Okay, I have read some of the Heartland books and just recently started watching the series on tv. I just could not resist writing for it! So this story will use different scenes and elaborate on them. It picks up in episode Season 1 episode 13: Coming Together

I don't own anything, but love the characters and show!

Amy froze in the doorway taking in the emptiness of the loft. Slowly, she scanned the room and her gaze landed on his black cowboy hat on the bench. Trying not to shake, she took the hat in her hands to find a piece of folded paper underneath.


I had to leave because I got a letter from my Dad and he has been looking for me. I haven't seen my dad for years and he needs me. I need to see him and be around him. You and your dad are doing so well and I am hoping my dad and I can build a relationship like you and your dad did. You are the best person I have ever met and you know I have feelings toward you. I have been waiting to kiss you for a long time and tonight was like a crazy dream, but I still have to go. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you in person, I just couldn't. Tell Jack thanks for everything.


Amy sunk to the bench clutching the cowboy hat against her chest and let the tears that had welled in her eyes fall.

Ty was gone.

He never even mentioned being in touch or coming back. Tonight Amy had just accepted that she really had feelings for Ty. They had kissed. An hour earlier that kiss had been the joy on her face and the bounce in her step, but now it was a tainted memory that would haunt her with all the feelings it had held and had come to hold.

Amy closed her eyes remembering the feeling of being kissed by Ty. At first, Ty's hands cradled her face and he had gently covered her lips with his. Amy hadn't been expecting it, but warm bubbles of excitement had tingled through her body. When Ty stopped and smiled shyly at her, Amy through her arms around him and kissed him back. Ty had put his hands on her hips holding her close. As much as she wanted to forget, Amy would always remember that kiss.

Earlier her heart had been exploding with happiness and now it was breaking into pieces.

Amy dashed the tears from her cheeks and took a calming breath. She had begun to need Ty and let him in her heart, but she could just as easily be independent and forget about him. And that was what she would do. She had the horses and Heartland to think about.

Three days later Amy walked into the house to the phone ringing. Her heart jumped and she hurried to take off her coat.

Lou answered, "Hello...Oh hi, Scott,"

Amy tuned out the rest and trudged upstairs to do her homework. Everyone had been treating her weird since Ty left. They were all more quiet around her, except for Mallory, who somehow talked more. Her Grandpa was especially gentle and easy on her.

Amy would admit she had been acting different, more quiet, more sad, more focused, but she didn't appreciate everyone else treating her different.

After a week had passed, Amy determined to be herself and forget about Ty. He wasn't going to call and she had horses to listen to. Despite the dull throb in her heart, she would move on.

Two months had gone by and Amy had kept herself plenty busy, but still memories of Ty would invade her thoughts and the kiss was always on her mind. Although she was herself and moving on, Amy would always treasure their kiss and long for Ty to be around. No matter how mad she was at him, she just wished he would come back. She admitted she would be angry with him, but at least he would be there. As the days went by, Amy became more and more hurt and mad and confused, but as always she picked up the pieces and kept on living through the pain.

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