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What had he gotten himself into?

He'd been in so many compromising situations, but none like this. Grell was his friend and subordinate. This was going to backfire. Horribly, at that. What would tomorrow be like? What would the rest of tonight be like? There were so many possible times for this to bite him in the ass.

William's overactive mind was making him tired quickly. A good excuse to leave, at least. He'd walk Grell to his apartment then return to his own after they got dressed. After all, William considered himself a proper gentleman, and it was only the polite thing to do. Aside from that, if he didn't usher Grell out of his office, he was quite sure the redhead would make himself comfortable and sleep on the desk.

Grell groaned as he removed his arms from Will's neck, instead stretching them above his head before lazily moving one hand to cup the other's cheek. This was really nice; usually the people he slept with walked away right after the deed was done without a single word, but here he was, laying under Will as they shared this moment.

A soft smile spread across his lips as he closed his eyes. God dammit, this desk hurt his back. "Will darling, help me get dressed?" he asked, lazily opening his eyes to stare at the other man. He ran a hand through the raven locks before sitting up to place a quick peck on Will's lips.

"You're sure you can't do that on your own?" William asked, raising an eyebrow at the other, though his hand was already reaching for Grell's glasses. Fighting back a smile, Grell simply shook his head at Will's question and threw his hands behind his head. He had never made any of his previous partners dress him before, this was a very nice change. Slipping the chain over Grell's head, William set the glasses on the bridge of Grell's nose, pressing into their kiss. Situating his own glasses afterward, William the search for all their clothes.

His pants and underwear were right there, so they were the first to go on. Gathering up Grell's underwear, he slipped them on up to the other's knees, reaching for his pants next. Sliding Grell's legs in, William watched as pale ivory disappeared behind dark linen. Standing back up, William patted Grell's knee.

"Up," he commanded, taking the waist of Grell's garments in his hands.

Chuckling, the red head obliged Will and sat up. He slid into his underwear and pants, quickly crossing his legs once the bands were rested firmly on his waist. A small grin was now plastered on his lips and he slid his jacked out from behind him, making it more visible for the nearsighted of the two to spot.

This would definitely be quite the show once William had to tie his complicated boots back up.

Grell's shirt was the next to go on, making quick work of the buttons, then his vest. Why did Grell wear so much clothes? Shaking his head a bit at his own thought, William slid Grell's arms into his jacket and looked down at the floor. Now came the more difficult part.

Bending down, William took a shoe and slipped it on Grell's foot, tightening the laces. "You wear the most complicated shoes..," William said, voice trailing off as he tied the laces. The other shoe was done quicker than the last as William stood back up and set about to the collection of his own clothes. "Now, tell me, why could you not have done that yourself?"

Grell would have been lying if he said that he wasn't feeling pampered at the moment, ignoring the comment about his shoes. They were perfect and made him just a tiny bit taller, even at the expense of him having to fumble over the laces each and every time he had to get dressed.

"I could have done it Will. You weren't complaining. Plus, it's the least you could do for me, dear." Grinning, the red haired shinigami slid off the desk and patted himself off. "Now, let's get you dressed dear." With that Grell walked across the room, quickly picking up Will's jacket and dress shirt along with both their sets of gloves.

The gloves were placed back on the table as Grell grabbed hold of one of William's arms, sliding it inside the dress shirt. He quickly did the same with the man's other arms and began buttoning it up. "See? Am I not just the nicest person ever?"

"I highly doubt the nicest person ever would make such a mess of my desk," William remarked, letting Grell move his arms. "What's your apartment number? I'll walk you home." Slipping on his gloves, William collected his tie from the floor and shoved it in his jacket pocket, not wanting to bother with it at the moment.

Redoing the buckle to his belt, William ran a hand through his hair, trying to fix it as best he could from where Grell had mussed it up. Giving a long, hard look at his desk, he was tempted to just leave it like it was, but it was against his better thinking.

"We can go after my desk is fixed," he said, sitting down to put his shoes on.

"It was all nice before we had sex, Will," Grell huffed and crossed his arms. Seriously, he was one of the nicest people he knew! When he wasn't killing an innocent bystander that is... but they didn't matter. Turning, the red head slipped his black gloves on and went to work picking up the papers that had scattered across the floor during the duo's intimate moment.

With a low grown, Grell threw his hands up above his head and began to stretch. "Stupid papers," he mumbled before placing them back in their proper files. Will might as well have been married to his damn work.

"Hey Will, if you care that much about your desk, you should marry it. Oh, but where would that put me?" Grell tapped his lips, the faintest of smiles drawn across them.

