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As Sherlock put his horse in the barn and spoke to the barn owner, John waited outside and looked around at the open grassy fields and at some large gentle looking horses grazing nearby. There was a large fence enclosing the horses from the road and the forest but the blond couldn't see how far the fence went from where he was standing. The barn, that was across a rocky driveway from the enclosed fence with a rusty truck parked on it, was pretty much up against the forest with some of the trees hitting up against the roof of it as the wind blew the branches up and down. John wondered if everyone lived in places like these. He wondered if Sherlock had a nice little house with a barn and some horses or maybe other interesting animals. The new comer of this new world soon halted in his thoughts of living conditions only to focus on a 20 some year old woman with long wavy brown hair, a revealing white blouse, and tight trashy blue jeans approaching the unsuspecting man. Her hips waved obnoxiously from side to side as she walk quickly and straight toward him as if a sling shot had just flung her toward him. John couldn't help but notice red string like straps sticking out of her jeans and over her hips and wondered if she knew her underwear was showing. He thought about telling her but decided against it as she seemed preoccupied by his presence not to mention he didn't want to embarrass her, after all it was her house and he supposed she could dress however she wanted in her own home.

"Hey, my name's Ashley," The slim slightly taller woman informed the good-looking stranger. Her smile was inhumanly large for John's taste and seemed to show every pearly white tooth in her mouth. Still, he smiled back at the strange overly nice woman and couldn't help but feel happy to meet someone new. He thought perhaps all people were nice with large smiles outside the tower, it would certainly be a nice change from his dad's ever changing moods of nice to mean within seconds of each other. At least John hoped these people didn't have random change in emotion.

"Hi, uh, John," He hesitantly responded hoping he was being agreeable enough for her to like, it wasn't everyday he met new people and he wanted this greeting to go smoothly. He held out a hand to shake hers wondering if this was the right gesture, she took it eagerly to his satisfaction.

"Hi, John," She uttered as if repeating his words without the 'uh' as she batted her eye lashes and ghosted her hand over his shoulder and down his arm slowly and bit her bottom lip eagerly.

"Hi, Ashley," The clueless man blurted shivering slightly at her touch. He assumed her touching him was a friendly gesture (although it was slightly bothersome and weird), so he touched her arm too, but it ended up coming out as a sort of playful shove against her shoulder. Ashley smiled at his shove taking it as a gesture of interest. She twirled around flicking her hair in his face and pushed her back against John's chest, and wrapped his hands around her body.

"So, you want to get together some time?" She questioned seductively, her hot breath hitting his neck as she leaned her head against his chest and her face under his chin (her knees were bent to make up for his shortness). The flirty tone in her voice confused the inexperienced male.

"Sure, that would be fun," He agreed with a smile hoping they would be great friends. The woman smiled too and turned around pushing her body against John. He breasts squished against him and he couldn't help but look. He'd only ever see females in books after all and seeing one up close was interesting. Her breasts were so soft against his chest and he felt heat of embarrassment rise in his body. This woman was quite attractive but she was also very bizarre and John found himself hoping that not all people were like this. This robust lady was quite erratic and the blond felt himself wanting to be farther away her and Sherlock to hurry up and get out here.

Ashley faced her visitor and warmed his face with her hot breath. John tried to look around to hide his uncomfortableness, but the woman was too close and to the blond's surprise she didn't seem to notice his wide baffled eyes. Her eyes had a mystical effect to them, they were dark and marvelous. John found them to be inviting and he soon felt his body relax a little and wondered if he was just over reacting. He knew Ashley would be a fantastic friend although he hoped this hugging thing would be a rare occurrence as it was quite unnerving, forceful and uncomfortable much like his dad's hugs. She moved her lips to his ear. "I've been so lonely," She whispered sadly.

"Oh, I'm sorry," John expressed sympathetically as she faced him closer than before. "Is that because you and your dad live here alone?" He asked 'hugging' her back tighter than before hoping to comfort her in her loneliness.

Ashley smiled at him gently as if to acknowledge his slightly naive character. "Something like that," She said moving her lips towards his, all of a sudden something clicked in John's head making him realize that these were not friend friendly gestures but something slightly more. He quickly threw his hands on Ashley's shoulders and pushed her away from him causing her to stumble back a little. She stood there shocked for a moment looking at John's wide confused eyes and realized something herself.

"Sorry," He murmured politely. "I didn't mean-"

"You're a fucking homo aren't you?" She demanded angrily. "I should have known when you rode in with your boyfriend. Why are all the guys around here either my dad or homos!" She huffed in frustration, turned and stomped away in to her house slamming the door behind her. John watched after her, a puzzled look on his face, feeling unsure as to why she was so mad and why she thought he was a homosexual. He had never really thought to much on the homosexual thing but as he found her slightly attractive, although she was quite rude, he wondered to himself about his sexuality. Sherlock was quite attractive too, so was did that make John?


