The Best of Me (Running Out) by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own 1DOL or any of its characters.

Once, I thought I had it all

I was going to be big, I felt so tall

I thought I'd make it big

Make my parents proud

But now I'm sinking, sinking down deep

In a grave of my own digging

I'm running and I'm scared

I couldn't live with myself

If my parents got hurt

And they won't have it any other way, but for this problem to be shared

Because we're a family, I've never sat alone on this shelf

I'm so hurt

For what could have been, for what will never be

For the chances that have gone astray

And not my way

And all because we trusted a friend

And now that friend has turned on us

Turned out not to be a friend

At all

I don't have any songs to sing, now

My world is silent now

As though someone came up to me and whispered loudly in my ear, "Shush"

But now I've fled

I'll be forever condemned to bleed

For the love I left behind

The love I could not hold

I'm sorry Mum and Dad

I'm sorry Vince

I'm sorry me

I'm sorry I'll never be

The best of me.