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Author's Note:

Invader Zim is -c- Jhonen Vasquez! Only the events of this story, characters specific to the story, and character tweaking (heh) are mine. :3


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Zim's Records

The weeks that followed Lard Nar's death were a mix of joy and sadness. That was before the end, you see.

One thing was for sure: Dib having a girlfriend was probably the best thing that could have happened to the whole damn Corporation. He eased up on everyone's schedules, he kept a more level head. I'd be on dinner rotation with him and he wouldn't glare at me or try to bite my head off every time I attempted to say something. In a word, the guy had become friendly. Which was weird. Dib was a lot of things (annoying, a smart-ass, over-motivated, stubborn... annoying), but friendly wasn't one anybody was used to.

It had happened though, and at just the damn right time, too. Because he was starting to seem so much more relaxed, I thought several times about talking to him. Telling him about the Mandylion, about what I needed to do to earn a soul, that I was becoming more and more certain that Tak's stalling probably had to do with the fact that this time she wanted full-out psychological warfare. I thought about it, yes... but I said nothing. I held it in, because Dib being nice was too much of a good thing to fuck up by saying, oh, hey, so my PAK is still alive and it's making me black out sometimes. That would not have been the best move on my part.

So I kept it in. Yes, that was also a pretty bad idea, but if the Tallest wouldn't talk to me there wasn't much else I could do. They were being worse than secretive. Those two were helping, selectively, and had estimated possible dates for Tak's inevitable attack on us, but even their work on that seemed like an excuse to occupy time, to keep something vital hidden from me. I had to put up with their silence, and deal with the voice in my head on my own.

At times, I wouldn't be able to tell if it was a thought from my own mind, or a whispered suggestion from my PAK. It usually came in the evening, which was good, since it didn't interfere with my daily schedule much, but it meant having a lot of restless nights. We passed Christmas and into the New Year uneventfully, which bothered me somewhat. The longer I was left alone to wonder, the worse I'd feel about just what my healing PAK could be capable of, and just what Tak would be capable of because of it.

I thought back to our brief 'partnership,' back on the Massive. She'd been planning something she hadn't told me the details about for such a long time, and even hinted at my past. "Remember it all or forget everything," she had said to me. "I'm just helping you make the right choice."

So had she known? Had she known that allowing me an extended time in a human body would eventually lead to the rekindling of memories I'd long since erased? I had a feeling that everything came down to that incident with Miyuki, and that everyone had known that all along but me.

It was horrible that no one would listen to me when I wanted to talk about my worries concerning my PAK. Well, of the only ones who could: Tenn or the Tallest. I thought about going to Tenn, who had witnessed the worst of my blackouts (since it was hardly a blackout at all, so much as a mind shift), but she didn't want to talk. Purple always apologized that he couldn't say anything, and left before our conversations could continue. Red downright told me no, and on one occasion, went as far as to say, "I have bigger things to be thinking about."

"Right, like Tak?" I wondered. "Then, please, my Tallest, I'll gladly join a conversation on—"

"Zim, you really don't know what you're prying into," Red snapped.

"Then tell me something so I will!" I shouted back.

"No," he repeated firmly, glaring at me while putting the four-inch height advantage he had over me to damn good use in his stance. "I'm not ready to talk about that. Not with you or anyone."

Right. The only person he really did talk freely with was his partner, who I would catch sometimes not even listening. Purple seemed to be off in his own world more and more, and he was projecting an air of melancholy that didn't seem to fit with what I'd always assumed to be his character. The long silences, the constant apologies for things he wouldn't talk about.

But he did talk to me one evening in January. Briefly, but we spoke. I was alone in the kitchen while I waited for Gaz to show up so that we could start making dinner, when Purple arrived surreptitiously and put the kettle on for tea. He seemed to be in a daze. Christmas (what little was celebrated of it at the complex that year) had downright confused Red, but seemed to have depressed Purple somewhat. I never got his full story on that, but now that we were well into winter, I wondered if he'd shed any light on exactly how he felt about being on Earth.

I remembered him protesting Tak's plan, initially. He'd protested, but Red had heard her out. Their dynamic could not have been more... confusing.