Sherlock whipped out his blackberry and called a cab once he had a good enough signal on his phone. Gary, the barn owner whom Sherlock had bought his horse from in the first place and had been relying on to take care of it, put Sherlock's horse away as perusal for the lanky man was quite lazy. The cab service call wasn't much of a struggle as the detective was straight forward with his need for a cab and the cab service man was too busy for conversation. Once the call was done Sherlock sighed unpleasantly as he had noticed the barn keeper's shifty gaze and questionable looks. Gary was usually good about not asking questions, which Sherlock found agreeable, but the dark haired man supposed he should have expected this today as he had brought someone out of the forest with him.

"You have questions," The detective stated with a sigh as he glanced at his horse keeper. Gary's usual uncaring keep-it-to-yourself attitude had all slipped away along with Sherlock's opinion of how tolerable the elder had been before.

"Who's the guy?" Gary inquired instantly.

"A friend," Sherlock retorted dismissively walking toward the exit. The old man grabbed his arm and stopped him, giving him a disapproving look.

"I only know one other guy that comes around here. He goes in the forest with supplies and comes back with nothing. I asked him once about why he was bringing supplies in to a large deep forest that no one is crazy enough to travel through. You know what he said?"

"No," Sherlock answered wanting to call the man an idiot for asking a question only the man himself knew the answer to. But he restrained himself from insulting his horse keeper, because the information was too important to lose.

"He said, 'If I told you, I'd have to kill you.'" Gary notified grimly. Sherlock was about to ask about the gentleman the old man was talking about but he continued to speak. "He's been going in and out of that forest for a long time now and all of a sudden you show up and start doing the same thing only now you come back with someone. I may be old, but I'm not stupid Mr. Holmes. I know something is going on, and it has to do with that boy." Gary looked up at Sherlock expectantly.

"That's quite a conclusion although a little off," The dark haired man commented flatly knowing the elder was right on John's account but Sherlock's visits weren't sudden but more of unexpected. Gary crossed his arms waiting for more answers as Sherlock pondered on the person that could well be John's fake father. "So, what can you tell me about that other man who's been going in and out of the forest?"

"Well," Gary huffed pulling his pants up a little and spitting on the ground. "As you know I don't like to ask questions or get in to the business of the people I work with." Sherlock rolled his eyes, all that had been true up till now. "But my daughter Ashley likes to get in to everyone business for some reason." The detective was starting to get annoyed with waiting for Gary to give him the requested information. "According to her, his name is Jim Moriarty; he has short black hair, short in height, and wears fancy suits all the time. He leaves his bike here for when he goes back and forth into the forest."

"Bike?" The detective restated as he absorbed all of this information.

"Yeah, motorcycle," Gary replied motioning outside. Sherlock followed the man outside where John was looking around observantly with his hands behind his back, patiently waiting. "Here." The old man said as Sherlock followed him to the side of the barn with John following after. Gary pulled a tarp off a camouflage motorcycle complete with camouflage helmet.

"Look familiar John?" Sherlock requested from the blond standing behind him.

"No, should it?" John notified.

"Hum," the detective mumbled looking the machine over. "Well, It's fairly new, maybe about a month old. It's clean too, very clean, there are no signs of DNA (such as hair) anywhere, nothing I can use, and there is nothing on it to identify where it came from or even where it was bought. The rider definitely has something to hide."

"Who's the rider?" The blond wondered. He had only just entered this conversation and had no idea what was going on. Sherlock didn't answer his question and just walked away with a curious John following after. They got in to a cab that had pulled up as they headed toward the road and the blond couldn't help but be interested in the machine. He had of course read about such things but it was much different to see a car up close than in a book.

As they sat side by side Sherlock observed his companions curiosity as John rolled the window up and down and looked all around at the inside of the cab. Sherlock's own curiosity began to bloom as he watched this once isolated adult turn childish in the new world around him. It was all so interesting, fascinating, and quite amusing to watch. The detective found that he could not look away from how cute John was as he rolled the window up and down with excitement and wonder. The consultant paled and blushed all at once at his own thoughts. Cute? Yes, he had said cute. It was a strange thought and a strange feeling and he couldn't help it. John was quite cute and childish which normally the detective would find ridiculous in a grown person but in the blond's case he had every right to be both and for some reason Sherlock couldn't bring himself to mind at all.

Sherlock wanted to observe John like an experiment yet at the same time he wanted to teach him everything. After a while, John felt the piercing stare of his companion and turned to look at him. Both of them looked at one another for a second before looking away with red cheeks. Never in Sherlock's life had he felt such interest and feeling for another and never in John's life had he met someone so, well, the blond wasn't sure, but comparing his new friend to the few people he did know he had to say Sherlock was his favorite.

About an hour later they arrived in front of a line of clean yet old buildings. Sherlock paid the cab driver and got out with John following close behind, observing his new surroundings. People walked about the sidewalks and across streets while the cars drove all around. The detective cataloged John's every reaction and movement for his experiment and own personal interest. John's reactions and such were all so intriguing, one might think such a man would be full of fear and flinch away from any and all movement around him but John was different. There was a smile on his face and Sherlock could tell that the blond wanted to wonder off and explore. The detective found this want for adventure to be very agreeable for this was a sign of bravery which would be excellent for his detective work and John's job as his assistant; although, it was slightly disheartening that the childish adult might get a little too explorative and get in to trouble. Sherlock felt a slight ripple of fear slice in to his stomach and grabbed for John whom was currently stepping further and further away from his companion in order to get a better look at the city's buildings and people. The blond just smiled up at his companion as he was pulled closer and stood beside his friend waiting to go inside. John knew he shouldn't wonder off but everything was so appealing.