"An affair," William quipped, organizing his desk neatly and restoring order to his office. No clothes were strewn out, no papers lying on the floor. Clean and proper. The way Grell said what he did, it made it seem like he thought this was going to happen again. This wasn't going to happen again, right?

Heading toward the door, William unlocked and opened it, waiting for Grell to head out before him. He didn't know what to say anymore. He would walk Grell home, bid him goodnight, and then that would be it?

"Ohhh~ Your desk is so boring and such a prude, you just need to liven things up with a beauty like me!" Grell chirped up as he quickly grabbed his undone bow off the table and tied it back around his collar.

The damn place was back to it's boring, gloomy black and white self. Whatever; if Will liked it like that, then maybe it was a good thing. Shrugging, Grell made his way out the door past Will and back into the hallway.

"It's so dark. How long have we been in there?" The red head started down the hall, stopping halfway to turn and wait for William to lock his door. Seriously, what the hell was anyone going to abscond with? The only thing interesting in the room was Will anyways, and he belonged to Grell.

Following Grell after locking his office up for the night, William took out his pocket watch, flipping it open to check the time. "20:41. I'll walk you home, then," he said, closing the watch and slipping it back into his pocket.

Thank God it was so late - no one would stay late enough to see William walking out of his office this late with a certain redhead. They smelled of sex and sweat and their clothes were far from neat. William was always the last one to and from work each day, so he hoped that his luck would hold true today.

Reaching the front doors to the headquarters, William held one open for Grell, giving a gentle push to the other man's lower back to usher him out so he could lock the double-doors to the building.

"It's so quiet. I wonder if anyone's sneaking around this late?" Grell chuckled as he tucked his hands in his pocket and walked beside Will through the office. Smirking, the red head decided to be a little devil. "~" He yelled loudly, only to be greeted with silence.

As the pair reached the doors, Grell stepped through the doors. He eyed the other man as he locked the doors. To think he just fucked that man a few minutes ago. A soft grin was plastered on his lips and the red head wrapped his arms around Will's arm. "If your going to escort me, let's do it right."

Shaking his head at Grell's need to cling to someone, William sighed in what could've passed as amusement and placed his hand on Grell's as they started down the stairs. "If you insist."

This was new for William, to be honest. He had been involved with people, of both genders, but it was never just quick sex on a desk then going back to their own homes. That simply wasn't William. Then again, what William considered romance and Grell considered romance were probably two different things entirely and-

Stop that train of thought right now, William.

Why was he even thinking about romance and Grell in the same thought? Grell was his subordinate. He had made it clear to both Grell and himself that this was nothing more than sex. Nothing more than a one-time thing. So why was he having to tell himself more than once?

This was a great sign, Will wasn't tossing him away. Truthfully, Grell was terrified that as soon as the sex was done the other man would forget him again and just go back to his work.

A frown overcame the shorter man's face as he saw Will's facial expression changing. He wouldn't let go. Not when he finally had the man looking at him for once. Unknowingly, Grell tightened his grip on the other man's arm as they continued walking, pulling William out of his self-antagonizing thoughts and back into reality. Honestly, when had Grell become so good at pulling him away from thoughts like that? Ones that were about him, no doubt.

Catching sight of the other man's frown out of the corner of his eye, William decided that silence had gone on for a few minutes too many. "You never did say your apartment number." There were hundreds of apartments in Momento Mort; William was not about to go on a scavenger hunt for one in particular.

Grell himself was starting to feel a sense of doubt creep over himself. This wasn't like him at all! If something upset him he covered it up by flirting and parading himself around. It was different with Will though. He had loved the other man since their days as students. Sure at first he found the other man annoying as hell at first, but inevitably William was always the one that shoved Grell back into line. The one that kept him in balance and on task.

Of course the red head was pulled from his thoughts by Will. Forcing a grin, Grell simply leaned his head against the arm his hands were wrapped around. "287" He whispered before closing his eyes. Surely William would catch him if he tripped on something. After all, he wouldn't let a lady fall now would he?

It took William a moment to register that Grell had actually said something, then another to realize that the other lived close to him. Why this made him feel good, he didn't know - people who had been partners in the Academy usually wound up living close to each other, if not sharing an apartment. He was just having an off night, he supposed.

As they approached the 100 block of Momento Mort, William spared a sidelong glance at Grell. He looked so content. Was he like this with every man he's with? Or was he really that content with a one-night romance?

Oh yes, William was definitely going to treat himself to a bottle of wine when he got home. Perhaps that would wash away all these thoughts that shouldn't be going through his mind.