"Oh," he said, looking up at me after we'd both been in the kitchen a good two minutes, "hi. I didn't see you."

Right, I almost said, I'm six feet tall and wearing a red sweatshirt, and you didn't see me.

"That's fine," I said instead. "What are you doing?"

"Making tea," he muttered, leaning back against the counter near the stove. He kept his head bent so that he couldn't look at me; his low ponytail shifted down over one shoulder and caught on the collar of the long-sleeved shirt he wore, which seemed slightly too big for him.

"Gotten a taste for it?" I guessed, nearly laughing.

"It calms me down," was his humorless response.

He glanced up at me a little, his eyes less sharp and cutting behind the curtain of his bangs, primarily that longer purple segment, which he then tucked back behind his right ear before he turned around to rummage through the tea box Lex and her father had organized.

"Um..." I began, stopping myself at the last second from saying 'sir,' "out of curiosity, is being here on Earth taking any kind of a toll on you and Red? I mean, I want to be human and it's getting to me, so..."

"Red's more of a jerk than ever," Purple came back at me with, selecting a tea bag before standing on his toes to grab a mug from the cupboard above him. He shook his head, turned slowly to face me, and said, "Zim, there's so much we need to tell you, but Red's the one with final say."

"That doesn't make any sense," I tried. At that point, Gaz walked in from outside, gave me a slight wave, and started removing her boots and coat. Purple glanced over at her when she was no longer looking in our direction, and I was a little disturbed by how long he held his gaze there before turning back to pour the now-boiling water into his mug. "Purple," I prompted, which got him to set the kettle down again with a bit of a slam, "if you and Red share power, why isn't there anything you alone can—"

"Red and I share nothing," he hissed out. Before claiming his tea, he took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly while pushing his hands down to his sides for added stress relief. He then picked up the mug, attempted to smile at me, and left the kitchen area saying, "Nothing like that, anyway. The only things I share with that uptight idiot are volumes of hardly mutual agreements and an unjust understanding. To hope for power would be to hope for wings. It simply can't happen."

When he crossed into the next hall, I heard Gaz say, just to make conversation, "Hi."

"Hello, Gaz," Purple said in return. "Is it very cold outside?"

"Cold, yeah," Gaz shrugged, sliding off the wool socks she'd been wearing in her boots over her tights (as, yes, she still wore skirts in the winter; I couldn't really imagine her caving to wear pants much outside of her pajama pair), "but it's not really snowing yet." Purple did not respond... just took a sip of tea and kept his eyes on her for a lingering moment. What the hell? "What kind of tea is that?" Gaz wondered, throwing on a black sweater she had hanging in the hallway.

Purple wrapped his hands around the warm mug, paused for a second before answering, then finally said, "Who knows? It's tea." And with that, he withdrew to the room he shared with the declared 'uptight idiot.'

Gaz shrugged him off and joined me in the kitchen with a, "Hey... sorry I'm kinda late."

"That's fine," I said, hearing my words come out a little strained.

"What's with you?" she wondered.

"Nothing." Gaz, who had, in the past few months, grown about an inch and a half, looked up at me with concern before turning away to leaf through the book of recipes open on the connecting counter. For clarification, I ventured to ask, "Do you and Purple talk a lot?"

"Huh? Not really," she told me. "I mean, I'm there with Dib when the Tallest talk about Tak and the Massive and stuff, and I feel like I know him better than Red, but that's about it."

"You know him, huh?"

"I don't know, that's just the feeling I get! What?"


Feeling, all of a sudden, overly protective, I walked over to her, leaned against the counter beside her and, without asking, wrapped my left arm around her waist. "Sorry," I felt it necessary to say.

"For what?"

"I don't know," I sighed. "Never mind. Or... well... sorry if I've seemed checked out at all lately."

Gaz turned to look directly at me, her face so close to mine, and said, "You have seemed kinda... off. I've been hoping you're okay."

"You have?" I wondered, trying not to grin too broadly at hearing her concern.

"Yeah," she said. "I get kinda worried about you."

"Well," I said, "I appreciate that."

