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Contains: Yaoi, some BDSM - though I'm not sure how much, and of course: ANBU!

As he walked down towards the bar district of Konoha, Naruto ran a hand through his hair and over the soft leather collar that was once again around his neck. His finger tips played with the silver bell attached to the ring in the middle. His hand moved south, gently touching the straps and buckles on his black top, and finally stroked over the gray, black, white camouflage pants with all the straps and pockets. The hand then returned to the collar, and he played some more with the bell. The sound were familiar to him by now, and calming.

He tried to figure out when he started going out like this, to find the one thing all his friends like Gaara, Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba and all the others could not give him: sex, the raw animalistic sex that his now 19 year old shinobi body craved for almost daily.

Sure, Kiba was really good in bed, that was a well known fact in the whole village. Naruto had to admit that he had liked the dog boy taking him in doggy, pounding into him like there was no tomorrow, but it was just not enough.

Naruto had won over Kiba in the chuunin exam, so even if it was Kiba pounding into him, Naruto had already become the stronger of the two. It was fun, but once he had done it with Kiba, he'd kept searching. It was the same with the all the other chuunins and jounins, they were not enough for him. He needed more.

Then he had found one thing that lately had become a bad and dangerous habit in his life:


Even if Naruto himself was now a jounin, he had no thoughts of becoming ANBU, but the shinobi in those ranks turned him on so badly. All he had to do was to look at one of those muscular bodies of theirs, and he was getting horny.

They were deadly, calm and secret. They were all so much stronger then Naruto, even though he was a jounin, and he loved it, he loved the difference in power. The feeling of being totally helpless in the hands of those men, he craved for it, but in the beginning he didn't even know it. It was in one of those nights, dancing in one of those clubs, that he found out.

It had been crowded in the club, the Broken kunai, that friday night. Naruto was dancing, twisting and turning his tan body in rhythm to the loud music, rubbing himself against the dancers around him. He had a smile on his face, with no missions for three days forward he had all his plans of getting laid, and multiple times would only be considered a bonus.

He could see Genma dancing not far away from him, and just by dancing up to the jounin, and then turning his back into Genma's front, Naruto was letting his intentions be well known. Genma raised a eyebrow at the invitation, but smirked and soon started rubbing himself against the smooth body in front of him, running his hands over a muscular stomach.

Naruto had to throw his head back and moan, even if the sound of it was drowned out by the music. Having Genma behind him like this made him feel good, damn good, and he pushed himself closer to Genma's groin. Their dance soon turned into nothing less then sex with clothes still on. They were rubbing, groping, kissing and moving perfectly against each other.

Genma was dancing to the music, feeling the blonde man rub against him, feeling excited about what might happen later this night if he were lucky. The whole club was watching them, moving together in grace the way only ninjas on the dance floor can do, their strong bodies twisting and turning. They were both hard, and they let their hardness rub against the other as they danced, their dance turning more and more erotic with every beat in the music, with every beat of their hearts.

The two of them left the bar almost one hour later, and once outside, Genma pushed Naruto up against a wall in the nearest alley, kissing the younger ninja hard. He if anyone knew that the blond liked things a little rough, it was not his first time with the younger man. Naruto responded nicely to him, wrapping his legs around the waist of the older shinobi, and rubbing his groin against Genma's stomach, their tongues battling each other, hands roaming, groping.

It took a few moments for Genma to figure that something was wrong, not with Naruto, but with something around them...As he used his chakra to check their surroundings, he felt a wave of respect, and fear, come over him as a few chackra flares stroked against his mind. How he had managed to miss this he did not know, but someone had been watching them, and now this someone was letting Genma know that he was not invited any longer. He slowly ended his heated kiss with Naruto, and removed the blonde ninja's leg from his waist and put the boy down on the ground. Naruto gave him a good, nasty glare for the trouble.

"Genma, what the hell are you doing?" Those gorgeous blue eyes glared at him, and Genma smiled a small and very faked smile.

"Sorry kiddo, another night...maybe." And with a poof, Genma was long gone, leaving a very confused Naruto behind.

"That was...wait, he... damn you...Genma..!" Naruto just couldn't understand it, why the fuck had Genma just left like that? Everything was going fine, they where having a great time, right?


He looked up, and across the alley stood a man with his arms crossed, looking straight at Naruto. He felt a shiver go down his spine at the sight of that white tiger mask, grey armor, and long black gloves under those silver metal shields. For a few moments, Naruto felt himself forgetting how to breath, and Genma was a memory no longer important.

This man was an ANBU, a strong, quiet and highly deadly ANBU. And he was looking at Naruto like if he was the tigers next meal, making Naruto freeze on the spot, trapped in the spell.

The white tiger was moving, and too soon, he was no more then a breath away from Naruto's mouth. Strong hands suddenly gripped his hips, hard but gentle at the same time, and Naruto's breath hitched, eyes never leaving the tiger mask.

"Do you want to play with me tonight, Uzumaki Naruto?" And he leaned in, whispering in Naruto's ear, while pushing his body into the fox. "I promise to be rough enough for you to enjoy me." And under his mask the tiger ANBU licked his lips when looking at the living candy shivering in his hands.

Hearing his own name coming out so erotic from this ANBU nin somehow broke the no-thinking spell, and Naruto purred in delight of the offering. He smirked, leaning into the chest of his soon-to-be playmate and whispered back: "I'll hold you to that."

The white tiger ANBU purred back, pleased to have found himself a new toy, and groped Naruto's but cheeks hard before teleporting them both away from the alley and into what would change Naruto's everyday life.


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