A/N: Well, my brother was watching the third movie on T.V, and I walked by just as Harry was reaching for Hermione's wand. It looked really funny to me, so I wrote this little not-even-a-drabble about what Hermione was thinking at that moment in time. NON SLASH. In case you didn't get that, NON SLASH. I don't like Harry/Hermione stuff. I'm more of a (fanfiction only) Dramione or Ron/Hermione person, myself. Do Ron and Hermione have a couple name? They should. Dramione exists only in the fanfiction universe, and it has a couple name… Huh. Anyway,


I actually thought that he was trying to feel me up.

Not that I wanted him to. I was about to blast him to kingdom come with my wand, when it hit me: he was reaching for my wand, not- well, anything else. Also, it seemed to be rather an odd time to try anything like that, what with Professor Snape holding a wand to Sirius Black's throat. Throw in a suddenly sinister Professor Lupin, and it just seemed like an inappropriate time to do anything… Inappropriate. I decided to smack him on some pretext or another later, just to get him back for making me think that he was being nasty.

A/N: Oh my gosh. My Author's Note is almost longer than my story. Epic fail on my part. Ah, well… The muses, they come and go. Did you like it?