Little else happened that evening, but there was so much more I was suddenly looking out for. Purple's comments and actions made me feel almost sorry for him, without quite knowing why, but at the same time, why the hell did he seem to want to talk to Gaz so badly? I felt such a need to protect her. From anything. Competition, for one. Tak, another. Maybe even myself if it boiled down to that. All I knew was that her birthday was approaching faster than I thought it would, which was a good thing, since I knew I wouldn't be in the dark about whatever was keeping her silent for much longer. But other truths were sure to hit first.

And they did.

– – –

Through all of the continuing confusion (and upheld lies), there was still some time to relax, however. It was too cold to do much outdoor training, and eventually the snow set in. It would come to days when Dib even had the generosity to give people time off, since so little work could be done in the snow... especially on one particular day, when we lost power.

It happened during breakfast, as I recall... in February. Near Valentine's Day, which I only knew because Lex had marked the calendar with a note saying, Dib, if you forget, you're getting a real arrow through the heart. Breakfast was nothing spectacular, I for one was eating granola, but I almost choked on it when, all of a sudden, my robot burst into the room.

GIR was running around screaming when the lights went out, bellowing something resembling, "All the fridge is gonna die!" and other such nonsense as he streaked through the halls.

"What just happened?" Gaz wondered.

"Probably just a power surge," said Dib. "No big deal. I'll go kick up the generator in a few minutes." GIR rushed through the room again, and Dib added, "Zim, if you don't mind, I might use GIR to supply extra energy."

"He's got plenty," I waved it off. "Go for it, if you're being serious."

And, drumroll: "Thanks."

Yeah, it got to the point where he was thanking me for things.

The rest of the power outage day was spent mostly in the dark. Dib went around letting others know what had happened, but was in no rush to start up the generator. Which I had to thank him for, because the day was a gift. Lex and her father lit up a fondue pot over a small gas grill that Charlotte had had in storage, and hot cocoa was made. Gaz sat curled up close to me on the sofa when the cocoa was passed out, and we silently kept each other warm.

The only one who really suffered during the power outage was Red, who complained the whole time (or, at least, after the laptop he'd been allowed to use ran out of battery). "How the fuck can anything survive without some damn electricity?" he shouted at one point. The rest of us ignored him, and were just able to enjoy it.

Purple, the expert on ignoring Red, spent most of the day on the recliner, reading with the help of a battery-powered lantern, getting up only to make more tea. He didn't speak to anyone, just kept on reading, once again trapped in his own world. He came up with an Empire-related excuse to leave when Professor Haynsworth was also in the room, but otherwise just sat there alone, not bothering any of us if we didn't bother him. I never found out what he was reading, but it seemed to interest him a great deal.

Power came back on around nine at night, and to celebrate, Gaz and Lex left dinner for the music room, one of the few places on complex grounds that I hadn't really been in or even thought about yet. "What're they doing?" I asked Dib, who just laughed when the two of them left.

Grinning, he asked, "Have you ever heard them play?"

"Play what?" I wondered.

"You know, Gaz plays the guitar, and Lex plays violin." He sighed and leaned forward onto the counter as he started rambling, "She can play a couple things on the piano, too... there's this one piece she's getting pretty good at, but I like her violin more..."

"Must be nice having a girlfriend, huh?" I muttered. Also in attendance at dinner at that point were Nacea and Tenn. Tenn didn't react at all, but Nacea tensed somewhat. She hadn't shown any other signs of feeling put off by Dib starting something up with Lex, but I figured she might've felt something.

"Yeah," Dib answered, sounding like he forgot who he was talking to. He and Nacea did, then, exchange a brief look of understanding, before he finally snapped back to the conversation with me and said, "Well, wait, ugh, I can't believe I'm asking this, but... Gaz isn't..?"

I shook my head. "I mean, not... she won't say we are, or aren't," I said.

"Oh." After a beat, his expression changed to one I was more used to seeing on him... that cautious look he'd always get. "Oh... yeah, and I think I know why. Well," he transitioned quickly, pushing back from the counter, "come on. I'm gonna go listen to them play. Anyone else can come too."

