I Only Wanted Love by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Grazilda or any of its characters.

A lullaby is all I have

Of you, Daddy

I don't have Mummy anymore

She doesn't love you

And I don't think she loves me, either

I'm your daughter, you see

And you left her for the mortal realm

She married another man

But he doesn't see me

He's already got

His own baby girl

Perfect Cinderella

Gets everything she wants

Whilst I don't even get

The one thing that should be mine

My mother's love

I'll make her see

What I'm going through, everything I'm suffering now

If it's the only (the last) thing, I do

I'll make her wish

She'd treated me better

As more than just her step-mother's daughter

An intruder

Into her perfect world

I'll make her wish

She'd treated me as a sister

I'll shatter her hopes and dreams

And then I'll go ahead

And turn away when she looks to me

And thinks I could be her sister

I will never be loved the way I want

The way I need

If I don't start grabbing onto what I want

With two hands

So now I'm stronger

I've got a grip

I'm on a mission

That Cinderella won't win.