Chapter One

I didn't really feel like getting up today. It wasn't really getting dressed, brushing my teeth and preparing breakfast that was the problem. It was the whole process of actually getting out of the bed. I didn't want to have to face the ugly gray clouds outside again. It was just so damned depressing.

I turned over towards the window to see what it did look like outside and to my dismay it was raining again. "Great" I huffed as I forced myself to sit up. My sheets were strewn across the bed and I was missing a sock while the other was hanging onto my left foot for dear life. I didn't even want to touch my hair because I knew it was probably in knots.

Looking around my room, I was trying to contemplate what I should wear my first day back at school. The light blue shirt and jeans hanging on my desk chair seemed clean enough. I was already running late anyway so I didn't really care.

I wasn't trying to attract any more attention to myself than I already had.

Every boy in Forks High School seemed to want to take me out. Maybe it's because I was new and they don't really get anything interesting here, not like I was interesting anyway. Or maybe it's because the gossip about the Cullens finally died down.

To say that Carlisle and Esme were parents of five teenagers and they never got into any trouble was …..something. But to me it was suspicious.

I know they haven't done anything to appear that way, but I just can't help feeling this way towards them. Maybe it's because I'm the daughter of the chief that I have this natural tendency to not trust people. Maybe there really is something going on with them that no one else in this town seems to see but me…or maybe I'm just obsessed.

After eating my cereal, I finally took notice that Charlie's cruiser wasn't outside. He must have left early I thought. I rinsed out my bowl and spoon and picked up my back pack and keys heading to my truck.

When I walked outside I felt like someone was watching me. You know that creepy feeling you get at the back of your neck that makes your hair stand up? Yea that feeling. I shivered and brushed it off as I walked down the porch steps to my truck. I got in as fast as I could, but that feeling was still there.

"Ok Bella, get it together. There is nothing out there. Yes it's creepy out here, but it's a small town where nothing ever happens. There is nothing out there."

That little pep talk and the radio helped calm me down a bit and I got to school on time with no problems from my truck surprisingly.

When I pulled into a parking spot, I spotted Jessica and Angela talking to Mike, Eric and Tyler. They were all hanging around Tyler's van and passing around candy chatting and gossiping about the movie they went to see last weekend. I didn't attend… of course.

I actually didn't want to be around Mike because I know he still likes me…a lot and having Jessica glaring at me the whole time would've not been my idea of fun. Plus I had a mountain of homework to do and chores that needed catching up seeing as Charlie isn't exactly the 'housekeeping' type.

I felt Jessica staring at me, but I also got that really creepy feeling again. The feeling that someone else was glaring at me.., but whom? I scanned the parking lot half avoiding meeting Jessica's eyes and half searching for whomever was making my skin crawl.

Across the parking lot closest to the trees over on the west end of the school lot were the Cullens all getting out of three different cars. The big one Emmett was getting out of his jeep with Jasper the blonde who always looks like he's going to runaway screaming like a crazed animal, so two cars then. Rosalie and Alice gracefully exited Rosalie's red BMW.

I'm not a car person, but every time I looked at that car with Rosalie's perfect pale skin and blonde hair contrasting with the red color, I turn green with envy and try not to meet her eyes. Not that I would ever look her straight in the face anyway seeing as her beauty would probably blind me if I ever looked again.

Alice was just as gorgeous, but she was also happy and perky all the time. I wanted to know how many cups of coffee they allowed her before she came to school.

I glanced to the right and was about to start walking into the school building when I noticed Edward Cullen staring at me next to his car.

That amazing silver Volvo that I'd give anything just to brush up against, but the moment Edward's eyes and mine met, it was like everything stopped. That creepy feeling in the back of my neck increased a little, but more like an electric shock. I didn't want to tear my eyes away from him. I wanted to walk closer and breathe in his sweet smell and moan at the way his body reacted to mine. I wanted to rub my fingers through his tussled bronze hair and listen to him say my name.

My heart beat started racing and it looked as if he noticed because he gave me that panty wetting smirk and I almost came undone. I looked back up to his eyes and they were …black? Why were they black? The last time I saw them black was that first day we had in biology and he disappeared for a week. Did I do something to anger him? What did I do? What did I say?

"Bella." I barely registered that someone was calling my name because I was having my moment of delusion and he was still staring at me with that smirk, but then his eyes took on a different emotion….like a hunger.

"Bella!" Who is calling my name? Can't you see I'm busy? I kept concentrating on his eyes. They looked as if he wanted to devour me. I felt myself becoming wet at that thought and caught him closing his eyes and tilting his head in the air ever so slightly and then he looked me back in my eyes and licked his lips. My loins tightened with anticipation and I felt my lower lips become even more swollen.

Then, I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but I could've sworn I heard a guttural growl come from his chest and his lips parted enough just for me to see his teeth-

"Bella!" "What, what, what!" I screamed. Angela looked at me slightly offended, but said, "I've been calling your name for almost 5 minutes. The first bell is going to ring soon, we should be heading inside."

"Oh yea, ok. Um you go on ahead and I'll catch up. I left my favorite pencil in my truck and I need it for our math test today. I'll see you at lunch ok?"

She studied me questioningly and asked if I was alright. I assured her that I was and that I'd see her inside. She walked away reluctantly and I walked back to my truck to go look for my pencil. I didn't remember even walking away from it, but didn't think too much of it.

After I retrieved my pencil, I stood up from the passenger side slowly and looked around the parking lot for Edward. To my dismay he'd already gone inside with his brothers and sisters.

I was left in the parking lot confused, irritated and….horny. "Well this day is going to go by well."

I walked away from my truck and slipped on my own shoe lace and went crashing butt first to the wet concrete.

I hate irony

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