Title: Overthinking It
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Warnings/ Spoilers:
8x20, 8x24.
Ziva/Ray hints of Gibbs/Shannon
Summary: Gibbs thinks Ziva is overthinking her relationship with Ray. Part I tag for 8x20, Part II tag for 8x24.

Overthinking It

Part I

Gibbs walked into the elevator with a cup of coffee in his hands, it was nearly empty and Gibbs had hoped to savour the last of it before getting some more. Then Ziva rushed into the elevator. She looked flustered. Gibbs let a tiny wave of concern rush over him.

"Ziver," he said.

"Gibbs," she replied as she pulled the emergency switch. Gibbs looked at her with both suspicion and concern.

She had come to talk. Gibbs had no idea, what she had come to talk about.

"What?" she took a deep breath, she was in an unfamiliar territory, and she had never asked Eli about his opinions on her sexual partners and Ray was much more than that, he was her boyfriend as juvenile as that sounded it made him different from Michael and all the others before him. Ziva and Eli's relationship had not been one of closeness, Eli did not care whom Ziva was sleeping with as long as she protected herself. Gibbs on the other hand would care; he would not want to see her hurt like she was with Michael. "What do you think of Ray?"

Gibbs stopped. He had not spent enough time with Ray to form an opinion beyond a gut feeling. His gut was uneasy. The man obviously had no intention of hurting Ziva, but he also had something else going on. There was no way Gibbs could fully trust the man. An agenda something Gibbs couldn't quite but his finger on. Gibbs, had tried to write off his gut as being concerned for someone who had become like a daughter too him, he had tried to think that it was because he knew some of what Ziva had gone through in Somalia.

"He makes you happy, that's good," Gibbs finally said. He did not want to tell her about his gut because it was not a solid feeling, and she had been through enough though if Ray did hurt her, he would be the first to make him pay. Gibbs did not query why Ziva had asked him, he knew she was looking for approval. Being in a serious honest relationship was new for her and she needed to know she was doing it right.

Ziva remained silent. She fiddled with her earlobe, a recent habit she had acquired in times of stress. That was not the answer she was looking for; she was hoping he would say something along the lines of he's good go for it. She was hoping for words along those lines, so that she could stop the doubts that kept popping up in her head. Doubts about her and Ray. Doubts about the longevity of their relationship. They had been fine for those two perfect weeks in Miami, had a great time that Christmas, and a lovely time during that long weekend only three weeks after their private Christmas celebration, but now Ray had met the team. It was all getting so real. So serious. Yet, Ziva still was not one hundred per cent sure she could trust Ray. Her ninja senses as Tony called them were tingling.

Her phone vibrated. It was a text from Ray.

I'm back.

Ziva closed the message without sending a reply. She pulled the emergency switch. Gibbs caught her hand, not in a scolding way, but as a way of affection. He rubbed it, which seemed to sooth her.

"Stop overthinking it," he told her. "Just be happy." Ziva nodded and smiled. Stop overthinking it, she told herself as the elevator reached its intended destination.

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