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Summary: What happens if Sora sends the hearts back to their somebodies? The organization is back, which means trouble for a certain redhead who made a habit of betraying his fellow members. Characters will be a bit OOC later on. Based after KH2. SoKu and AkuRoku

It's up to Roxas' somebody to save his life, before his second chance runs out. But where is Roxas? Can Sora save Axel without a piece of himself? Or will Roxas be lost forever, within the clutches of the new organization XIII? AkuRoku and SoKu.

Warning: I'm trying to make this as in character but in later chapters they're gonna be extremely ooc. It's also rated M for some smut, rape, and violence so be warned.

Chapter 1: Begining to a New Journey!

"You're crazy if you think you're gonna win!" Swords crashed together as the two boys fought. Riku pushed his wing-like sword against Sora's, seeing a few sparks fly. Sora had been challenging Riku to fights all day. It was getting weird. Sora looked like he hadn't slept all night, which worried Riku. Sora's swung his keyblade right towards Riku's face, and the older boy blocked his attack before he could get hit. Riku grabbed Sora's arm and kicked Sora's feet out from under him. Sora fell with a grunt as Riku let go of his arm.

"Just give up Sora, you'll never beat me" Riku laughed as he reached his hand down to pull his friend up. Sora grabbed his hand and pulled him down with him, starting a wrestling match. Sora fought with all of his might, but Riku still won, making the brunette tap out with a small cry.

"Let's stop for today, I'm tired" Riku pulled Sora up as he began to walk towards the boats. He stopped when he felt a hand grab his wrist. He turned to see Sora looking very worried.

"Riku... I need your help. I… need to talk to King Mickey," Sora whispered as he let go of his arm. Riku looked down curiously at his friend. They haven't talked about other worlds, or the king, or anything like that since... Well Riku couldn't even remember the last time they talked about stuff like that. Their journey was over. It ended years ago. Plus Kairi didn't want them to leave again. Riku pointed towards the cave. It would be a lot safer to talk about other worlds and the king in there. Sora followed, knowing not to speak loudly about this subject. Once they were in the safe rock walls of the oh-so-familiar cave Sora spoke up.

"Roxas is gone,"


"What do you mean by that?" Riku asked, completely taken back. How could Roxas be gone? He was a part of Sora. Sora needed him in order to wake up. To be himself! How could he be gone? Sora's hand reached up to his chest, a sure sign that he was upset about something.

"It's my fault. I didn't mean to I-.. I just... Well..." Sora trailed off looking down at his feet, his grip over his chest tightening. How could he explain to Riku what he had done? "I uh.. directed the hearts, kingdom hearts. I sent them into worlds, hoping they would find their somebodies, and it worked!… but…" Sora said as he tried to look up to Riku.

"What's wrong then? If you sent the hearts to their somebodies, then it should be alright. What exactly went wrong?" Riku asked. He put his hands on Sora's shoulders to comfort him. If the hearts made their way back then everything should be alright. There wouldn't be as many nobodies, and there hasn't been a heartless problem in ages. Sometimes the heartless would pop up, but that was only on a rare occasion.

"The organization… it's back. ALL of the organization…" Sora said as he looked at Riku, his eyes filled with fear. He could handle the members one at a time, but he couldn't handle them ALL coming back.

Riku's eyes were wide as he looked at the face of his best friend. How long did it take to kill each member? Which ones were the most dangerous? Which were actually on their side…? Which members were in danger? How would they manage to leave the island to fight without Kairi interfering? What about Roxas? Sora's nobody would be the first one they would attack! Anyone with a connection to Sora was in danger! Riku was so busy questioning what they would do that he didn't even hear what Sora was saying.

"—I'm scared of what's going to happen to him. He betrayed almost every member of the organization, and I have a feeling he'll get killed again. He helped me find Kairi, so I owe him enough to save his life-"

"Don't worry, Roxas will be ok, he's a tough kid. He even managed to beat me," Riku cut in. Riku had fought Roxas and lost. He had a strong heart.

"I wasn't talking about Roxas Riku," Sora said as he pushed the older boy's hand off his shoulder.

"I'm talking about Axel... He's the one in danger!"

"Axel?" How much danger could he be in? He didn't do anything against the organization, or… did he? Riku said as he looked down on his friend.

"Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen, Zexion… "

"Why are you naming the members of organization 13?"

"I'm not just simply naming them. Those are the members that Axel betrayed, and died because of him. They know it was him who betrayed them! Who do you think they'd be after for revenge? Axel is strong, but not against the organization! Roxas was in love with Axel! As his somebody I can't just let Axel die!" Sora put a hand over his heart. "I remember Roxas and Axel losing a friend. I don't want Roxas to loose Axel too!" Sora said as he grabbed Riku's arm, "Riku, take me to the king! He'd know where to look for Axel,"

"Are you sure you can fight?" Riku asked as he looked down at Sora.

