New Life by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Sabel or any of its characters.

Choleng couldn't believe it, when she found out that the townspeople could be so awful about it, after all Julio had done for them, how he'd offered them a friendly ear, and a friendly arm, a voice to be heard. He loved them, but they didn't love him, unless he was theirs alone. It was cruel and mean. She didn't understand it at all. Julio deserved this chance, he deserved to love as much as anyone, and he loved her. She loved him to, just as much, but the towspeople didn't want to know about it, they wouldn't let themselves believe that it was okay to love, no matter who you were. Choleng was disappointed, on the verge of despair, everybody was being so horrible. They decided, then, that they would leave. To escape the townspeople's hate, they would run away. It would hurt, to leave everything they'd ever known, and all of the people they'd cared for, but they had no choice, but to go through with it.

Choleng was pregnant, she was going to have a baby. Julio's baby. They had to run, but they couldn't run from the storm. They'd been running towards a frightening new life, but they'd both felt it would be okay, if they were together. And then, the storm. The storm brought them into their new life. Julio was delivered into afterlife, Choleng's heart broke as she knew she'd never love again, but then Sabel came, and she couldn't help but love her baby girl.

Choleng didn't know what life would bring, after that night, but she knew one thing: she couldn't run from this, she couldn't run from Sabel. Now she'd have to go back. And love her baby enough for Julio and herself, for all of the townspeople who would despise her, and look upon her with distrust, believing Julio's death to have been her fault as much as her heartbroken mother's.