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(Toothless's POV)

"He is clueless isn't he. He still refers to me as a boy." I was talking with my cousin Logan

"But you like him right?"

"If I didn't do you think I would let him ride me?"

"Of course not your not that kind of girl. So... What are you gonna do about it?"

"I'm gonna..." I sighed "I'm... um... I don't know I mean we're two different species let alone he can understand a word I say to him"

"Well you could..."

"You don't mean?"

"I do"

"You are brilliant... or crazy. You know more about this than I do will I be able to go back and forth?"

"Yep my sister used to all the time"

"Thank you but your gonna have to teach me"

"No problem with me but we'll be working 24\7 for two or three weeks at the least."

"Oh... you think he'll miss me?"

"Who wouldn't your such a sweet little lady" The last part he was being sarcastic.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, so funny" my voice filled with sarcasm and iteration.

"If he's any kind of friend he will."

"I should say bey"

"He won't understand you Toothless" he giggled at saying my name well the one Hiccup called me by.

"You don't call me that" I snapped "only he can"

"Fine Andrea" he said using my birth name it was the first time I hade heard it in years.

"We should go Logan"

"We really should"

(Hiccup's POV)

(Three days latter)

Toothless was acting odd then he vanished I wonder where he could have gone I thought to my self I really miss him it kinda dull with out him I was lost in thought people were starting to notice What could he be doing that would take him so long? How far could he have gone without me? Is he mad? Did I do something wrong? Is he ok? If he's hurt I don't know what I'll do he's my best friend.

"Hiccup? Hiccup are ok?"

"What hu oh " it was Astrid "Hi what's up?" I tried to push thoughts of Toothless out of my mind to carry out a conversation that wasn't one sided. I tried but to no avail but despite that I tried to concentrate.

"I... We were all wondering what's wrong?" I looked around at all the worried faces.

" nothing thanks for the worry any way I was just thinking"


"Well... Toothless he's missing"

"For how long"

"Three days"

"Well it hasn't ben that long I know that he'll show up" she pecked me on the lips and it didn't feel right I thought it was my nerves messing with my mind so I ignored it and pecked her cheek. She smiled and soon left I decided to go on a walk I kinda let my mind wander and ended up where I met Toothless.

"Come home soon bud."

(A few weeks later)

I was depressed, everyone knew that and we all know why. I was avoiding every one in the one place I knew I could The same place me and Toothless trained but when I got there I wasn't alone there was a girl there she had long jet black hair well tanned skin she looked a little shorter than me her hair was tied up except for a chunk on each side she was in what looked like dear skin clothes that looked kind of tight she was sitting down staring into the water but her eyes are what stood out the most they were acid green she was beautiful. She looked like she was deep in thought like she was being troubled by something I accidentally pushed a rock and when it hit the ground she looked up at me and smiled it looked like she hadn't lost her canines because she had one sharp tooth on both sides.

"Hi I'm T... Andrea" her voice sounded like she was in pure bliss.


"Hiccup... well Hiccup is there a town or something near by?"She stood and looked at me as if we had known each other for a long time. And I think we have.

"Well yes there is... have we met before?"

"I don't know it's likely... I've ben a lot of places and met a lot of people." she walked over to me and looked me in the eye, I held my breath. She smiled, "We have met" She looked in the direction of the town "The town is that way right?" I nodded "Thank you Hiccup" she pecked my cheeck I flushed in red and when I turned to face her she was gone.

(Thoothless/Andrea's POV)

Oh my god ( Dragons only have one god) I kissed him I really kissed hiccup! I thought happily Thank you cousin Logan! I looked at the town at all the people and dragons, the dragons would be able to tell who I am I hoped the people wouldn't. I took a deep breath and walked in I felt both dragon and human eyes watching me.

"Andrea!" I heard a dragon behind me ask I turned to her and nodded slightly there were gasps and cheers from all the dragons in town. I smiled. I was about to pass the teens they were arguing and soon shoved Snotlout at me.

"Hi... Um... I was... I mean... we were... all kind of wondering who you are, New girl?" he was red

"Andrea, and you souund and look extremily nervous" Tha made him blush more than he was before from what I remember this was not how he acted I must be really pretty. I didn't know if I was or not I was not and still am not a good judge of human beauty.

"I'm Snotlout" the others walked up behind him as they were introduced "This is Fishlegs, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and, Astrid"

"Nice to meet you all I'm Andrea"

"We have one more member to introduce Hiccup but we don't know where he is"

" Oh I met him in the forest!"

"You met him! In the forest!" Astrid said she was pissed of.

"Yes" I acted like I was nervous when she was acting like I did when I first met her. We all talked for a long time they told me things I knew I acted shoked. It was Ok until I started to feel pain in my back where my wings would pop out any time now.

"I have to go back to my camp my cousin will get worried, I'll find you all later." hey all said bey and I was gone. I was running as fast as I could to the forest and ran into Hiccup,"Shit... Oh Hiccup I'll find you later K?"

"I'll look forward to that."

I ran untill I was out of sight then I changed into the dragon Hiccup thought he knew I soon walked to his house to lay on his roof I could feel the world resting around me and soon I was to.