Picnic Surprise – Part 2

The air around them stilled and the world rocked with a thunder without sound. Her fingers dug into his shoulders and she felt him tense. Kahlan closed her eyes and felt her powers surge up through her core and grapple for a soul to consume and devour. She let out a cry of anguish, thinking she had taken away the very thing she loved most in this world.

Flirting her eyes open, her first thought was of Richard. She was worried that she had confessed him. And she was surprised at herself. They had yet to connect and she had already lost control of her powers. Blinking, she looked up at him, seeing him staring down at her with absolute devotion in his warm brown eyes. Oh spirits… she'd done it. She'd confessed the man she loved. She swallowed hard and averted her eyes, her entire body rocking with guilt.

Clenching her teeth, she forced herself to look back at him. She knew what she must do. But… just once… before she gave him back to the world, she would have him. Taking another hard swallow, Kahlan locked her eyes with the dark eyes of utter devotion and love. "Make love to me… then hand me my dagger, so that I may free you," she said, trying to hold back the horror in her voice at what she had done to him.

"No," Richard said, his voice steady and calm. "Though, I do like the command about making love to you."

"What?" she blinked. Had they been right? Had he been immune to what would happen should she release her powers?

"I'm not confessed, Kahlan," he asserted.

"How can I be sure?" she replied.

"Tell me to do something that I would never do in a million years," he said, smirking.

Kahlan's heart swelled with joy at seeing the smirk. A confessed man would never be so flippant with his confessor. However, despite that, she played along.

"Well, for a start, you can take your hand off my breast and never touch me ever again," she smiled, chuckling softly.

He paused for a moment, and made no move. There was a split second where Kahlan feared he would actually obey her command. But then the smirk returned to his lips and met his eyes.

"Never…," Richard grinned, and for emphasis he squeezed her breast just a little, causing her to squirm with joy. "I can never stop touching you, my confessor," he teased.

"Then don't," Kahlan replied, her eyes flickering down between them to where his other hand rested on her hip. She arched her neck back up to him, and leaned forward, whispering into his ear in a low and suggestive voice. "Do what no man has ever done before, Richard Cypher… and make free and willing love to a confessor."

"My pleasure, Kahlan Amnell," Richard winked, and kissed her cheek. He leaned back and Kahlan let her hands drop from his shoulders, allowing them to fall to her sides. She fisted her hands in the blankets and ran her lower lip under her teeth as she watched him kiss his way down her body. He paused at her breasts, giving each soft mound of flesh equal attention, before dropping further down.

He nuzzled his nose against her navel and peppered soft butterfly kisses against her waist, before hooking his fingers under the waistband of her small black shorts. Kahlan's breath had grown heavy by this juncture and her powers were already screaming to be released once again. It startled her how quickly she could lose control with Richard. Her confessor instructor had been wrong. With a man she loved, Kahlan had lost control long before she reached that plateau of physical release… long, long before. She had yet to feel him inside her and she had already tested the strength and fortitude of his love. A love that was more powerful than her magic.

"Yes," Kahlan breathed out, seeing that he was awaiting permission. She lifted her bottom off the ground and Richard tugged her underthings down her legs and tossed them over to join her white confessor's gown.

Now, completely exposed before the man she loved, Kahlan tingled with expectation. Richard sat back on his haunches and ran his hands along the creamy white skin of her toned legs. He bent down and kissed her thighs and rubbed his nose against the small black forest just below her hipbone. His fingers gripped her thighs and his warm brown eyes glanced up at her.

"Open for me, Kahlan," he murmured, his warm breath tickling the small hairs between her legs.

Kahlan let out a breathy sigh, releasing the tension she had not known she had had in her legs. With that tension gone, Richard easily guided her legs apart. She watched in rapt attention as he viewed her for the first time, silently praying to the good spirits that she met with his approval, after all, he most certainly had met with hers. Caressing her legs with his hands, Richard smiled and leaned forward.

Her brow furrowed, confused, and then a sudden moan, loud and throaty, escaped her lips as she felt him grab her with his mouth. Spirits, he was sucking on her special place, the place she had discovered as a youth and had learned about how to pleasure herself. After meeting Richard, she had oft touched herself in such a fashion while bathing, thinking of him. Spirits, she wondered if he had seen that as well!