This is what he always wanted from William. So then why did it hurt his chest to be so close to the other man? Grell opened his eyes and glanced up at his escort. Will probably thought he was an easy lay now. Frowning once more, Grell removed his hands from the open arm before shoving them into his pants pocket.

He wasn't that easy. Sure he flirted with a lot of men and a few women here and there, but they meant nothing to him. With the exception of Will, Sebastian and Angelina. Those three were special to Grell, he had loved each and everyone of them. Of course Will was at the top of that list, he always was.

As they approached the 200 block, William felt a sudden weight lift from his arm as Grell put some distance in-between himself and the raven haired shinigami. Turning his head to see why Grell had let go, he only saw the other move further away from him, hurt lining his expression.

"Grell? What's wrong?" William asked, reaching out a hand to rest on Grell's shoulder. Melancholy was something that he'd never seen with Grell. And he didn't like it on the other man, anyways - it simply didn't suit him.

After a while of silence, the red head felt Will touch him. Expression faltering, Grell shifted his gaze from the hand to Will's face. "Nothing," he lied as he continued walking with the other man. Why was he lying now? That wasn't like him at all. If something bothered him, he said it. Of course he was upset, though. He didn't want to be seen as some loose woman!

Taking a deep breath, Grell paused his movement and threw his hands on his hips. "I don't sleep with just anyone, William T. Spears. If you think I'm going to let you go back to being distant from me, then you have another thing coming. Also, I'm not a loose woman. So get that idea out of your head, got it?"

William couldn't see his own expression, but if he had to render a guess, he would think he looked at the border of shocked and taken aback. When had he implied Grell was loose? Or anything of the sort?

"Grell," he said, a warning tone to his voice, eyes glancing around to make sure no one heard Grell yell and peek their heads out. "Can we please discuss this when we get to your apartment? And not in the middle of the complex?" He had a reputation to keep up. If anyone were to find out that he had just slept with Grell, and apparently upset him, at that, he'd lose the respect of quite a few of his subordinates.

That's right, they were in the middle of the apartment complex weren't they? Damn it all to hell. He personally could give two fucks if someone overheard them talking about the great sex they just had and their relationship, but obviously Will did.

"Forget it," he muttered before turning around and throwing his hands behind his head. Taking a few more strides, Grell paused and turned her head around. "Come on Will, before I shout out something more embarrassing to all the neighbors."

Well damn William, right? When exactly had he become the bad guy? And for what reason? That he didn't want to cause a public scene?

Taking a few long strides to catch up to Grell, William grabbed his forearm, probably tighter than he should've, and spun the other around to face him. If Grell wanted to make this a public issue, William could do that, and he could do it well.

"What the hell do you want me to do, then?" William asked through gritted teeth, eyes burning holes into Grell's. What was Grell's problem? He was fine a minute ago, and now it was like he was a completely different person.

There were so many things he could have said to Will. The one jackass in the world that could shut him up and put him in his place. He usually loved being treated rough, but this from Will after what just happened in the office hurt, and not in a very pleasant way.

"Why the hell did you do that in the office? You usually call me stupid or hit me. What made you so nice all of a sudden? Not that I didn't enjoy it, of course I did. I always wanted you of all people to lo-" Grell's face flushed as he suddenly realized just what he was saying.

Scowling out of frustration, the red head gently shoved Will's hand off of him and began to walk towards his house. Shoving his hands in his pockets, Grell stared at the ground and idly kicked at the pavement. "Well, are you coming? You wanted to talk, right?"

William's eyes narrowed as his hand was brushed off, completely ignoring everything Grell had said. Walking a few steps back from Grell, he followed toward the apartment. Oh, they would definitely have things to discuss. 'Discuss' being used very loosely - he was sure by the time he was finished with Grell, everyone in the surrounding area would know about their 'discussion'.

The 280s came in sight and William picked up his pace ever so slightly. He'd gone from affectionate, to nervous, to angry, to just plain fucking livid. And Grell would know that in about five minutes if he had his way, too. Striding up to 287, William stopped short of the door and looked at Grell, eyes cold as ice.

"Make yourself comfortable, because I'm not leaving until you lose that God damn attitude," he said, poison in his words. Why were things so different now than they were an hour ago?

With a challenging smirk, Grell stepped forward and unlocked his door. "Of course I'm going to get comfortable. It is my apartment after all, Will." With that, the red head opened his door and walked inside. He quickly slid out of his coat and hung it on the nearby coat rack.

Come to think of it, William had never been in his house had he? A light blush worked onto his cheeks at the realization, before remembering that this wasn't a pleasure visit. From the look Will game him outside, he was probably going to be yelled at. "Would you like anything?" Manners first, even if he was upset he still had to be the proper hostess.

