So, today it all ended?

By Oriondruid.

As I write it is the early hours of the 15th of July 2011. According to the advertising for the final Harry Potter movie Today It All Ends!

Nonsense! Although certainly the 'franchise' may end and J.K.R. still seems fairly adamant that she will not write any more Harry Potter related stories.

Apart perhaps from a possible encyclopedia she seems done with Hogwarts. But then so what? Who can blame her? What she created was an incredible feat and she deserves the chance to spend the rest of her life doing just whatever she pleases, writing or not writing whatever she likes.

But just because Jo is probably not going to write any more this will not be the end of 'the wizarding world' and it's stories. The fans have long since 'picked up the ball' and began to run with it and now the combined output of their efforts, available from the many fan fiction websites, exceeds by far even the Herculean writing task that Jo Rowling put into the original series.

Thanks to Jo's immense generosity in permitting her fans to write original not for profit 'Potter Universe' stories without threat of legal action and her 'fleshing out' of the future for the families involves in her story, we, the fans, have already gone far 'beyond the Epilogue' and most of us are now both familiar with and fond of not only 'next generation' characters but also many of their children as well. Not to mention the many Original Characters that fan fiction writers have created, lots of whom are very finely envisaged indeed.

So far from 'It All Ending' fear not, it has taken on a life of it's own, is alive and well and will continue to be so. The Battle of Hogwarts may be over but the Castle has been repaired and generations of witches and wizards to come will still be boarding the Hogwarts Express from King's Cross' platform nine and three quarters every 1st of September to start their adventures at the school we love. We will continue to wave them off fondly and follow their lives and escapades with enthusiasm.

The End? No, it's barely even the beginning. :-)