Full moon tonight.

I can't decide whether I should take the risk and meet Daniel, or stay confined in my realistic yet boring house. But yet Daniel is unlike that, therefore he seems so…angelic and beautiful, something so fresh and lively. Sometimes I feel out of place when I'm talking to him because I can tell there's a difference between us. I guess the saying "Two Opposites attract" really comes to life in my world.

Around midnight when the moon is highest I make the decision to risk it and go meet him. I sneak out of my window, adrenaline racing through my veins. If anybody where to see me there's no telling what kind of punishment there would be. My parents and sisters have already made it clear they disapprove of Daniel, I'm not sure why though, since he's never done anything wrong to them.

As I trample through the gardens and into the forest, I see the tree that Daniel and I scratched our names on, surrounded by a heart. I remember that's where we first told each other how deeply in love we are. I felt this sudden burst of happiness as I ran through the forest, following the familiar path until it lead me to the edge of the lake, where there I saw him standing, roses in his hand.

It was then that the world I knew existed no more, and a new world replaced the old. The world that belonged to only Daniel and I. It seemed as though everything revolved around him now, as if the only thing holding me to this earth wasn't gravity anymore, it was him. He's the only thing I could ever turn to if I need a break from reality, and he knows how to keep me together when tragic things happen.

How could I ever exist without him?

He turned to me, his violet eyes passionate and lovely, his radiant blond hair waving in the breezy wind. The sparks in his eyes whenever I smiled at him, the curve of his lips when he saw me staring at him. This is love. This is real. And nothing can ruin this night for us.

He hands me the roses, meanwhile no words escape his lips. I can feel myself smiling, and I know I can never control my smiles when I'm around him. He leans towards me and kisses my forehead, slightly pushing my dark hair out of my face.

"Your eyes are beautiful tonight, Luce."

That was all that needed to be said. Our first kiss would happen tonight.

I kissed his neck and he held me close. Our eyes connected, sparks going off until I made the first move and grabbed him behind his neck, pulling him closer to me. I brushed my lips against his, until he added more pressure and began to deeply kiss me.

Oh wow.

My breath seemed to escape, and I closed my eyes, hoping this moment would last forever. His lips felt soft, like butter, but they tasted heavenly. How come we had waited this long to kiss?

He had always warned me that it was dangerous, but I don't believe him, how can anything this breathtaking be dangerous?

That's when things heated up. No, not in a good way as I first thought, but literally something was heating up. I feel as though I'm burning? Ouch.








Melting me and eating at my skin, vanishing my soul. What's happening to me? How come I feel as if I'm slipping, am I just fainting?


It's too late for that. I can feel it.

I'm gone.


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