Chapter 4

Summary: What happens if Sora sends the hearts back to their somebodies? The organization is back, which means trouble for a certain redhead who made a habit of betraying his fellow members. Characters will be a bit OOC later on. Based after Kingdom Hearts 2. SoKu and AkuRoku

It's up to Roxas' somebody to save his life, before his second chance runs out. But where is Roxas? Can Sora save Axel without a piece of himself? Or will Roxas be lost forever, within the clutches of the new organization XIII? AkuRoku and SoKu.

Warning: I'm trying to make this as in character but in later chapters they're going to be extremely OOC. It's also rated M for some smut, rape, and violence so be warned.

Chapter 4: Insanity Injection.

"Yeah, most of the organization had nicknames. I was the Flurry of Dancing Flames, and Roxy was the Keyblade's Chosen." Axel looked down at Sora when he heard him snort. "Something funny half-pint?"

"I'm not that short! But do you seriously call him Roxy?" Sora asked with a laugh. He was almost done looking through the manual, which meant they could leave soon Axel realized.

"Sometimes, drove him insane you know?" Axel said with a small laugh. He really missed Roxas.

. . .

Vexen was insane. Absolutely gone. At least that's what Roxas had observed within his first few days trapped within the bland white walls of his 'room', which consisted of chains linked to the wall to make sure he didn't escape. He tried to sit up, and felt the awful clang of metal against his bare wrists. Everywhere the metal was on him was colored purple and blue from his struggling. His eye was black and swollen shut from visits from Xigbar, who Roxas guessed was not completely sane. Roxas opened his good eye to see that he finally had a meal! When had that happened? I was sure I was awake. He tried to crawl over to the food, but the chains pulled him back. Of course Vexen wouldn't let me have it. Not until I tell him how to steal a heart.

Roxas moved back to the wall so he would have something to lean on. A dry chuckle left his mouth when he thought of why Vexen was keeping him here, torturing him. "Too bad I can't tell you… There isn't a way to steal hearts." Not physically at least.

Roxas just sat there trying to think of what Vexen was trying to accomplish, when the door began to open. The blonde just moved closer to the wall, readying himself if it were Xigbar to give him another beating for being uncooperative. Roxas' eyebrows shot straight up when he saw a man with a head of blue hair enter, except something was off. Roxas got goose bumps the second he closed the door, and slowly waltzed over to where Roxas was on the floor.

"So I've been told that you refuse to tell how to steal hearts, when in reality, the heart you now possess is in fact stolen," Saix spoke as he stood above Roxas glaring at him. Stolen? From whom I wonder.

"You look confused. It's okay, I was positive that you wouldn't remember her." Saix said as he grabbed the tray of food from off the floor. It consisted of bread and water. Jail food. Saix looked down at Roxas, and saw how starved Roxas looked. How long had he been in here? At least five days Roxas guessed. He was already losing a great deal of weight, and it was obvious by how his cheeks had begun to cave in. Saix grabbed the bread off of the tray and threw it in Roxas' direction, and chuckled meanly as Roxas snatched it begun eating it with a fierce gusto.

When Saix left, Roxas continued to search his thoughts of ways of escape. If only Axel was looking for me.

The bread wasn't enough. Saix come back a few hours later, and even though his body begged, Roxas refused to ask Saix for food. He backed away as Saix kneeled down next to him, looking at him with a crazy glare that wasn't quite his. His eyes looked just like Vexens.

"What do you want?" Roxas spat out, wanting the bluenette to leave desperately. He would rather be alone than be around by one of Vexens possibly insane accomplices. Saix grabbed Roxas' face and moved it around roughly to get a good look at his face.

"Why would she give you her heart?" Saix questioned quietly. Now Roxas was really confused.

"What do you mean, I have my own heart!" Roxas said defensively.

Saix slapped him hard across the face, "Liar! Sora has his own heart, so whose do you have? It must belong to that girl you and Axel knew. The one who used the keyblade. But what was her name I wonder…?"

Roxas wiped his cheek as he glared at Saix. He had been hit pretty hard by the bluenette, and had split his already broken lip.

"How should I know? I don't even know who you're talking about."

"Yes you do!" Saix yelled as he pulled Roxas up by his shirt, tearing it accidently. Roxas was then slammed against the wall as Saix gave him one of the fiercest glares Roxas had ever seen.

"Good tidings friends, today is a momentous day. I am pleased to announce that a new comrade has been chosen to wear the coat."

"Number Fou-," Roxas lost what he was going to say as Saix dropped him to the floor and kicked him hard in the ribs. He felt the small amount of food he had eaten trying to climb up his throat. A chocked sob came from him as he emptied his stomach in front of Saix. His stomach cringed when it was empty of the food Roxas had desperately needed. Saix had a wicked smile before he began really attacking Roxas.


"What the hell is wrong with you?" Zexion asked as he walked down the hallway with Vexen. Apparently Vexen wanted to steal Axel's heart, so he was torturing Roxas to find out how to steal a heart. That made no sense.

"Ah Zexion, why do you doubt my techniques? I assure you this is an experiment that I know how it will end." Vexen said as he continued down the hall, ignoring the angry tone is his new assistant's voice.

"I doubt your sanity! So what happens if Axel finds you again? And perhaps kills you?" Zexion asked as he tried to keep up with Vexen. Damn long legs.

"If everything goes as planned, I can use Roxas' heart as a backup, and steal Axel's too." Vexen said with confidence as they reached to room. Zexion wondered what it leads to as Vexen pulled some keys out of his lab coat. The blue key seemed to fit the lock.

"Oh I don't think I have to worry about Axel hurting me, especially since I have him working for me," Vexen sneered as Zexion looked into the room. Saix was held against the wall by some leather straps and was laughing like he had gone completely insane. There was an IV hooked to his arm, and a strange black liquid was being forced into the blunette's veins. It was like some insanity drug.

"That's interesting," Zexion mumbled as Vexen shut the door and locked it. He wouldn't want Saix getting loose. They continued down the hallway, until they were at another cell-like door. There was no sound from the inside that Zexion could immeatebly hear, but who knows what could've been kept in there.

"This is Roxas' room, yours is the next door down, and although I assure you it's much nicer than his is. He is being kept here as a prisoner, and you're going to be my assistant." Vexen said as he continued down the dark hallway. Zexion decided to continue on, he could find out what state of mind Roxas was later.


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