Just a drabble.

Disclaimer: of course I don't own Harry Potter.

There's a din around them, now that Voldemort has gone. Neville had felt the heft of Gryffindor's sword in his hands, known the sound of the blade cleaving the head from the giant snake that had reared back trying to kill his friends.

He'd seen Bellatrix, cold and dead on the floor of the Great Hall and a great swell of love for Missus Weasley grew inside of him at his parents' torturer finally receiving her dues. He knew it to be selfish and wrong, but he all the same was grateful such a twisted, evil woman was gone.

And now Luna, wondrous clever Luna is sitting by his side, silent and exuding an aura of calm. He looks at her and smiles, and she smiles back. They sit in silence a while before he tries (several times) to make conversation. Just when he begins to make headway, Luna stands and brushes the dust from her clothes.

"Wait, Luna..," and he has her wrist in his hands. She stops and stoops over him.

"Yes, Neville?"

"I...erm...thank you," is all he manages, too stuck in his head, trying to tell her, "oh, by the way, I'm mad about you" in the least awkward way possible.

Luna takes her hand and tilts Neville's head upwards, towards her, and presses a kiss to the tender bridge of his nose.

"Why? You killed the snake. We should be thanking you."

And Neville smiles as her lips touch his.

It would be much later when Luna is at his side when Neville visits St. Mungo's again. He warns her beforehand, not embarrassed of his parents but for Luna's impression of them.

But she instantly understands and Neville's father seems overjoyed to see someone join in his eager pursuit of some strange, elusive bottle. He introduces her to each of them in turn.

"Mum, Dad, this is Luna Lovegood. She's...she's the girl who loves me."

And he is beaming when they leave, Luna's hand in his.