What a nice little story we have here...aaaaaand it's updated.

It had been a long day for Uzumaki Naruto. He had finished off several c-listed missions and one b-listed mission in the same day, and although he could probably do a lot more than that, he was starting to feel the strain in his body. He felt tense, but pleasingly exhausted, as he laid in his bathtub, soaking in the warm shower. He was lying on his back, not bothering with actually taking a bath just yet, just letting the water rinse him off and relax his muscles as it ran over him, steam rising in the small, dim lighted room. He had his left arm thrown over his eyes, to protect them from the spray of warm water, and slowly, but certainly, he could feel the tension drain from his system.

He let out a sigh, almost a moan, and licked his lips, removing a few drops of water from them.

It was at this point however that he realized that the amount of water hitting his body had decreased, and trying to find out why he removed his arm from his face, and came face to face with a white mask.

It wasn't the white tiger, as he first though, no...this man carried the mask of a wolf.

Naruto's heart skipped a beat, looking at the strong man above him. The man had his arms on either side of the bathtub, and his feet in it, almost as a push up position, the warm water flowing over his pale, strong arms and back. Even in the dim light, Naruto could see the gorgeous pale skin hue this man had, a sharp contrast to the ANBU marking on his arm, a matching color to the white wolf mask. The man reminded him a bit of Kakashi-sensei, except for the pitch black hair instead of the silvery hair of his teacher.

The man had made no move to touch Naruto, but the blonde could feel himself starting to harden under the inquisitive eyes of this strong predator. His arm reached out, almost on its own, and came in contact with the strong chest that hovered quietly above him.

They said nothing, and although it was an erotic moment, it wasn't aggressive, it was as if no demands had been put on Naruto. It was a spell he almost wanted to break, and at the same time, wanted to keep just as it was. He could feel the heartbeat of the man above him through his hand, it was a steady and strong heartbeat, and he couldn't help but to lick his lips once more, noticing the small shift in the mask before him, clearly following the movement of his tongue.

He pushed himself upwards with his other arm, slowly, until their chests were almost touching. He could feel and hear the breathing of his guest...steady, focused, deadly, focusing on him.

Panting ever so slightly, he leaned forward and kissed the exposed skin on the shoulder before him, just beside the swirling tattoo that marked this man as ANBU. He could hear just the tiniest change in the mans breathing, and while his hand started to explore the strong muscles before him, he kissed the tattoo, ever so gently, closing his eyes. The man above him still held his composure, coming across as calm, relaxed, and ever in control of the situation.

He pulled back a tiny bit, licking his lips again, noticing once more how the man focused on his lips. In a brave moment, he let his hand slip further down, and while he focused on that mask, trying to see the reaction, his hand ventured lower, and lower, until it was stroking a hard erection through the fabric of those sturdy ninja pants.

Naruto's breathing hitched as his hand closed around the shape of it, feeling his cheeks blush, picking up on the silent excitement of his partner.

For a few moments, he kept on stroking, feeling the cock of this mighty ANBU through the soaked, black, military pants, feeling the curve, the size, and the ever increasing hardness of it. He couldn't help but to wonder how long the man had been watching him laying here in the bathtub before making his move.

He let his hand trail back upwards, while pulling up his legs, bringing his face so close to that white mask that he could feel the eyes through the dark inside it, watching him, wanting him.

He let his lips kiss that white mask, gently, carefully, and then he kissed the fabric dressed neck before him, and then he thanked his ninja flexibility as he was able to get down on his belly, and shuffle in under the man, bringing him face to crotch. He rubbed his face against the hardness, licking on it through the fabric, and when hearing no protest, he opened the zipper, letting the hard erection inside pop free. He swallowed as he looked it over. It was big, long, and decently thick, and angry red. Naruto slowly started to stroke the hard meat in front of him, rubbing it over his lips, over his face, moaning softly at the taste, the smell, and the feel of cock. He noticed a tremble though the body above him, and it made himself shiver in response.

Wasting no more time, he took the man deep into his mouth, surprised so far with the ever lasting calm of his partner, compared to the demanding and impatient white tiger.

He started working his mouth up and down the length, sucking it, licking it as the water from the warm shower that trickled down over it, loving every moment of this slow, but increasingly sexual encounter.

It wasn't up until now that the other man shifted positions, bringing his hands down from the side of the tub, placing his weight on his knees temporarily and thus bringing Naruto further down as well with the shift of his lower body. As a response to this shift, Naruto's ass stuck straight out in the air, catching the attention from the ANBU above him. Rough hands grabbed his ass cheeks, and the man spread his legs just a little, before leaning forward, stroking his dick down into Naruto's mouth. When Naruto offered no protest to this, but rather sucked more and harder on his treat, the man started to thrust his hips, pushing himself down deep into that warm wet cavern. First the pace was slow, but it built up quickly.

It didn't take long before the man was pushing himself down hard into the blonde, occasionally gagging him, but not breaking up his pace. He was getting close. His legs were shivering, toes were curling, and a long whine rose though his throat. His thrusting picked up just a little bit more, before becoming erratic, and he knew there was no return. His hands released the gorgeous ass presented to him, and found their way down to the head giving him so much pleasure. But instead of pulling the blonde off, they grabbed his hair roughly on each side, and forced the blonde to take him even deeper. In the very last minutes of the rut, he turned rough, forceful, and uncaring for his partner, gagging the blonde with almost every thrust, and refusing to let up the pace.

