A Snake's Savior

Chapter 1: First Date

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Anko was having a bad day. More so than her normal bad days. Why you may ask? The Fourth Shinobi War had just ended. Naruto Namikaze managed to defeat Madara and even saved her from Kabuto. She wasn't mad at the blonde no far from it. She actually admired him for proving the village wrong. That was her problem. Back before she was captured by Kabuto and before Pein's assault on the village both she and Naruto were the Village Pariahs. Everyone hated them. More so Naruto than her. But now that he had become a Hero throughout the Elemental Nations everyone praised him. He was even going to become Hokage in two years when Tsunade retired. So he was now like royalty. And the village set their hate out on her now. No before her and Naruto shared the hate. But now it was just her. It seemed that no matter what the snake bastard would always make her life miserable.

Currently she was walking to the Dango shop. She was so depressed that she didn't even notice that she was just about to run into someone. When she turned the corner… Wham! She came out of her depressed state to see she was falling. But she never hit the ground.

"Hey watch it Asshole!" – Anko

Five minutes earlier with Naruto.

Today was now what Naruto would consider an average day. He was going to be Hokage so naturally he was around Tsunade a lot. She now gave him the paper work saying it was training for the job and responsibilities of a Kage. This of course was an excuse to drink all day and not do paper work. So Naruto found a solution. He made ten Shadow Clones and set them to work. This left Naruto with a free day. So he thought he would take a stroll around the village he called home. He turned a corner only to run into someone. He saw said person falling and quickly caught her. It was Anko. She looked depressed.

"Hey watch it Asshole!" – Anko

"Oh Anko-san, I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention." – Naruto

Anko now realizing that she shouldn't get on the future Kage's bad side. She quickly apologized.

"Oh, Naruto-sama I'm sorry please forgive my rudeness." – a now embarrassed Anko, who was blushing like a tomato. Did she say she admired Naruto? Well truth be told she adored him and even developed a crush on him after he saved her.

"Naruto-sama? No, no Anko-san please just Naruto. I hate being formal." – Naruto giving her his famous Naruto grin. "Are you ok you look a little sad. You don't seem like your normal self."

"No Naruto I'm just fine." She tried to lie her way out. He saw through that.

"Anko-san please let me take you for some Dango, and you can tell me what's wrong. I mean you can't fool me. Your eyes say that you aren't fine." – Naruto

She thought about it and thought this could be a way to learn some more about the blonde she wished to be with. She gave a nod and the two left to the Dango Stand. After ordering he once again asked her what was wrong. She explained that after he became acknowledged by everyone, the village set their hateful gaze upon her. How they only now needed to dispose of the Snake Whore to acquire true peace here in Konoha.

"Anko-san this isn't like you. I know better than anyone that the village is ignorant. But normally you shake it off. Why is it that it is affecting you now?"

"I don't know. Maybe it was being captured by that Kabuto freak. It was like for the first time in a very long time… I was… afraid. And this caused me to give up." – Anko "Have I ever thanked you for saving me that day? I guess it's true. You are a ray of hope to those you meet. You gave me hope. Even after I accepted that no one would come looking for me." She thought gloomily.

"Anko-san you are a comrade. Therefore it was the right thing to do. You don't need to thank me." – Naruto

However no matter how he tried she was still upset. And he knew the pain she was in. To be alone, hated and shunned. It was horrible. So he would try to help her get back to herself.

"Anko-san what are you doing later this evening." – Naruto

"Nothing, why?" – Anko

"Well I was wondering if you would allow me to take you out tonight? Like on a date?" he gave her a smile that showed he wasn't lying to her.

"I don't know Naruto I kind of…" "Oh come on Anko-san it will be fun. I promise."

"Well. Ok Naruto if you insist. Pick me up at my place at 7:30?" – Anko

"Of course Anko-san. And wear something formal."

Time Skip 7:20

Naruto was walking to Anko's apartment. He was dressed in black slacks. And a Black dress shirt with an orange tie. His hair was combed, though it still held a lot of its spikey-ness. In his hands were a bouquet of pink tulips. Why tulips? Well Ino had told him it meant he cared. So that's what he would give to Anko. Though he was quite nervous. He could take on an army of undead S-Rank nin with all the confidence of the world. But as it would be he had the confidence of a mouse running from the Nibi. None at all.