Letting out a rippling groan of pleasure, Kahlan writhed under him, her hands fisting the blanket as she rolled her hips to the motions of his tongue when it came out and ran between her moist folds. She grew even wetter under his touch; his hands continued massaging her legs, but one had moved up to cup her breast, and he teased and tantalized her even further. Kahlan leaned her head back, her eyes rolling back, as she trembled and squirmed with delight. This was far better than what she could ever do to herself. Spirits, it was so overwhelming. Kahlan slipped and her powers released. So close after the first time, it caused her to black out.

Blinking, Kahlan slowly came back to her senses. It was no longer until she felt Richard's tongue on her again and she shivered. She swallowed and arched her neck. "Richard… did… did I…" spirits, how do you say it?

"Come? No, I don't think so," he furrowed his brow, looking up at her as he released her quivering flesh from his mouth. "Why?"

"Did you not feel my powers let loose?" she asked, gasping for air.

His brow creased even further and he blushed. "No… I was enjoying the taste of you so much, I guess I did not notice."

"The taste of me?" Kahlan knitted her eyebrows together, completely confused.

Richard grinned. "Yes…," he nodded. "You're delicious, by the way. I could simply devour you for days. But, I think you might want something more than that."

Kahlan was at a loss for his comments, but she pushed them to the back of her mind. With the new knowledge that he was immune from her confessor's touch, Kahlan was finally realizing that this would most definitely not be their first and only time together. After all, they would need to create more confessors… wouldn't they? She smirked, liking that excuse to be intimate with her Seeker.

While she was off in her own musings, her Seeker, Richard Cypher, had been slowly working his way up her body, kissing and feeling as he went. Kahlan let out a soft moan as his lips found a nipple, his tongue tantalizing and stimulating it to attention. Spirits, the things he could do with just his tongue. She would have to remember these things for later, and tell him what she liked most… oh, who was she kidding! She liked everything he was doing to her. Her entire body seemed alive with feelings and sensations that she had never dreamt of in her wildest dreams.

Her breath was rapidly growing into quick gasps for air as Richard maneuvered his way up her body. Her chest heaved and she was almost sure that she might lose control again. She had never released her powers so rapidly back to back, and Kahlan was unsure what would happen if she lost control again. It normally took her an hour to fully recover from confession, but this experience was entirely new and foreign to her. She had no idea what to expect. But she knew this, whatever her instructor at the Confessor's Palace had tried to teach her about sexuality, it had not prepared her for this.

Perhaps it was partly because no confessor had ever truly loved a man like she loved Richard... at least, that's what Kahlan liked to think. It made her feel special, that she was somehow singled out as someone worthy of a love so profound that the deadly magic that pulsed through her very being was unable to touch or harm him. Whatever the reason for her fortune, Kahlan was overjoyed that fate had divined her to be the lucky one to be Richard's love.

His lips pressed against the fleshy top of her breasts, and soon his teeth were grazing against her collarbone. She arched herself into him, relishing the raw feel of his hard body over hers. A quivering quake ran up her spine as she once again felt his hard desire brush against her thigh, sending a burning blaze dancing through her insides, igniting in a vast explosion that coalesced and gathered in her middle.

She brought her hands up to grab his face as he moved over her, pulling him down for a kiss, as his hands grip her arms. His knee dropped down between her legs, and he guided them apart further, settling himself down. Kahlan gasped and moaned into his mouth, feeling the heat of his desire touch her between her legs.

Richard shifted and his hands dropped to her hips, steadying her. He pulled out of the kiss he had initiated and rested his forehead against hers. There was a brief pause and he sucked in some air as he closed his eyes. "Do you know what to expect?" he asked, his voice showing concern for her.

Kahlan gave a small nod. She had been told to expect some pain once her barrier was broken. "I'm ready," she told him, running her hands along his shoulders and chest. "Make me yours, Richard. Now… and forever."