I followed, and that evening's impromptu concert was just us four. Honestly, it was kind of nice. No worries, no stress... I'd gone a few days with no PAK interruptions, which was fantastic. And the music really was wonderful. Gaz had become quite talented with her guitar, and to be honest, I focused mainly on her part, more than how well she was harmonizing with her roommate. They played together for a good half hour, creating a sound the likes of which I'd never even hoped to hear anywhere in the Empire. Gaz's rare passion in her guitar was enviable, and inspiring.

I had to hope that, someday soon, there would be no more secrets between us.

– – –

The pauses for music continued. It was a good winter distraction, and got us past the worst of the snow. Red would complain, but Red complained about everything. Purple tried not to have an opinion. The day he finally did let on to something, though...

...Everything changed.

When I went in to listen to both Gaz and Lex one afternoon in early March, it became something of a showcase. Gaz had been the one to call me back there so that I could give her my opinion on a song she'd learned on the guitar, which Lex backed her up on with her violin. Dib was obviously there as well, but nothing really felt strained between us. I was still getting used to that; it was weird. It was weird, and I knew it wouldn't last, but it was one of those things that was hard to settle into even as it was happening.

I'd been able to listen to those two a lot, but I hadn't heard Gaz sing, really, since the Incident, so when she began, it was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard; it took my mind away from everything that was bothering me. Her thin white fingers danced nimbly over the strings, and her voice melded with the words which echoed through the room:

"And if I had my way, I'd make the clock rewind. I'd live again that moment though I know I'll never find the future that I missed, a parallel line, where the world would be so bright that it could make us all go blind. And if I had my day, there's so much I'd reclaim. The sanctity of motion, the never-ending rain. The cardinal directions all pointing to the past, where realities converge, and for a moment, we're the same..."

When that song had reached completion, Gaz handed things over to her roommate, who needed to work on a piece that she was particularly struggling with. As Lex shuffled through her sheet music, Gaz continued plucking her strings, and I watched each intricate movement. I'd never thought much about music before hearing Gaz play her guitar. She really did inspire me with nearly every move she made. I wanted to be human because of this girl. She made everything about that existence seem alluring. And with everything she did, I was drawn in further and further. I only hoped I really had that goal within my reach.

Lex hit a sour note on her violin and began to worry; her father, who wandered into the room at that point, quickly and kindly walked up and claimed her violin, demonstrated a fingering for her, and deftly played out the very chord she'd been struggling with. After Lex had thanked him and reclaimed her instrument, Dib laughed and asked, "Professor, is there anything you can't do?"

"There's plenty," he answered, sitting beside him, "you've simply never noticed." He paused, to hear his daughter's next attempt at the chord—which sounded a little better—before he added, "You can call me 'Victor,' you know."

Dib looked a little shocked and nervous, and said a, "Thank you," I could barely hear.

I watched as Gaz looked over at them, Dib and the Professor, and as she made the decision to sit out and let her roommate play. She sat down beside me—we were all in small wooden chairs that had been scattered around the room before arranging them in some semblance of order—and set down her guitar. "Why'd you stop?" I wondered.

Gaz shrugged. "I know what she's trying to play," she told me. "It's some big concerto or whatever it's called and there's no guitar part, and I haven't faked one yet. Plus, I don't really like playing classical."

"I liked hearing you sing again," I told her. "You're really good."

"Thanks," she said quietly, looking down at her hands, where they were folded in her lap.

Cautiously, I set a hand over hers, and snuck her a small kiss on the cheek. For a good long while, I sat there contemplating everything I wanted to say to her. How much I had to keep hidden. How much I was hiding, unknowingly, from myself. What would hurt her; how I could say things in a way that would allow her to continue trusting me.

All thoughts were interrupted, however, when a presence became known at the door. The girls had left the door open that particular afternoon, and others had stopped in frequently. Bloodrose and Charlotte, at one point... even Nacea had lingered for a while before leaving as silently as she had come. But this was unexpected.

So unexpected, Lex stopped playing. She stopped abruptly and stared at the open door, her eyes full of shock and confusion. When her father stood, so did we all, but nobody looked quite as agitated as the Professor. Agitated, concerned—hopeful and doubtful all at once. Humans really were a complex web of emotions. I couldn't keep up.

