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Heels clicked against the hard, drab floor of the Shinigami HQ as the red head made his way down the hall. So what if he had managed to screw up on his last assignment? It was a boring one anyways. Who cared if he killed just a few more people to make it interesting? Obviously Will did. After all, he had made it perfectly clear he wanted to see the red head in his office. A few more clicks and he was faced with a single, boring door. Seriously, why was this office so boooorrrriiinngggggg? A single gloved hand lifted up, as if to knock on the door. Instead of knocking though, Grell slammed the door open and made his way inside.

"WIIIILLLLLL~ I'm here! What is it you wanted to talk about?" The lean soul reaper made his way across the office to stand in front of the taller man's desk. Oh how Will's glare sent a chill down his spine. "Seriously Will, I was busy making myself look beautiful. You can't just pry a young lady away from her beauty session without a good reason."

If looks could kill, the glare William T. Spears gave the redhead sauntering into his office would've slaughtered an army. Elbows on his desk, William held his hands in front of his face, fingers intertwined. Oh, he was annoyed. No, he was far beyond annoyed at this point. He gave Grell Sutcliff the simplest of jobs, and it seemed that he couldn't complete them without something going amiss.

"Do you know, by chance, why you're here, Sutcliff?" he asked, voice dripping with venom. Grell had better know why he was there, or he would have his face shoved into the report written on this newest job-gone-casualty.

Of course Grell knew why he was here, but admitting that he had done something wrong was a completely different story. Gloved hands slid to his hips as he examined the other man's facial expression. Will was definitely pissed off. Was killing one or two extra people seriously all that bad? They were going to die later anyways; why not cut some corners by getting rid of them early?

"I'm here cause you called me here, silly." A soft chuckle escaped as he continued to examine the other man. "So what is it that you want? You better start explaining soon, Will, or else I'm going to get bored."

William let his hands fall down to the desk, picking up the report. "I wouldn't find myself in a position to make remarks like that, if I were in your situation. Do it again and you'll find yourself short a job." Sliding the report over toward Grell, William looked up at the other shinigami from behind his glasses. Grell certainly had nerve. No one else would have the gall to come up to him in this situation and complain of boredom.

No, he didn't honestly want to fire Grell. They were far too shorthanded as it was without having to fire anyone in the last few decades. But William was in a position to do it, if he found the need. And if Grell didn't shape up, he did need to do it.

"Read this, and then tell me that you did nothing wrong," he ordered, eyes cold and unforgiving. Why didn't this man ever learn? Did he consider lives so insignificant that he could just rip them away with no remorse?

With a heaving sigh, Grell lifted up the report, eyes scanning over the pages rather quickly. Seriously? He was in trouble for killing those people a little bit early? He flipped to another page and continued to read. Once the redhead was done, he shut the file and waved it around in the air to accent his words, "Seriously Will? These people were going to die soon anyways. Why waste the time making two trips when I could have just done it with one? From my perspective, I did a great job. Killing two or three birds with one stone."

Grell sighed once more as he placed the file back onto the table and slid it over to William. Had he seriously done something wrong? After all, the two other victims were planned to die a month or two later... They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Snatching up the file from the desk, William pulled open a drawer to place it inside. He'd just answered his own question - No, this man had no respect for human life. He should've fired Grell a long time ago, really.

"Grell, the dates are there for a reason, and you know that. Those death dates are the dates of their deaths in case that hadn't been made blatantly obvious," he said, pushing the drawer closed. "If you cannot handle reaping on those precise dates and times, I'll ask you to hand over your scythe and glasses right now."

He would regret it later, but if Grell couldn't handle a simple job, he needed to be removed. They would find more reapers for the field work, eventually. Being understaffed had never stopped HQ for very long before. And if it did, he would send an office worker or two to help with the field work. They certainly did not need Grell Sutcliff being a hindrance.

A look of pure shock spread across the red head's face at the command. He couldn't have his glasses and scythe! Was this really such a big deal...? After all, the people he cut down were insignificant from what he could tell. They weren't connected to any huge events in the mortal world...

"Will... I'm sorry it won't happen again. I'll do anything, just don't fire me." As much as Grell hated working, he needed this job! It was so fun being out in the field. He frowned, looking down at his boots as he shuffled nervously in his spot.