He brought one hand up to hold her face, keeping the other by her hip. Diving his fingers into her long lush hair, he rammed his mouth against hers, shoving his tongue past her trembling lips as he slowly pushed up into her. Kahlan let out a soft grunt, and then moaned into his mouth, feeling his fullness fill her insides. It hurt a bit, and she could feel the raw soreness of her barrier being broken, but she ignored the pain. She had been taught how to blank out such things, and even this pain, though wonderful in thought, especially with the man who had given it to her, was still pain.

As he eased further into her, Kahlan squirmed under him, rolling her hips to help drive him deeper. He had yet to begin the thrusting motions the older confessor had told her that the mate would need to do to seed her. All her Richard did was push into her, continuing to stretch and fill her with all that was him. And then something happened, and all the feeling between her legs changed. It felt entirley different. His warmth and firmness created a kind of feeling she had never felt.

Blinking, Kahlan looked up at him, feeling his fingers touch her cheek, wiping away the tears she had been unaware she had shed at the breaking of her barrier.

"Are you alright?" he asked, worriedly.

"Yes… I… I'm fine," she stumbled out. "Very fine."

"I… I didn't hurt you, did I?" he inquired, the pain in his voice evident.

Kahlan swallowed and moved her hands to hold his face. She could lie and tell him she had felt no pain, but that would be wrong. She loved him with all that she was, and he deserved the truth. "A little… but it was a good kind of pain, Richard," she confessed. "It feels much better knowing that I experienced it with you and not some… some man I had to confessed and take as a mate."

He relaxed a bit and peppered her cheek with light butterfly kisses. She laughed airily and moved her hands to his shoulders, until finally looping her arms around his neck. "Are you done, or does my Seeker have more to show me?" she teased, encouraging him on.

Richard grinned. "Oh, I've just begun, my confessor," he replied, planting a quick kiss to her lips.

A long rocking moan escaped her lips as he moved back and began the thrusting motions Kahlan had been told about. Spirits, this felt nothing like she imagined it would. It… it felt much better! Richard's head dipped and he started kissing and sucking on her neck, his hands moving all over her, as if he couldn't get enough of her soft feminine form. He seemed to have an insatiable need to touch and feel every inch of her body.

And Kahlan felt the same need with him. She ran her hands along the strong muscled planes of his back and down his chest, basking in the sweaty heat of his movements over her. She felt his toned thighs and glorious backside, holding him for a while as she encouraged him to take her harder and faster. Eventually, she discovered it felt even better when she moved with him, and soon they were both thriving together. She would buck her hips up, as he would pound down into her. His name was ripped from her lungs as she screamed in sheer ecstasy.

"Oh, Richard… yes, yes, yes… YES!"

Underneath him, she writhed and churned like an inferno, giving her entire being and soul over to the music that they were making together. And the symphony that was being made was definitely a cooperative effort, because she pulled as many moans, groans, and grunts from him as he coaxed from her. The cold of the night vanished and only the heat of their fierce and passionate lovemaking remained as their bodies slammed into one another, ceasing to be separate and becoming one.

At some point, she didn't know when, Kahlan had felt a primal need to seize control. Though she had no qualms with submitting to Richard, in fact she quite enjoyed it, she wanted to show him that she could please him just as much as he could please her. So, gripping her legs around his middle, she used the ground as leverage and flipped him over, landing on top of him, her legs firmly clenched around him as she rammed her hands into his chest.

"My turn!" she grunted.

Kahlan moved her hips as she would when riding a horse, and new sensations pulsed through her body, as Richard moaned her name. His hands laid uselessly at his sides, before he brought them up. He wrapped one around her waist and gripped her bottom, squeezing her, eliciting a whimpering moan from her lips. His other hand stretched out over one of her breasts as he held it firmly as it bounced with her wild movements above him.

Using her knees for support, Kahlan continued to ride him, bucking her hips and grounding her fingers into his chest. She panted and grunted, whimpered and cried, never once feeling the tug of her powers. She wondered if she had expended them with her previous two losses of concentration and that the power simmering in her core was too weak and still in need to rest. But then, as the warmth seemed to increase tenfold in her middle, she felt the strum on the cords within and knew that her magic had just been holding back. This next release would be accompanied by an even greater release, one that Kahlan had longed to feel with Richard.