And I couldn't understand why Tallest Purple was standing in the doorway. Leaning, rather... or, had been. He'd been leaning on the right-hand side of the doorframe, most of his weight on that shoulder, and listening intently. Once we were all on our feet, however, he corrected his stance. Then, as if nothing else mattered, Purple showed a light, kind smile that did not match his sharp Irken eyes in the least.

"Don't stop playing on my account," he urged. "Brahms... right?"

Unintentionally, I drew in a startled breath. Dib and Gaz gazed at him in bewilderment, and I could barely even understand the way Lex and her father were staring; Purple merely blinked, not having seen anything wrong with his statement.

"You were playing Brahms, weren't you?" he asked Lex. "Violin Concerto in D?"

A little alarmed, she replied, "Well... y-yes, but..."

At that moment, Purple's eyes widened; he looked as though he knew now that he'd said something wrong, and took a step back.

"Purple..." Gaz began, "how did you know who the composer was..?"

Purple froze, then shook his head and backed away. "I-I..." he began, "I said nothing! Forget I said anything, it's my mistake! I really meant nothing!"

"Hold on a second!" I shouted after him as he began to leave the room. "Hey, Purple!"

"Wait, Zim!" Gaz tried as I began to follow the Tallest.

Not wanting to, I ignored her, and angrily chased my mysterious leader. I knew that he was hiding something, if not several things. The look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, the way he would constantly try to change the topic if anything ever got too deep, even the way Red seemed to be covering for him... all were pieces of evidence proving that Tallest Purple was not who he always said he was.

"Purple!" I shouted again as I caught up to him. "Just talk to me, dammit!"

"NO!" he shouted back. "I've already said way too much!"

Finally, I was neck in neck with him, and I grabbed him by the arm just before he could reach the front door of the main building. "Answer me, sir, I need to know—" I began.

"Don't call me that!" he practically screamed, stopping and whipping around to face me. There were tears in his eyes, narrowed and angry though they were. "How many times have I told you not to call me that?"

"All right, I'm sorry," I tried, "but—"

"Let go of my arm, Zim," he growled.



I did as he asked, completely shocked and confused by this point, and said, "Sorry, Purple, I—"

Full of rage that he could no longer control, he grabbed me by the front of my shirt and yanked me down so that I was at eye level with him. "I'm sick of that, too!" he barked. "I'm so sick of it, sick of it, so DAMNED SICK OF IT!" He shoved me back, opened wide his arms, and cried out, "Strike me down, go for it, but my name isn't Purple! I'm so done with that, I'm done with hearing it, I'm done with all these stupid, ridiculous LIES!"

He then let out a long shout and grabbed at his hair, digging his thin fingers in; I heard him choke, saw him attempt to brush off a couple of tears. My heart skipped a beat and I stumbled back a little. I knew it. I was right. There was something different about Purple. Something that nobody was ever meant to find out.

Something that explained why he could cry.

"That's not my name," he went on. "That's not my name and I don't care who knows, I don't care what happens to me, but I'm done, I'm done!"

"I..." I began, no longer knowing how to address him. "I'm... sorry, but... I don't... Purple, if..."

The who are you? question didn't even have to come out. He just kept on going.

Dropping his hands, he glared up at me, and hollered, "My name isn't Purple, it's Ira! You hear me? My name is IRA!"

And with that, consumed with a flurry of emotions no normal Irken could ever hope to comprehend, he stormed the rest of the way down the hall and out the front door.

My mind snapped back to that evening by the fire, when the Tallest and I had been traveling, when Red, trying to calm his partner down, had begun a thought with, "I..."


It fit within Irken name stipulations, but didn't sound like a Brain-produced name. Plus, why would a Tallest have to change his name? Red hadn't... Miyuki hadn't... so this called up several questions. So many concerns.

And, just my luck, who should throw open his door at that point but the Tallest himself. He stepped strongly out into the hallway, but when I turned to address him, Red's sharp eyes widened beneath his heavy eyelids, and the first words out of his mouth were, "Oh, shit..."

"Red!" I shouted at him as he tried to leave. "What the hell is going on?"

"What did you hear?" he snarled at me, turning back to face me with an awful glare.