"Precisely the attitude I'm talking about, Grell, and no, I would not," William replied, stepping inside and sparing a look around. For some reason, he had expected the place to be trashed. But, no. Not even a cup was laying out or papers strewn on the floor. At least William could give Grell that.

Spotting a couch, William walked over and sat at the far end, propping an elbow on the armrest. "Sit," he instructed, looking straight ahead. His heart was hammering. He'd never yelled at Grell over something so personal between the two of them before. Then again, there had never been something so personal between the two of them to yell about.

"Oh yes, please have a seat Mr. Spears," Grell mumbled before making his way into the kitchen. Work might have been one thing, but this was his home and there was no way he was going to be running around and obeying William's orders like a moron in his own home.

Now... what did he even want in the kitchen anyways? Grell glanced around the room before deciding he wanted some water. Grabbing a glass cup from one of his cabinets, Grell turned on the water faucet and filled his cup up. He idly sipped it, tapping his nails against his counter before deciding he left William out there long enough.

He set the glass in the sink and walked back out into the living room. Untying the laces on his boots and slipping them off, Grell flopped onto the couch and reclined against the opposite arm rest, his hands resting on his stomach. "So..."

Now that the time had come to talk to him, William didn't even know where to begin. Oh, there were so many things he wanted to say, and so many more things he would end up saying and more than likely regretting. But that didn't give him a clue as to where to start.

Turning his head to face Grell, William felt his throat constrict. "Just what the hell is your problem, Sutcliff? One moment, you're fine as can be, and the next you rebound at me like I'm the enemy. Now, if I did something, I'm terribly sorry, but that does not give you a reason to act so immature." He didn't like this. His voice was raising every word he said and he was on the verge of standing up and just walking out before he said something he regretted.

"I am not acting immature," Grell pouted as he crossed his arms, glaring at William. Since when had he acted immature outside? Sure he fooled around once he had gotten inside the house, but that was Will's fault!

"And just when in the bloody hell did I give you the impression that I thought you were loose? That I thought you slept with just anyone?"

Example one, you could say, of 'saying something he regretted'.

The pout was wiped off his face though at Will's next sentence. So... he knew he didn't sleep with just anyone? Did this man know just how special he was to Grell and just decided to fool around with his heart?

Sitting up, Grell quietly brought his legs to his chest. "So... you know, then?" he asked slowly as he continued to stare at the other man from behind his knees, his heart beating faster as he waited for Will to answer him.

Breathing heavily, William sat back against the couch, still reeling as he tried to process what Grell had asked him. Did he know what, exactly? Grell was giving him an expectant look, and William was expected to answer. But what was he answering to?

Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. The kisses, the clinging, the sex, the sudden mood swings. Of course William knew what he meant - he'd always known, in the back of his mind, that Grell had feelings for him. Did he feel the same, though? William had been intimately involved with only three people. Four, if you included Grell. And yet still, no matter how much William would like to deny it, none of them were as close as he and Grell were. Could he risk losing that friendship?

"Yes, Grell," he said, sighing as he tried to catch his breath. "I know."

Quite frankly, Grell had no idea how to feel about this. A part of him wanted to leap across the couch and strangle Will for toying with him for so many years. Then again, how long had Will exactly known about his feelings? Grell looked down at his lap, resting his forehead against the arms that wrapped around his knees.

"How long have you known, Will?" he whispered as he slid his eyes shut. He wouldn't let Will see him blush like this or let him see the humiliated look on his face. Grell just couldn't afford to show that side to anyone, especially a man who had probably toyed with him for so long.

Leaning his head back, William closed his eyes. He was normally so prepared for every type of situation. Why was this so different? Why was Grell so different?

"I think, in some sort, I've known since the Academy," William answered, head lazily turning toward Grell, eyes opening slightly. He knew sex with Grell would ruin the close relationship that they already had, so why did it hurt so much to see the other like that? And before he'd had time to think his question over too long, he'd answered himself already:

Because it's your fault.

"O-oh... That... that makes sense then." So William had known all along, and yet he still yelled and made Grell feel inferior for all those years. Why the hell did he sleep with him if he obviously didn't want the redhead's feelings? Or was he just an easy lay?

So many questions ran through the redhead's mind that he didn't notice the tears that began to run down his cheeks. "I-I'm sorry I forced myself on you today Will." His voice began to shake at the end of his sentence, pulling his legs closer to his body, trying to curl up.

