What I've Done

What I've Done

Forgetting What I've Done

That afternoon, as the sun began to set, Dean, Sam, and Bobby built a pyre and laid Adam's body, wrapped, on it.

Holding back tears, Sam and Dean watched as Bobby set fire to the pyre and continued to watch as their brother's body burned for a second time in four years.

"Rest in peace, Adam," Dean managed to say.

Sam and Bobby nodded, and the trio fell silent.

Yards away, Castiel and Sofiel appeared, and approached them.

When Dean spotted them coming he craned his neck to see them better, and Sam and Bobby's eyes soon followed his.

"We just wanted to stop by to say goodbye," Castiel told them.

"You're leaving?" Dean almost shouted.

"Yes," Castiel answered. "I am returning to Heaven to help Sofiel and the other angels who are trying to bring peace to it."

Castiel knew it wouldn't be easy to gain the trust of his fellow angels again, but he was determined to help them, to save them from themselves.

"Are you going to come back?" Sam inquired, drawing Castiel out of his thoughts.

"Of course," Castiel replied. "And if you ever need my help all you have to do is call."

"What if you're busy?" Dean quizzed.

"I will try to always come if it is an emergency," Castiel paused. "But if it isn't, I hope you will understand if I do not."

Dean nodded. He could accept that.

"If you ever need us to help you Cas, just let us know," Sam said.

Dean agreed.

Castiel smiled. "Thank you for the offer."

Most angels would have brushed off the idea of a human helping them with heavenly business, but Castiel now knew better than to. He knew how strong humans could be.

Castiel glanced at Bobby and Bobby shifted awkwardly in his spot.

"I'll, er, see you around," the gruff hunter said.

If Castiel were still human, he would have laughed. Instead, his smile grew slightly wider.

"Are you ready to go, Castiel?" Sofiel asked softly several seconds later.

Castiel turned to look at her, and nodded. "Yes."

Sofiel teleported away, and Castiel looked back at his friends one last time. After he'd done so, Castiel spread his wings and flew to Heaven.

Following Sofiel home.

A/N: The End.