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Klondike Bars

"What would you do-o-o? For a Klondike Bar." Becca croons the familiar jingle, Cassidy looking at her murderously from her spot on the floor. She turns back to her math homework, trying to add the x's and y's and q's and whatnot. Becca smirks again, before starting up the jingle again. "What would you do-o-o? For a Klondike Bar." She sings again, Cassidy looking up briefly from her homework to launch a pencil at Becca's head. She holds up her notebook, successfully blocking the writing utensil. She smiles victoriously at Cassidy, tossing her blonde hair over her shoulder. They study in silence, waiting for their other friends to get to the library. Yes, they had a study group. Did they study? Sort of. School work? Not always. "Hey, Cass." Becca whispers, and Cassidy looks up at her, a messy red eyebrow raised.

"What Becca?" She asks drily, awaiting the probably annoying question. She glances at her slyly, her lips turned up in a Cheshire cat grin.

"What would you do-o-o? For a Klondike bar. Huh, what would you do Cass?" Becca questions, her aqua eyes glinting mischievously. Cassidy bites her tongue, trying her hardest not to give into Becca's childish antics. Not that Cassidy was any more mature than Becca, but she tried to be the bigger person.
"I would stab you repeatedly with a dull pencil." Cassidy deadpans, letting the idle threat hang in the air. Becca covers her heart, in mock hurt.

"That hurt Cass. Right here." She points to her heart, and Cassidy looks at her, shaking her head.

"You have a heart?" Becca swats at Cassidy's head, hitting her lightly.

"Holy crap, you're hilarious." Becca mutters sarcastically to her friend, who smiles slightly.

"Thank you Captain Obvious." Cassidy announces, turning to look at her friend, who is beginning to become the slightest bit annoyed.

"My pleasure, Colonel Comeback." She responds, giving Cassidy a glare, not a mean one, but more of a teasing one.

"It's not a problem, Sergeant Sarcasm." Cassidy fires back, not looking up from her homework. Becca rolls her eyes, before firing back at Cassidy.

"How nice, Dictator Dickhead." Becca states, turning back to her homework. Cassidy snorts at this, turning to look at her friend. Becca looks at her, her eyebrows raised in a what? way.


"What Cassidy?" Becca cringes internally, awaiting the words that are going to come out of her friend's mouth.

"What would you do-o-o? For a Klondike bar." Cassidy sings, incredibly off key, and loud. The elderly librarian looks at them severely, raising her finger to her lips in a shushing motion.

"I'd cut your vocal cords out and hang you by them." She scream whispers at Cassidy, who looks a bit taken aback.

"That's…that's a bit mean. And cruel. And I'm pretty sure that's illegal." Becca merely shrugs her shoulders at this, seemingly unaffected.

"So is stabbing someone with a dull pencil." Becca counters, and Cassidy turns back to her math homework, concentrating on the problems. Becca pulls out her Global homework, moving to grab her book. Cassidy looks up, her nose scrunched up in confusion.

"Why are you using your book?" Becca looks at Cassidy, as if she was seriously delayed. Which Becca thought was true. "Mr. Coolidge doesn't come up with the questions himself. Type the first one into Google, and there's usually an entire PowerPoint with all the questions and answers. And then the answers are the exact ones he gives in class."

"No way. What a lazy asshole." Becca says, and the librarian looks over at Becca.

"Watch your language, Miss Chadwick." Mrs. Petersburg tells Becca, who glances up apologetically at the elderly librarian.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Petersburg." She tells the librarian, who is somewhat mollified, and she turns, heading down one of the various aisles of books. Cassidy grins evilly at Becca, who is a bit wary of what Cassidy could possibly say.

"I wonder what she'd do-o-o. For a Klondike bar." Cassidy wonders aloud, her singing off key, and annoying.

"I'll buy you a Klondike bar if you ask her." Becca counters and Cassidy raises her eyebrows, intrigued.

"Seriously?" Becca nods, affirmative. "Done." Cassidy stands up, going down the aisle towards where she thinks Mrs. Petersburg is. Mrs. Petersburg is seated at a desk, a light shining over her papers, illuminating her pale, wrinkled face. Becca trails after Cassidy, wanting to make sure Cassidy will actually go through with it. Mrs. Petersburg glances up reproachfully at the red headed teen.

"What is it, Miss Sloane?" Cassidy tries to give off the vibe of being innocent, but Mrs. Petersburg knows better, and sees through this façade easily.

"I have a question for you." Cassidy starts and Mrs. Petersburg sits back in her chair, her hands folded wearily on her lap.

"Ask me, girl." Mrs. Petersburg is clearly annoyed, not with Cassidy. Kind of. Becca and Cassidy have been irking her, and she is planning on telling Mrs. Hawthorne of the two's antics. Mrs. Hawthorne works over on the other side of the library, with the children. Mrs. Petersburg headed the research section of the library, where most study groups met, Becca, Cassidy, and the rest of the book club included.

"What would you do-o-o? For a Klondike bar." Cassidy grins innocently at the now angry librarian. Becca snorts in her attempt to cover up her giggles. Mrs. Petersburg stands up, pointing menacingly at the two teens.

"Miss Sloane, Miss Chadwick, leave. Now." She demands, Cassidy nodding, and turning, grabbing Becca's wrist. Becca is now laughing freely, Cassidy too. They get back to their table, collecting their things, and shoving them in their book bags. The duo races out of the library and collapse on the stairs of the building, laughing.

"I believe someone owes me a Klondike bar." Cassidy singsongs, and Becca nods.

"Yeah, let's go." They turn down the street, heading towards a convenience store.

Cassidy and Becca sit on the front stoop of the library, their bags beside them, and they're eating their Klondike bars. Emma, Jess, and Megan walk up to their friends, each shouldering their own book bags, and wearing confused expressions.

"What…?" Megan starts, shaking her head in confusion at the state of her friends.

"We're eating Klondike bars. What of it?" Becca shrugs her shoulders, and Jess and Emma raise their eyebrows.

"Why?" Jess wonders aloud, and Cassidy shrugs her shoulders.

"Because. Klondike bars are good." They continue eating, and Emma and the rest of their friends start trekking up the stairs towards the entrance.

"Well hurry up. We got to study." Emma tells her friends, and the two eating girls glance down sheepishly.

"We kinda can't go into the library." Cassidy is now incredibly interested in her ice cream. The three non eating friends look at the two eating ones, even more confused than before.


"We got kicked out." Becca responds simply, and the three friends look at the other two, who are still enjoying their ice cream.

"What could you have done to get kicked out?" Jess puts her hands on her hips, clearly exasperated.

"Well, it's Cass' fault." Becca glances at the red headed girl, who chuckles slightly to herself.

"What did you do?" Cass looks guiltily at the ground, a small smile gracing her features.

"It doesn't matter."

"Yes, it does Cass!" Megan exclaims, throwing her hands up for emphasis.

"It doesn't! I did it for a Klondike bar!"

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