Sure, Grell loved a bit of pain, but not this kind. Not this much.. He loved Will, and not only did he feel completely devastated that the other knew for all these year,; but for the first time in his existence, he felt so used and filthy.

Grell actually thought that he'd forced himself on William? They were both willing - surely Grell knew that, right? He knew that William wanted it. Aside from that, Grell was far too frail to force himself on anyone.

Hearing the redhead's voice crack, though, let William know that yes, Grell really did think that William didn't want this. Scooting off the couch and onto his knees in front of Grell, William placed a hand on Grell's knee.

"Grell," he said, squeezing the other's knee a bit in comfort. "Do you really think that I couldn't have just as easily thrown you off my lap and out of my office? That you actually forced yourself on me?" Feeling the soft vibrations of Grell's body, his crying killed him inside. To know that it was his fault made it that much worse.

Grell's eyes slowly opened as Will began to speak. So... he wanted this as well? Then why, after all these years, did he suddenly want Grell? This afternoon he certainly didn't want him.

Suddenly it all made sense. William said I think. He didn't say he obviously knew since the Academy. Lifting his head, Grell let his eyes travel from the hand on his knee to the upset look on the other man's face.

A weak smile soon formed on the shinigami's lips as he lifted up an arm to wipe away his tears. "I'm alright Will." he said reassured the other, shifting his body to sit side by side with the taller man. Leaning his head against the open shoulder beside him, Grell let his smile widen in content. "I'm sorry for worrying you."

William let out a breath of relief, resting his head on Grell's, arm encircling the other. "That's alright, Grell," he said, idly stroking his hand up and down Grell's arm. "You really need to go to sleep, though. I should probably be going home, as well."

Could William just leave Grell like that? Yes, it was late, and yes, they both needed to sleep, but it seemed so.. awful, he supposed was the word he was looking for, to leave Grell alone after he'd been crying. Why did everything concerning Grell confuse him? Including the most simplest of things, like whether or not to go home.

"Perhaps... no, that's too silly of an idea. Never mind." Grell tiredly shook his head back and forth as he shut his eyes. He was tired, but he didn't want to see the other man to leave just yet. They had work tomorrow and, knowing Will, he would definitely be in a bad mood if he wasn't well rested and prepared. Turning, the red head gave the other a quick peck on the cheek before leaning back onto the couch. "We have work tomorrow; I don't want you to be in a bad mood and take it out on the others."

Moving to sit back up on the couch beside Grell, William leaned forward a bit to try and look at the other's face. Did Grell want him to stay? It wasn't like he didn't want to. In fact, he didn't really think it was right at all to leave Grell alone like this.

"Grell," William said, after a moment of silence. "I can stay here for a while, if you want. At least, until you fall asleep." William was used to getting only a few hours of sleep a night, anyways. What harm could a few less hours do? "I'm quite sure the others already come to work expecting me to yell at them, anyway."

Grell's eyes snapped open in surprise at Will's words. Did he want to stay here, with him? The red head silently pulled away from the other man and stared at his face. "Yes... I would like that. Very much."

A small smirk came onto Grell's lips as he turned away. If the other shinigami wanted to stay, then he would let him. The redhead would make himself comfortable though. With a small yawn, Grell shuffled in his seat before laying across the couch, placing his head on the open lap in front of him. "If you didn't yell, most of the others would think you didn't have emotions."

Well then. Not only was William not leaving, his lap had been turned into a makeshift pillow. It wasn't that he minded, not at all. It was more or less the images of having Grell's head there earlier on in the night that bothered him.

Sifting his fingers absentmindedly through Grell's hair, William propped his other arm along the back of the couch. "They probably think the anger's all for show and that I really don't have any emotions," he said. "I could really care less, though."

A small chuckle escaped Grell's throat as William continued to speak. "They probably do, but what does it matter to you? They're just subordinates." His emerald eyes slowly shut once more as his breathing became soft and steady.

"I know you have emotions," Grell said, a small yawn soon following the sentence. Why was he so tired? Usually he was able to cook, read and tidy up after a long day of work before he inevitably passed out. Then again, today didn't turn out to be a normal day for him. "That's all that matters is that I know..."

William couldn't help the slight smile on his lips as he watched Grell drift off to sleep on his lap. After he was sure Grell was asleep, William lifted the other man's head slightly, only enough to slide out from under him and off the couch. As tempting as it was to stay a night, he needed to get home.

Moving as silently as he could, William opened the door and went outside, shutting it quietly behind him. What had just happened back there? Did he and Grell really make confessions like that? Thoughts reeled through his head as he started to make his way back to his own apartment. It was going to be a long, sleepless night.