Title: Reality and other foolish notions

Warnings: Movies' verse,Spoilers for "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2"

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Disclaimer: If I did own it the 'Come Draco' scene wouldn't be in the bloody movie and don't get me started about the lack of Lupin!

A/N: Just came back from the movie, which I actually liked but was never the less pissed off by the choise they had Draco make. I mean what the hell were they thinking? The smile at the epilogue,however nice doesn't really make up for it people! Rant is over and all I have to say is this, english is not my native tongue and this is unbeta ed.

It wasn't real. That's what Harry keeps telling himself as he watches Draco Malfoy cross the courtyard and approach Voldemort. His last hopes vanish when the other boy reaches his mother and doesn't even look back as she leads him away from Hogwarts, away from Harry. But it doesn't matter because it wasn't real, none of it.

The way tighter than nesecery hold Malfoy had around his waist after he helped him onto his broom and lead him away from the flames was just a manifestation of the Slytherin's fear. It wan't real.

The kiss Harry felt the blond press on the back of his neck as they flew out of the room of Requirement was just an accidental peck caused by his own frantic flying. It wasn't real.

The bittersweet smile on Draco's face that Harry only got a glimpse of - a glimpse of what flashed before his eyes seconds before he woke up in what turned out to be King's Cross station - before he run off with Ron and Hermione was just the expression of a gratitude that anyone would feel towards someone who saved them. It wasn't real.

The pain Harry feels now, the pain of betrayal is not even supposed to be there because it's not a betrayal. Harry knew, he knew from the very start where Malfoy's alliance lied and this pain was caused by his own foolisness,nothing more. It's not real.

It's been 19 years. 19 years of silence and politeness that only pain can cause.

17 years of avoiding each other in the corridors of the Ministry and giving each other nonchalant nods when it seems appropriate.

15 years of lying in bed with the same woman every night and praying that he doesn't call her another man's name.

11 years of watching his brilliant, wonderfull child and trying to teach him how to be brave, braver than he ever was and more alive and loved by those he needs by his side.

8 years of collecting photos of the other man he finds in the Daily Prophet or the Ministry and locking them in a small wooden box along with every piece of his heart that doesn't belong to his son.

3 years of sleeping alone and occasionally chatting with his wife over breakfast.

1 year since he last saw him.

But now he's here and he's guiding his own son towards the train. And all he can do is smile at him, ignoring his semi cold response and trying to convey in that smile exactly what he didn't say all those years ago outside the Room of Requirement. But he fails and all he gets in response is Harry walking on by. And it hurts, more than it should, but it's also comforting. It's as if they're back to being first years. The savior might hate him but at least he cares enough to do so. It hurts and it tears his heart apart but it's real. For Draco Malfoy, it's always been real.