He arrived to her apartment and nervously knocked on the door. "Just a minute." Was the reply. When the door finally opened his jaw dropped. There stood Anko in a strapless purple dress that ended at her ankles. It tightly hugged her curves. It showed a bit of cleavage. She also had on a necklace of a snake that wrapped around a purple gemstone.

"You look gorgeous Anko-san" he said with a smile. While she on the other hand was blushing like mad.

"Thank you Naruto. You don't look bad yourself." On the inside however was praying this wasn't a pity date.

"Oh um these are for you." He handed her the bouquet he had up until now forgot about. Anko took notice of the fact they were pink tulips. She knew their meaning and smiled. But the color reminded her of a pink haired medic and she began to worry.

'Doesn't he like that Sakura girl?' She thought sadly. 'Maybe this is just a pity date.'

"Well Anko-san are you ready to go?" – Naruto

"Huh oh ya"


The two were at a very expensive restraint. They were seated almost immediately. Naruto being the next Hokage was no secret so he got a reserved table meant only for the Hokage. The host seemed thrilled that the future Hokage was here. But gave a look of hatred towards his date. Something Naruto didn't miss.

Right now they were waiting for their food to arrive and were just talking to themselves.

"So Anko where did you get that necklace? It looks great on you." – Naruto

"Oh this, this was my mothers. It's the only thing I have left of her. It's my most prized possession." – Anko

"Um Naruto? Can I ask you a question?"

"Well of course. Why bring you on a date if I didn't want to get to know you." – Naruto

"It's just… well… don't you like Sakura. I mean why take me out if you have feelings for her?" – Anko now nervous that her suspicions might be confirmed.

"Well that's an easy and yet complex answer." - Naruto "How so?" – Anko now curious.

"Well after Pein's Invasion and around the time of the Kage summit…"

He then explained how she confessed to him in Iron Country. And how he could see she only did so to deceive him. Only to keep the traitor safe. How it hurt to be used and thrown to the side like trash. By the time he was done they were walking around the village.

At that moment Anko realized just how much in common they really had. They both were/is hated by the village. Both of them know the pain of being alone. And both know how it feels to be betrayed by someone you admire. But bringing up these memories only made her feel worse. So she did the one thing that she hadn't done in years. She cried.

Naruto thought he did something wrong when he saw this. He felt terrible seeing her like this. So out of instinct he moved over to her and held her. He sat there and tried his best to get her to stop crying. She was shocked when he did this.

"Anko please don't cry. Did I do something wrong? Did I upset you? Please stop crying." – Naruto

"No… Naru…to you did… n't do… any… thing wrong." She said no holding onto him for comfort as she sobbed in his chest.

"Then why are you crying?" he said she had calmed down slightly.

"It's just that ever since Orochimaru left me everyone hates me. Like I was the traitor. And then when you became a hero and every one admired you. But then everyone had more time to make me more miserable. They shun me, blame me for things I didn't commit, and call me names like 'Snake Whore' or 'Snake Bitch'. I can't stand it." This sent her back and she began to sob once more. Naruto now fully understanding the reason for her being upset. So he let her cry. It was better to get it out than to keep it bottled up. He kept whispering soothing words to her. Anko had eventually stopped crying.

"Naruto will you take me home?" – Anko

"Of course." – Naruto

So they walked back to her apartment in silence. However Anko was walking closer to him than before. It seemed as though she didn't notice. They finally made it to her apartment. It was around 11 at night.

"Thank you Naruto. For everything." She said with a smile and then she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"No problem. But um would you want to maybe do this again sometime? Only happier I guess?" – He said nervously.

"Are you asking me for another date? If you are then yes. I would like that very much. But you know this means we are now dating. Right?" – Anko she said now getting her flirtatious nature back.

"Ya I guess it does. Well good night Anko-chan." He said with a smile. He then turned and left. Anko closed the door behind him and went to bed.

The last thought going through her head was 'I finally met a guy who doesn't want to use me. Maybe he could be the one.' And with that she fell into a peaceful sleep.

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