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~Why Him?~

Jack looked at the ruins on P3X-362. He didn't see what was so fascinating about them but then, he was not an archaeologist. Jack ambled down to where Daniel was scrabbling away at some rock or other.

"Jack, hey Jack, this is the archaeological find of the century."

"Whoa Danny-boy, slow down. What's so special about this ruin?" Daniel stared at him, doing an brilliant goldfish impression.

"What's so special?!" And then he was off. After about five minutes he noticed that Jack was standing there with a slightly glazed expression.

"And then we found the borg had been here and then Sam ran around in her under ware..."

"Yeah... What?" Jack said.

"Jaaaaack" Jack took one look at Daniel and bolted. He knew Daniel's 'puppy dog' look and that he could never say no to it. Daniel stared after him in a baffled way. Meanwhile Jack had run right into Teal'c.

"Look out Teal'c. Daniel's on the loose and he dangerous!"

"Is this another one of your strange jokes O'Neill?" Teal'c asked.

"Oh for crying out loud Teal'c. What is it with people today! I tell Sam she should have brought more than two pairs of clothing and she gives me a look that would melt stone. Is it my fault that she only packed what she did? No." Jack sighed and looked to where Sam was working

"Maybe I should say sorry..." Jack walked down the hill toward her. She was so beautiful. So sexy.

"Carter! Carter, look I'm sorry." Sam turned round and looked at her CO. He was so manly. It wasn't fair, way did it have to be this way?

"Ahhhhhhh!" The scream was long and terrified. It was Daniel and he did not sound like a happy camper.

"Daniel!" Jack and Sam raced to Daniel. He was lying in a pool of blood, groaning.


"It's okay, Danny, I'm here. Helps on its way."

"Jack, we have a problem." Daniel muttered. Jack smiled and looked up to see Teal'c rushing back Janet and two soldiers behind him.

"Colonel, what happened?"

"I don't know."


SG-1 sat by Daniel's bed.

"What do you think happened Carter? Doc had no idea how he got his wounds."

"Well..." Sam began to speck scientific jargon

"Wow, wow. Simplify." Jack interrupted. His head was hurting and he was not in the mood.

"Ump. I have no idea sir."

"Why him? Why not someone else for a change?" Jack asked the ceiling.

"O'Neill, I do not believe the ceiling knows." Teal'c said. Jack looked at him, was that a Teal'c attempt at a joke?

"He does seem to have a lot of bad luck sir." Sam said

"Ya think? Daniel seems to be the whipping boy of the universe!"
Teal'c said nothing, just looked at Jack and raised one of those damn eyebrows. Jack stood up and promptly fell right on to the door handle.


"Well colonel, you're live." Janet sputtered. It had taken her ten minutes to find out what had happened and then five more before she had stopped laughing.

"Sir! Daniel's awake!" Jack walked back to Daniel's bed. He saw a mirror and peered into it. A lovely black eye was forming and Jack was beginning to have trouble seeing.

"Well this is a cliché. One eyed Jack. Colonel One Eyed Jack. I like it." Jack set off again and reached Daniel's room.

"Holy Hannah. What a black eye!" Sam exclaimed.

"Jack! How did you do that!" Came Daniel's voice.

"Oh Chulak, if a warrior injures himself like that it is common for that warrior to spend ten days in training." came Teal'cs voice. They all looked at him "Fortunately we are not on Chulak." He finished.

"Oh, I don't know, some training might do him some good." Sam joked. Daniel looked at them all

"What is going on?"

~End of part one~

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