Studying his face, William sighed in defeat. If this had been anyone else, he would've fired them on the spot, broken their glasses and had their scythe decommissioned. Something over the time he'd spent with Grell made him give the other reaper hundreds of chances.

Reclining in his seat, closing his eyes as his hands came up to his temples to rub away a forming migraine, William said, "You'd better stay true to your word, Sutcliff. I don't plan on giving you another chance after this." He hadn't planned on giving Grell another chance this time, so he really had no idea how effective that threat was.

Grell could have done flips down the hallways with the relief he was feeling. Clasping his hands together, the red head's grin widened. He got to keep his job! Grell quickly made his way across the desk and wrapped his arms arond William..

"OHHHH! Thank you so much Will!~ You won't regret it, I'll work my hardest I promise!" He bent his leg up at the knee as he nuzzled the other man. Grell was so grateful to him right now. He definitely would follow his orders to the T for a month or so, even if they were boring.

William wasn't even in the mood to tell Grell to remove himself from his personal space. He was that irritated at the moment. This migraine wasn't going away anytime soon, either - how delightful. With the redhead still draped over him, he reached for another file that needed his looking-over and signature. Honestly, he needed a day off.

"Keep in mind what I said: Your job is at stake. Screw something up like this again, and there will be consequences. Namely, your job." That warning could've held a more firm tone than it did. The way he said it sounded like he didn't mean to back it up when the time came. Which, he did. This time was just a slip up on his part. He would get Grell when and if he slipped up again.

With a Cheshire grin, the red head leaned forward and gave the other male a quick peck on the cheek. How positively wonderful! Will wasn't stabbing him in the head or even hitting him! Deciding to press his luck further, the reaper slipped into the other man's lap and wrapped his arms around his neck.

"I promise not to do it again Will.~ Can't you just trust me for once?" Who was Grell kidding? Will wouldn't even trust him with an important mission. It was like the man got a kick out of sending poor Grell on these boring tasks. "Perhaps if you sent me on an important mission now and then I could focus more?"

William gave an agitated sigh as Grell decided to invade his personal space further and slink into his lap, looking up from the papers at the redhead that was currently breaking quite a few rules knowing that William wasn't in a mood to reprimand him. Sitting back, trying to regain some form of privacy, he brought his hands up to Grell's sides, attempting to forcibly move the younger man, minus the force part.

"Sutcliff," he said, trying to see over the redhead's shoulder at the paperwork on the desk. "This is grossly inappropriate behavior. That being said, that file you're blocking my view of needs my signature." Giving up on trying to move him, William simply draped his arms over the armrests and waited for Grell to remove himself.

Will was being so kind today. He didn't fire him, he got to kiss him and now the expressionless man wasn't throwing him out of his lap! What a wonderful day this turned out to be!~ He could have moved... but did he really want to? No way.

Sliding a hand up to rest on Will's cheek, Grell nuzzled against his chest and purred. "No one is blocking anything, darling. You can finish signing your paperwork." Making himself comfortable, the red head curled up in the other man's arms. "You smell nice Will..."

"I make a habit of showering regularly, yes." Scooting the chair closer to the desk, he gave up completely on the hope of Grell moving out of his lap. Reaching for a fountain pen and dipping the tip in ink, he went straight for the signature, not even bothering to scan over the file. If he even tried, he knew his head would just hurt worse. Not that Grell would let him even attempt it, anyway.

Placing the pen back in the cup it had been in, he sat back to look down at Grell. He wanted to tell him to get off of him and get back to work, but that might result in having to raise his voice. He was not in the mood for that. Leaning his head back over the edge of the chair, he closed his eyes. "You'll have to move eventually," he said, completely defeated.

"Nope. I will never, ever move." That said, the shinigami wrapped his arms around Will's midsection to further prove his point. He wasn't getting off without a fight. Not when Will was being so nice. Pressing his luck further, Grell placed a soft, feathery kiss on the man's cheek.

"You know Will, you should really read what you sign. You could have just sold your body to some pervert.~" The red head shinigami grinned as he rested his head on the other man's shoulder.