Sherlock unlocked the door of a clean cut black door of 221B. It looked untouched and exciting in John's eyes as he couldn't wait to see what normal person's home would look like. John noted that it was not a barn like he expected but a tall building in which his friend lived which gave him the conclusion that maybe people live in all sorts of different buildings and structures. As they entered Sherlock did with ease but John cautioned himself ready for anything just in case, honestly he didn't want to meet another Ashley.

"So, this is where you live?" John predicted happily. He already knew the answer but just asking the question made this all seem so much more real.

"It's where you live too," Sherlock mentioned as they headed toward the stairs.

"Sherlock!" A sweet voice exclaimed as a short old woman with a decorative green dress, short feathered blond hair, and a smile that could light up a room approached them before they could make it up one step. "Who is this?" She asked looking John over with interest.

"John, nice to meet you," The new comer murmured shyly to the lady who seemed much nicer and gentler than Ashley.

Sherlock announced to his companion, "This is Mrs. Hudson, the landlady." John smiled as Mrs. Hudson gave him a hug. He tensed up and braced himself for a usual rough hug but what came was quite the opposite. The landlady's embrace was gentle and loving and John found himself relaxing and melting in to it. He had never had a mother before and he figured this might be what one felt like.

"Can I get you boys anything? Tea?" Mrs. Hudson urged as she pulled away from the blond. Her eyes looked back and forth at the two men before her.

"Yes, thank you Mrs. Hudson," Sherlock responded kindly yet a little dismissively and continued up the stairs with John close behind.

"Just this once," exclaimed the old woman. "Remember, I'm your landlady, not your house keeper."

As they climbed the stairs Sherlock stopped at the closed door. He put his hand on John's lower back making the blond blush a little, and the taller man opened the door. John entered an overly messy flat and forgot all about Sherlock's gesture. This flat could make a man forget about the existents of the universe, that is how messy it was. Clothes were thrown everywhere, vials and chemicals cluttered all flat surfaces and some of the floor, and there were an extensive amount of papers and files everywhere. The shorter man had to admit that his own living space was neat and clean and figured perhaps all people were this messy but is was a little disturbing. But he supposed if all people were this messy it was just another thing to learn from this new world.

"Well, this is very nice, very nice indeed," John spoke looking the place over still feeling a little uncertain about where this society's thought laid on messes. He looked over at his friend. Sherlock frowned knowing what his new flatmate was thinking by the look on his face, so he twirled around the flat a little picking up some papers and securing them on the mantle with a knife.

"Well, I could straighten up a bit," He reassured looking around at the rest of his mess.

"That's a skull," John commented looking at the empty eyed bone structure staring at him from the mantle.

"Friend of mine," the tall man said with a smile and then snorted a little, "Well, I say friend." John gave him a slight look of confusion but before he had time to say anything Mrs. Hudson came in announcing that she had tea.

"So, John, there is an extra bedroom upstairs it you'll be needing two," the landlady informed the new tenant.

"Well, of course we'll be needing two," John sputtered blushing a dark shade of red looking back and forth at his new landlady standing in front of him and at his new flatmate staring out the window.

"Oh it's okay deary, we've got all sorts around here, Mrs. Turner next door got married ones," Whispered Mrs. Hudson. John nodded with a polite smile and the landlady turned and left. The blond sat down with a huff, not of annoyance but just because that conversation was slightly exhausting and quite embarrassing. He actually felt attracted to his new flatmate and rescuer but he wouldn't admit it so he supposed denying it would be the next best thing. As John was about to start up some small talk to break his own tension, there were heavy footsteps on the stairs. A man with silver hair and a nice looking suit with no tie came rushing in through the open door.

"Sherlock, we've got another one," The man informed sounding like he was out of breath. The detective turned around looking at the silver haired man with a straight face. "And this one's different, they left a note."

"Who's on forensics?" He asked flatly yet with slight amusement in his voice.

The other man told sounding a little regretful, "Anderson." And Sherlock let out a frustrated sigh.

"Anderson won't work with me," the detective complained with an annoyed tone.

The man cried tiredly, "Well, he won't be your assistant!"

"I know," Sherlock said calmly with a smirk glancing at John who in return raised an eyebrow of suspicion.

"Will you come?" The other man asked desperately making the dark haired man smile wider.

"Not in a police car, I'll be right behind." The silver haired man glanced at John for a split second as if just noticing he was there then turned and left. Just as he left Sherlock jumped in to the air happily.

"Yes!" He exclaimed startling John a little. He was slightly confused, but remembered that Sherlock was a consulting detective. The blond wondered if it always worked like this. "Four serial suicides and now a note, it must be Christmas. Come along John!" Sherlock exited the flat with an excited yet nervous companion following behind. They got in to a cab the detective had easily flagged down and drove off to the crime scene.

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