I looked up a saw the full moon, then I realized that not only was he going to find out what I was, he was going to be in much more danger then ever.

I gasp as the pain of the change shot through me and I dropped to mine knees, struggling to fight off the transformation started slowly.

"Svetlana!" Harry I heard call and felt him at my side as I started to grow a wolf nose and tail. Harry gasped nut still didn't leave my side. 'Why isn't he running for his life like a sane person?' I felt wolf ears spring from my head as fur started to sprouted and my eyes turned from emerald to yellow-gold and midnight black fur sprout out of my body.

"Run!" I gasped out trying to get him as far away from me as possible before the changes is complete.


"No! Run as fast and far as possible away from me."


"Do it."





"Fine." He said before reluctantly leaving my side and ran as fast as he could away as a wolf tail, claws, and the rest of the animal came turning me into a giant black wolf with yellow-gold eye, and a thrust for human meat and blood, bloodlust for the flesh and blood of the one I love, for Harry's.

I tried to fight the wolf and not hunt him down but it was to powerful. Instead of running into the woods, I fallowed Harry, knowing he hadn't gotten too far. And I was right, to much of my horror and the wolf's joy as I tackled him to the ground.

"Svetlana?"Harry asked as we locked eyes, and I begged the wolf just to go and stop when it got a horrible idea. I got off him the pretend to lunge at him and that got him running to his death trap.

I chased after him for a while before I cornered him between to huge rocks, which he couldn't climb over, and it looked like he knew that.

"Svetlana, please don't do this. You're my best friend." He pleaded with me, the wolf just let out a growl that was one of pure pleasure and enjoyment of watching him as he pleaded and begged for me to stop and I wish I could. He's back was pressed up against the wall of the rocks.

He was shaking, lips quivering, knees buckling looking like they were going to give way underneath him, his sweat was clear on his bare skin, I could hear his heart racing, and I could hear soft moans, sobs, and whimper from him, making me hate that I was so weak.

Harry slid down the rock onto the ground to the forest floor still looking as scared as ever and let out a sob as he did so.

"Svetlana, please. Don't."

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