She slowed her movements, wanting to be under him when it happened. She wanted him to be the one to take her to that threshold. Richard arched his neck and they locked eyes. Kahlan conveyed her desire without speech and Richard nodded. His hand dropped from her breast and his arms wrapped around her waist as he rolled them over, placing her back on the blanket beneath him.

"Take me over the edge, my Richard," Kahlan managed to whimper as he kissed her throat. His hands caressed her legs and she opened even further for him.

Looping her arms around his neck, Kahlan kissed his shoulder and neck, digging her fingers into his tousled and messy hair. Spirits, how she loved his hair! Richard's lips danced up her neck and jaw, and he found her mouth, taking away the moan that desired to escape as he plunged down into her very depth, igniting the fire within as his own explosion erupted within her.

"Oh spirits… Richard… oh… yes… YES!" she cried out.

The surge that ripped through her was unlike anything Kahlan had ever felt before. It was altogether different than the release she had felt when she had first pleasured herself so long ago. And this was not just her confessor's power, but also that elusive physical plateau that she had been told she would have to help stimulate along. Richard had brought her to it, and she clutched onto him, screaming his name for all to hear. The spirits be damned! She wanted the entire world to know that it was Richard Cypher, the Seeker of Truth, that had taken her to heights she had only dreamt were possible in her imagination.

Richard's body tensed over her and his seed erupted deep inside her, filling her with a warmth she had not expected. Her orgasm, in conjuncture with the release of her powers, had been more powerful than either previous surges of magic, yet it had not dulled her awareness or caused her to black out. So she felt it all, everything that his and her body did in response to it: The tightening of her inner muscles around him and the squeezing as if she was milking him dry. She savored and relish every moment of it as their bodies melded together as they both basked in the blissful rapture of mutual gratification.

Wiggling slightly under him as Richard's weight seemed to collapse on her, Kahlan ran her hands down his sweaty back as she kissed and licked at his neck, tasting the unique flavor that was her Richard. She hummed against his shoulder and hugged on to him, loving the feel of being united with him in that most special and intimate of ways. Richard slowly eased up and kissed her slowly, gripping her face in his hands, before gently slipping out of her, causing her to groan in disappointment at the loss of connection with him.

He kissed her sweetly, resting down on the blanket next to her, as she curled up beside him, resting her head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her tingling body. And despite the chill in the air, Kahlan felt anything but cold. She was still feeling the lasting effects of the dual releases he had caused within her: The magical and the physical.

In this moment—and hopefully many more in the future—they were just normal lovers enjoying the presence and touch of the other. As they laid there beneath the moon and stars above, Kahlan smiled languidly and glanced up at her Richard, her one true love; the man who had loved her to such a profound intensity that he was spared the deadly grasp of her magic.

"Thank you, Richard," she murmured softly, running her hand absently in circles over his hard chest. "This truly was a night I'll never forget. I will treasure it in my heart forever. Thank you for giving me the most wonderful gift of loving me enough to overcome my powers and… and accepting me for… for me."

Richard smiled down at her and squeezed his arms tighter around her frame as he drew her closer to him. He bent down and kissed her forehead, causing her to beam with contentment. "Kahlan, there is nothing to thank me for," he spoke, his words earnest and sincere. "Don't you know by now that there is nothing in this world I wouldn't already do for you? I love you so much."

Kahlan gazed up at him with wonder. She had truly been blessed to have been given Richard's love. They locked eyes as she smiled up at him, giving him that special smile, the one she saved for him and him alone. "I love you too, Richard. More than you'll ever know."

They embraced one another and Kahlan shifted, stretching her body over his as she leaned forward and captured his lips in a passionate kiss that made him chuckle and moan in want. "Kahlan? What are you doing?" he asked as her hand flirted down past his navel.

A laugh rolled out of her throat as Kahlan skimmed her fingers along his tight abdomen before finding that which she sought. He let out a grunt and smirked up at her. She leaned over him, bringing her lips a breath's distance from his. "I'm instructing my lover to make love to me again," she answered. "Do you think he can handle that?"

"Oh, yes… I think he can… very much," Richard nodded, wrapping his arms around her and flipping her onto her back as he captured her lips in a kiss that left Kahlan breathless.

Within moments they were exploring each other… all over again.