"The truth, for once!" I hollered. "Would you mind explaining what the fuck you've been covering up, Red? Is that your real name? Or—"

"Of course it is, why wouldn't it be?" he snapped.

"Well, because apparently, your partner is insisting that his name isn't 'Purple,' but Ira!" I told him, holding my ground even as Red advanced, once again using every bit of his height against me. I wasn't going to let it bother me. I wasn't going to let Red lie himself out of this one. There was no way he could. "And for a while, now, he's been showing a hell of a lot of interest in this planet," I went on, recalling even the conversations I'd had with him on the Massive. "As much as I do, or more. So what happened to him? What's going on? I know you've been lying to me for a really long time, so tell me this one thing, Red!"

"Dammit, Zim, what did I say about getting into things that don't concern you?" Red barked at me. "Leave well enough alone!"

"Didn't you just hear me?" I spat back at him, disregarding any and all authority he still had over me. "My current 'past' was all a big lie, and I know it! And I know 'Purple' has something to do with why you felt it so necessary to cover up so many things! Red, who is he? What's so damn important that you have to lie about everything?"

"Zim, please, I'm only doing this to protect you!" Red shouted.

"Protect me, nothing!" I hissed back. "Why?"

All of a sudden, Red's expression changed. His authority was being challenged, and nothing he could shout at me was shutting me up. His collected, regal air remained, but the large part of him that just enjoyed a good argument gave way to a more rational side that his subjects rarely (or never) saw.

"You..." he sighed, "you asked me to protect you..."

Then why the lies? Was this something I'd asked him before I erased my memories? Protect me from what? From whom? Myself? I felt a stab in my back, and my right arm flared up as I became filled with the sudden want to know who I was, even if it would hurt me... even if it would change my outlook on everything I'd chosen to fight for, I had to know. And I knew that I would be one step closer if I found out the truth about those around me. The mysteries surrounding the supposed Tallest would help me learn who I was, if not even remember every detail of those clouded years. Oh, the goal was still to be human, no doubt about that. But I had the feeling that what the Mandylion had kept asking of me was to overcome everything. I was being tested. Challenged. So, damn it all, I had to challenge everything I'd ever thought to be true.

Starting with someone named Ira.

"Red..." I began as strongly as I could, "tell me everything. Everything you know about your partner; everything I might have known in years past. He isn't hiding much anymore, and I have the right to know. You led me to believe that I knew you both in the time I no longer remember... and now I want to know the truth."

The Tallest fought himself for a moment, but when I remained unmoving, when I stared him down and demanded answers, he finally, finally caved. "All right," he growled, "listen up. I'm only going to say this once."

"I'm listening."

"My 'partner' hates being referred to as 'Purple,'" Red told me, "he hates being the Tallest. He has, for several years now. The truth is, I ruled alone for years before he stepped into that position."

"You what?" I yelped.

"Think about it, Zim! There's only ever been one Tallest at a time," Red snapped. "You know what used to happen to other tall Irkens? They became Elite Commanders. But if they got any taller, the Brains would kill 'em!"

"That's so stupid!" I shouted. "Then why is Purple ruling along with you? How's that even possible?"

"It was entirely accidental." Red stared past me, toward the front door, through which Ira had disappeared moments ago. Ever since coming to Earth, Red had acted oddly around his partner, and ever since my interim on the Massive, Purple... well... Ira... had been craftily extracting information from me, and even goading me on. He had always been supportive of my want to be human. So maybe...

...But, no... no, that was impossible. That was impossible…

"An accident..?" I repeated, finding that I suddenly needed to catch my breath.

Red nodded stiffly and folded his arms. "In fact," he said, "it's his punishment."

"Punishment?" I repeated.

"He was judged," Red explained, still in a stern, commanding tone; he'd throw around his power no matter what. "At my command. The Control Brains decreed that being forced into the role of Irken Tallest was a just sentence for him, so with the Elite disbanded, the rules were bent, and Ira was dealt his punishment."

"Punishment for what?" I wondered.

"For learning about the Empire."


"Zim," Red continued slowly, his eyes glistening. "Tallest Purple... used to be human."

– – –

To Be Continued


Part Three:


– – –

– – –

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