18 by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Mula Sa Puso or any of its characters.


Is a number


Is me

I don't do hatin'

I'm my Daddy's only girl

His little pearl

I'm 18 today

Hooray for me, it's my birthday!

I'm scared now

I don't know how

To make sense of this all

I wish I had a shawl

So I could cover my face

I wish I had a robot doulbe, to take my place

Then I could get my head around

Your betrayal

My heart sunk to the ground

I cry inside, I flail

I loved you, Daddy; I love you still

But how could you do this, when it was my choice?

All of this sound - music and conversation - is just too shrill

Did I really ever have a voice?

I search around

But I still haven't found

My dignity

Give it to me!

I can't believe this is happening to me!

I'm so scared

Why would anyone want to kidnap me?

My vulnerabilities have all been bared

Where are you

To save me

And make it better, too?

I need you, please!