"I've been fighting all day with you, I can handle it!" Sora said as he turned twards the door on inside the cave. He reached his hand to the door at the far side of the small picture-infested cave. He closed his eyes, but suddenly turned around when he heard a dark portal open up. Riku immediately moved in front of Sora, protecting him if it was one of the members appearing. When the portal closed all they could see was someone in a black organization cloak, the cloak had been cut across the side, and there was caked on blood everywhere. They couldn't see the face of the member, due to the hood covering him. Riku stepped closer to the body, pulling back the hood, to his surprise seeing a blonde man with a mullet that stood tall, with the blood caked onto the skin of his face. Riku looked towards Sora, whose eyes were shut in deep thought.

"Demyx," Sora said as he opened his eyes, "He's ok, he was a friend of Roxas," Sora still had part of Roxas' memory, but was forgetting it quickly. They needed to find some help for the sitarist. The two boys left the cave, only to see that the sun was now setting. It was good for them, because they wouldn't be able to drag a large man's body to the houses in bright sunlight.

"Where should we take him?" Riku asked as they placed the man onto the boat. It would take a while for them to get to the main island.

"My house, we can sneak him in through the window. Tell your mom that you'll be spending the night with me, and then tomorrow we'll let your dad take a good look at him," Sora said as he paddled the small boat. He knew that Riku had a lot of medical knowledge thanks to his parents, who happened to be the small island's doctors. Riku nodded as he helped push the boat through the water, the sky darkening as they moved away from the island.


Sora was being extremely careful as he pulled open his window, pushing Demyx inside. He hadn't made any noise the entire trip, and the only way Riku and Sora knew he was alive was his chocked breathing. Sora got out a sleeping bag and placed it on the floor. He put Demyx on it and began to remove his cloak. The zipper kept getting stuck, so Sora decided he'd just cut off the entire coat. He started looking around his room for some scissors when he heard a knock on his window. He looked up and saw Riku smiling down at him. He quickly opened the window, letting the silver-haired boy in.

"Right now I'm trying to get that stupid cloak off him," Sora said as he finally found some scissors. He then walked over and began to cut off the cloak, revealing the clothes he hid underneath. He was in a blue muscle t-shirt, with black skinny jeans, which would've looked better one the boy if it wasn't torn and covered in blood. As Sora peeled off the coat he noticed that some of his wounds were frozen. He had a huge gash on his side that was bleeding all over the boy.

That one was probably the worst one on him, while the others were just cuts along his chest and bruises everywhere. And he meant everywhere. Under his shirt there wasn't even an inch of skin that wasn't purple and swollen-looking. Riku got out some medical tape and some thread. There was no way the wound on his side was going to heal by itself, and if he didn't stop the bleeding he would die. Sora then started going through his old clothes, seeing if maybe he had some potions left over from his childhood adventures.


As Riku cut the thread on the last wound the sewed up Demyx began to move around. It was like he was having a bad dream. He kept saying no, and that he didn't want to fight, and grabbed onto the sleeping bag. Riku had Sora pull his chest forwards as he began to put bandages onto his bare chest. He placed the gauze on the wound on his ribs and pulled the medical tape around his body four or five times. Sora then tried to get him to drink the potion that he had found. It was the only one he had, so he was hoping it would help somewhat. Demyx began coughing when he tried to swallow the potion and his blue eyes began to open. Sora looked down at his face, noticing the pained look on his features.

"Rox…as?" Demyx whispered as he placed his hand on Sora's face,"G-get out of here. Vexen… Something's wrong with him. He fought Axel, and he's probably after you too! He's… gone insane…" Demyx said as he sat up slightly. Sora looked at Riku, then to Demyx.

"Where is Roxas?" The brunette said gently as he tried to get the sitarist to finish the potion.

"What?.. but you're…No… NO! MOVE IT!" Demyx yelled as he shoved Sora away, "I NEED TO FIND ROXAS, HE'S IN TROBLE! IF I DON'T FIND HIM BEFORE VEXEN HE'LL…" Demyx yelled as he sat up; winching in pain as he held onto his ribs, blood flowing through the white bandages. He reached his hand in front of himself and summoned a dark portal. Riku then grabbed the man by the shoulders and pushed him back onto the sleeping bag. Riku turned to Sora.

"Get into the portal! You'll find Roxas, and maybe Axel! I'll make sure he doesn't hurt himself! Try to find out what's happening!" Demyx began to struggle immediately as he saw the brunette turn to leave. He's just putting himself in danger!

"Don't go!" Demyx yelled as Riku continued to hold him down. Sora hesitated but then ran into the portal. When it closed he found himself in a strange colored world. He began to walk around, easily finding Axel. He ran up to Axel, and noticed that he wasn't moving, or rather, couldn't move. He placed his hands on the man's back and shoved him harshly, seeing the ice covering fall away from his body. Axel fell onto the grass and turned around to see who had de-frosted him.


A/N so how's the first chapter? Kind of short, I know(4 pages), But I like it a lot better than what I had written before :D

And here are the ages, cause this is set a couple years after Kingdom Hearts 2.

Riku is 19

Sora and Kairi are 18

Demyx is 24

Axel is 25?