Gabriel by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Mula Sa Puso or any of its characters.

Oh, Trina

How could you?

You were my best friend

The dreamer

The lover

But you've hurt me deep

Shivers! Bother!


Don't think you're off free

I used to see you as an angel, but today you fell

You wanted me

Then you wanted Trina, too

You're a total flea

You can't always get, everything you want, foolish you

I'm all alone

I can't even reach for the phone

Trina, Trina, I'd call you up and we'd talk for hours

But what was once an unbreakable friendship, is no longer ours

I think of him


My hope is slim

But I wonder if you could pull me from my shell

Gabriel, I need you now!

Michael, I've played my part, I take a bow

I run from the stage, I don't see you anymore, Trina

I'm burning up, I'm running a fever

I run for you, Gabriel

I run to you, to catch me in your arms

I have so much to tell

I used to think I had so many charms

But they can't save me now, I'm hopeless without you

Please be there! Please be there! And take me in your arms, pull me close to you

I'll be your best friend and lover too

I'll be the one who

Loves you forever


You're my only hope

I can't cope


I need you here with me, walk through my door