So close, so close, he could feel the tingle spreading up through his spine, like a slow, electrical storm rising within. The sexy blonde under him started to struggle, just a tiny bit, being denied oxygen from the hard face fucking he was getting, on the verge of puking from the constant gagging, and it was the last thing the man needed. He pushed himself as deep as he could down into that throat, pushed the blonde down into his pubes, his cock filling the young mans throat. After a few more deep thrusts, held the blonde still there, at the base of his cock, and exploded into the warmth surrounding him. His hips jerked forcefully a few times as his cum filled up the blondes throat and forced its way down into his stomach. He could hear the blonde making choking noises, and it made him cum just a little bit more, and then he pulled that blonde head back, just enough to let the boy have some air.

He let Naruto have a few deep breaths, and then pushed back down into his throat, moaning as his sensitive cock was swallowed once again without resistance. He kept this routine up for a few minutes, gradually slowing and calming down, then just holding the blondes head close to his crotch, his spent cock resting beside that delicious mouth, both of the men panting heavily after the rut.

Naruto could feel the man beginning to calm down, and he swallowed, feeling his sore throat, and his aching jaws. He was a bit in awe, but still very much aroused. He had not come, and his dick was still rock hard. Although the experience had been somewhat scary at some points, it had been exciting, feeling the raw dominance and pure need of this deadly ninja face fucking him like the mans life depended on it and then filling his stomach with the massive load that the man had dumped into him.

Naruto had never been face fucked like that ever before, and he wasn't sure if he should or shouldn't be concerned over how much he had enjoyed it.

His mind drifting on various questions, his lips started, as if on their own, to caress and clean that gorgeous cock that was resting beside his face. He licked the cum and saliva of, but when he licked the angry red, almost purple cock head, the ANBU above him groaned, and tensed his grip on Naruto's hair. The blonde stilled his action, but the moment after, Wolf, as Naruto had decided to call him, rubbed his cock head over Naruto's lips, back and forth. Naruto stuck out his tongue, lapping at the cock that was sliding back and forth gently.

Naruto realized that the man was becoming erect again, and he reached backwards under himself, stroking his own cock, and then let his fingers stroke his entrance. He stroked himself with the same movement as the man was sliding his cock back and forth, and the wolf masked ANBU did not miss out on this action. Naruto heard some kind of noise, the man shifting somewhat, and then soaped, glove covered fingers joined his, stroking his entrance, and Naruto let out a long moan. He started to gasp and shiver as those fingers started to press into him, one at first, stroking his insides, soon to be joined by another, fucking him, stretching him. As the two fingers were stretching him roughly, he brought down his hand to grab the mans erection, guiding it back into his mouth, sucking it and stroking it.

He could hear a loud hiss, and the fingers paused for a moment as the man tensed, then in the next moment they were joined by a third finger, making Naruto moan around the now completely hard cock in his mouth. Oh, he knew were this were going, and he was loving every moment of it.

They kept up the mutual teasing for a few more minutes, before the man, without much warning, pulled Naruto of his cock, and more or less threw the blonde around, the gorgeous naked man obeying him, looking back over his shoulder with those flustered cheeks and wet, blonde hair, the remains of cum still in his face. With one more groan, the man stroked some soap around his rod, watching as Naruto's eyes were glued to his stroking, watching with the same urge as he felt himself. Deciding that enough was enough, he placed himself against that puckered little ring, grabbed those gorgeous hips, and pushed forward, feeling the intense heat starting to pull him in.

Naruto threw his head back and gasped as he felt the man starting to enter him. He pushed back, eager to get the man all inside, to be able to feel that powerful body lined up with his own. Every inch of that cock felt like so much more, and when the man was finally all inside, Naruto realized that this may not be the thickest of cocks he had ever encountered, but it was without a doubt the longest cock he had ever had inside of him, and it was so hard, and so needy right now, taking him, fucking him.

The first thrust hit dead center on his prostate, making his eyes roll backwards, the second one repeated it, and the third, and the forth...and by now Naruto started to realize...that this would be one long night for him. The man quickly picked up the pace, and just like he had done to Naruto's face, he was soon fucking that ass the hardest he could, pressing in hard, fast, and without mercy. The difference this time was that he had already came once, and had no need to come for a much longer time this time around. It didn't take long before Naruto was almost crying from pleasure, as his prostate was hit with pretty much every stroke, and he was taking it all.

The male ANBU was pushing him head down into the tub, forcing himself deeper and harder with every thrust, leaning forward, the sound of the fucking echoing inside the small room, and the sound of Naruto's wailing, moaning and sobbing was music to his ears. By now the wolf was gasping with every thrust, feeling his peak closing in once again. He let his hand sneak down in under the blonde under him, grabbing hold of the rock hard cock he found there, and growled;

"Come for me...Uzumaki Naruto."

And with a scream, Naruto came into the hand, clutching down hard around the cock assaulting him, bringing out a long moan from the man as his thrusts grew erratic. He kept stroking Naruto's cock, and the blonde cried out as he came again so soon after the first time, and more cum was forced from his body. It made him clench down once again around the cock invading him, this time bringing the other man over the edge, and with three final hard slaps of his hips, grinding himself into that lithe body, the man came, filling the blonde with his cum to the sound of his snarl.

Naruto could feel his entire body pulse and the waves of pleasure felt so strong he wasn't entirely sure if he would survive them at all. No matter how deep breaths he took, it was like he couldn't get any oxygen down into his lungs, but he was happy, oh was he happy.

After all, when you are addicted to something, you are always happy to get a 'dose' of it, right?

Between the panting and gasping, he could hear a raspy voice whisper in his ear;

"We're not done yet, Uzumaki..." And with a shiver that blew across his entire being, Naruto knew that yes, this would be one long night, and he could only pray that he'd survive it all.

There...happy anyone? ;D TBC.