back to see what had tripped him. What he saw made him shudder in fear.

It was Clyde Benton. He was the biggest bully in the Palm Woods school. Clyde loved to bully others; it was like a hobby for him. And since Carlos was almost a whole foot shorter than Clyde, and was a Latino, he was a perfect target for this stupid bully. Clyde had tripped Carlos over with a baseball bat. Clyde smirked, an amused look on his face.

"Hey, Carlos. What's up?" He sneered at him. Carlos wanted to curl up and die right there. Clyde was just so... mean, and Carlos was just so vulnerable without his three best friends.

"N-nothing." Carlos stuttered. He wanted to fight back, but he just couldn't. One, he was such a wimp he would never fight someone back. Two, Clyde would smash him into pieces if he ever got into a fight with him.

"Where are your hockey playing buddies?" Clyde continued, his cruel smirk never leaving his face. Carlos was so scared. Usually, Clyde was scared away by Kendall and James, and sometimes maybe Logan when he was equipped with weapons, but Clyde was never scared of Carlos. But now, Kendall and James and Logan were not here at all.

When Carlos didn't answer, Clyde pulled him up by his shirt. "Where are they, wimp?" It was more of a demand than a question.

"N-not here." Clyde quickly put Carlos down, and smiled to himself.

"Good. So you're all by yourself, huh?" Carlos just nodded meekly. Clyde kicked him in the shin. Hard. Carlos bit his lip, trying to keep from whimpering. He didn't want Clyde to get that satisfaction of hearing him in pain.

"You're not gonna fight back, are you? Well, I know why. Cause you're the size of my little 8 year old brother! I could kill you in one single blow!" Clyde bragged. Carlos just tried to block out the sound of Clyde laughing. It was a horrible noise. Tears pricked in his eyes, but Carlos tried to not let them fall. He was such a wimp. A wimp who couldn't even fight back.

"P-please, just l-let me g-g-go." Carlos whispered quietly. He couldn't take this anymore. Why did it only happen to him? What about his friends? Why was he the only always getting pushed around?

"Aww. Are you crying? Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. What I meant is to hurt you more than that!" Clyde said mockingly. Tears streamed down Carlos's face, and he wasn't even that humiliated that he was crying anymore. He just hoped with his whole heart that this would stop soon.

Clyde shoved Carlos back into a huge rock. The sharp part of the stone dug into Carlos's back. Carlos screamed in pain. His hand reached for his back, and when he drew it back, he saw red liquid streaming down it. His back was bleeding. Carlos felt his vision start blurring. The world started turning around him. Clyde punched him in the face, and Carlos saw stars blurring his vision even more. He could feel his eye start to swell up.

"All you are is just a Mexican idiot who can't even reach the top of your bookshelf." Clyde taunted him.

"I-I'm not M-mexican, I-I'm-"

Clyde hit Carlos right shoulder with the metal baseball bat. Carlos whimpered, and tried to stop the pain. But the baseball bat just kept on coming back down. Again and again. In the same place. Carlos tried to stop it from coming back down, but he couldn't. He tripped over a rock, and sat on the ground helplessly.

"Please, C-clyde, j-just stop i-it!" Carlos begged desperately. Suddenly, Clyde did stop.

"You're just an idiot wearing a stupid black hockey helmet. You're nothing without your three 'friends'. They're probably so sick of you, they ditched you to do other things." Carlos started sobbing even harder. Was that really true? Did his friends hate him? Were they so fed up with him that they found an excuse to get away from him?

"All you are is a useless piece of crap who doesn't know anything!" Clyde laughed sadistically and was about to swing his bat down on Carlos's head.

"Hey! Stop hitting him!" Carlos heard someone's voice. James. Was he just dreaming, or was James really here to help him? Clyde dropped his bat, and turned around cautiously.

"What are you doing?" James said, gritting his teeth together. Clyde just put his hands up innocently.

"I'm hitting your buddy with a bat. Got a problem with that?" Clyde smirked. James felt his body stiffen and fill with anger. James clenched his fist together and it met up with Clyde's face. Clyde dropped to the ground, unconscious. James ran over to where Carlos was lying. Carlos whimpered softly and groaned when he felt pain everywhere on his body.

"its okay, Carlitos. He's gone forever." James reassured the crying boy. Carlos sniffled and wiped his eyes with his bloody hand.

"James, he h-hit me over and o-over again with that... thing..." Carlos ended up sobbing and whimpering all over again. James hugged him and put his hands on Carlos's shaking shoulders.

A few minutes later, Carlos stopped crying. His face was red from all the crying and sobbing he'd been doing.

"Carlos, can you get up?" James asked gently. When Carlos nodded hesitantly, James gently pulled him up. Carlos gasped from the pain and leaned against James's shoulder.

"I'll call Kendall, and come have him pick us up." But before James's could press the 'call' button, Carlos stopped him.

"James, I'm fine. I can w-walk by mys-self." Carlos told him confidently. James sighed, and gave in. It was hard to say no to a boy who was bleeding through his shirt.

The walk home seemed like days, even though it was probably just a few minutes. When they got home, James cleaned all of Carlos's cuts, and took care of them the best he could.

"When Logie comes back, he can clean them better." James told Carlos, who was still sniffling and blowing his nose.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, man." James apologized. He felt guilt fill his body. His little brother was almost killed because no one was there to protect him. It was all because of his stupid modeling job... this was all his fault.

"It's not your fault, James. It's Clyde's fault." James winced at the name, his fists automatically clenching together again.

"James?" Carlos opened his closed eyes tiredly. His one black eye was halfway closed.

"Yeah buddy?" James asked, concern suddenly showing in his eyes.

"Thanks for protecting me." James smiled and patted Carlos's black hockey helmet softly.

"No problem, Carlitos. I'd do anything for you." But Carlos was already asleep, his head on James's shoulder.