Full moon tonight.

I hop out of bed, careful not to wake up Prim, and change into my hunting clothes. I walk outside and notice how big the moon is and wonder how something like this can be so breathtaking. I walk up to the electric gate, make sure its not turned on, and gently glide underneath it. There sure are a bunch of small animals out at night. I make sure to hunt a couple before I go meet you at our usual spot. Earlier in the day you asked me to meet you here.

When I reach our spot I sit quietly on a boulder nearby. Minutes pass and I begin to hear the sound of leafs crunching. I can tell its probably you trying to sneak up on me, so I mentally giggle and pretend I don't know your right behind me. Sure enough, within the minute you pounce on me and I fake a small scream and hit you playfully.

Soon enough we are on the ground, play fighting .Its times like these were I wonder if I should just tell you how I feel about you. But what if you don't return the feelings? There's no way I can risk it between us because if I lose you then I would be losing my best friend.

You ask if we can take a walk. I say yes because im desperately wanting to know what your going to say. What if you tell me that you don't feel the same way? Thinking this, I automatically feel a rush of sadness. I don't want it to overcome me though, so I pull a straight face, hoping you wont notice how quiet I am.

You ask me "What's wrong, catnip?"

I shake my head. You take the hint and drop whatever it was that you were about to say. You start talking about all of our best memories growing up together and I cant help but laugh. Suddenly I'm not so sad anymore, seeing you walk beside me in the gleaming moonlight. I wonder if you notice how slow we're walking, how flirtatious our conversation has gotten.

You stop walking.

You tell me that I look beautiful in the moonlight. I smile and for a second I cant think of a word to say. This moment is just so perfect. You can see that I'm starstruck and you laugh to clear the awkward moment, even though its not that awkward anymore because now I'm telling you that I always think your beautiful.

This is way further than I wanted to go.

But I think its time to put the cards on the table and let loose and tell you my feelings, but right as the words come out of my mouth, words that I want to hear come tumbling out of yours at the same moment:

"I love you, Katniss."

"I love you, Gale."


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