"Stop that," Will muttered, though it was only a halfhearted protest. He couldn't deny that it felt good having Grell where he was at, but he also couldn't deny that he was making a hindrance of himself. Leaning his head back up to give a long, hard look at the file he'd just given a signature to, he sighed. "I probably signed off on something I shouldn't have. However, you're making it more than a little difficult to focus on work."

Perhaps this wasn't a good idea, to let Grell stay in his office and interfere with William's work. There was no time for this in William's strict regime, but Grell didn't really care about that. The redhead obviously saw rules and boundaries as simple challenges.

"Alright then. I'll move if you want it so badly." Giving the cold man another quick kiss on the cheek, Grell stood up. He patted himself off before turning to the desk in front of him. With the most serious of expressions, the red head knocked all the files and paperwork off and sat down facing Will.

The red head crossed his legs, eyes on the other man, a cheshire grin sneaking onto his lips. "Now you can pay attention to me. Aren't you glad I moved? Now it's not so difficult!"

Now Grell Sutcliff was just pushing his luck. Glaring daggers at the other man, William rued not firing him on the spot. What did the man want from him? At this point, William would gladly give anything to get him out of his office without any sort of confrontation.

"You're on my desk, Sutcliff." An obvious statement, but the only thing that came to William's mind. "Pick up those files, and leave. I don't know why you think this is appropriate, but I can assure you, if you do not stop this behavior, you will be filling out files, yourself, for a year."

Letting his arms rest on either side of his body, Grell huffed. Now Will was back to his mean self. Why was he so upset? Grell had only done what the other man asked of him after all. Oh, there was that glare again. Sending chills down the red shinigami's spine.

"Yes, that would be where my butt is parked, Will." Crossing his arms, Grell's smug grin was wiped right off his face. "I'm not picking up anything. That's what you get for not clarifying, and how dare you threaten a defenseless young lady! Some gentleman you are." At that Grell turned his head and pouted, still watching the other man from the corner of his eye.

"I was unaware I was threatening a lady." Honestly, why was Grell acting like this? Normally he would get the hint after a few minutes. At least he could be grateful that the redhead was at least considerate enough to remove himself from his lap, as he was asked to. Even though he made a complete mess of his desk afterward. "I honestly have no idea what your problem is today, but this kind of conduct is highly inappropriate."

Standing up, William made to pick up some of the files that Grell had unceremoniously scattered all over the floor. He knew Sutcliff had to be just looking for another excuse to slack off on his duties. Feeling a particularly horrible throbbing pain in his head, William paused in his attempts to return his files to their proper order and just sat them back down on the desk. Bringing a hand up to his head, his eyes slipped shut to block out the light of the room.

"Sutcliff, I'm only going to tell you once more. Leave," he ordered, opening his eyes and sitting down in his chair, as slowly as he could manage. It seemed like every move he made just made his head pound.

He was just about to shoot back another comment at the uncaring man, coming up short. Why did William look like he was in pain? Unfolding his arms slowly, Grell silently watched in concern as the other man picked up the files and papers that have scattered on the floor.

Maybe he had taken it a tad too far... Standing up, Grell completely ignored what Will's order and got on his knees, quickly gathering up the remaining papers and folders that had been scattered. Standing back up, Grell turned around to the desk and began to file them back in their proper place. "I'll leave once I'm done with this, William."

William watched as Grell set to organizing the papers and folders that had been carelessly pushed to the floor. Relief washed over him and he relaxed a bit; at least he wouldn't have to do it himself.

"Thank you," he said, propping an elbow on an armrest of the chair, resting his head in his hand. Grell's promise to leave sounded sincere enough, so he decided not to push things any further. Resting his eyes was in his best interest at the moment anyway.

Concentrating on the files and papers in front of him made Grell even moodier. So what if he hated boring crap like this? This was for Will... Taking a quick glance back at the man, Grell let a relaxed look cross across his face. So he was better now...

Finishing up the paper work, the red head quietly placed them back in their original spot and turned back around William. Placing his hands on the edges of the seat, Grell silently leaned forward and gave the man a kiss on his forehead.

Quickly standing up straight and back around, the red shinigami made his way over towards the door. "Get some rest Will. You're working too hard." Who was he kidding? Grell knew the reason Will was hurting now was because of him. A sad smile took over Grell's normally cheerful expression as he lingered at the doorway for a few seconds before walking out the door and down the hallway once more.

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