I'm in Love with My Younger Sister

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Chapter 1: My Sin

How should I start with this story of my life that is consider a sin? Should I start with my feelings towards the girl I shared my mother's womb with? Or should I start how I became to see her more than a sister? Or should I start to explain how I became obsess with her?

Well it doesn't matter how I start this story, you would know eventually when this story starts to process and reveal my secret. The secret I tried so hard to hide from everyone. Even from my best friend, my parents, and most importantly my love. The girl I have love since we were growing up together, living together, sharing everything, and having the same parents. Yes, if you have figured it out already, let me confirm your theory; I'm in love with my twin sister.

"Naruto, honey hurry up or you're going to be late for school" my mom shouted from downstairs. I'm 16 years old and my name is Naruto Namikaze. I live with my parents and my twin sister in a warm loving home, located in Konoha Village.

"I'm almost ready, mom!" I yelled back trying to tie my uniform tie around my neck. I finally get the stupid tie in place it's a black tie the same color as the pants and jacket, the school shirt is white. I look myself over my mirror making sure everything is in place and not forgetting anything, as I'm looking myself over, I hear the door to my room creak open, through my mirror I can see her trying to sneak behind me. I pretend I didn't hear her and let her have her fun, once again I look myself over, fixing my spiky blonde hair while pretending I haven't notice her yet. I see her getting closer when suddenly…

"BOO!" she yells in my ear and wraps her arms around my waist. I tense at her touch and her breath against my neck at that moment I regretted letting her sneak up behind me. My boys hormones start to awake the moment she touch me. It's like if her soft, delicate skin can activate my hormones the moment she touches me.

"Hinata, why do you always have to sneak behind me?" I ask her removing her arms from my waist and pushing her off of me before I lose control over my body from the hormones that are rising inside of me. She falls down to the floor on her butt and looks at me with a cute pout on her beautiful face.

"Naru-kun, you don't have to be mean" She said standing up. Turning around to get my backpack I gave her the glare I always giver her when she is starting to annoy me.

"You're annoying, Hinata" I said walking out from my room with her following. Walking down the stairs she starts to speak of random things, I catch some words for I'm not interested on what she's saying. The only thing I'm paying attention to is her soft, sweet, and angelic voice that has haunt me since the day I found I was in love with her, the same day I found it was a sin to love your sister in a different way.

"And then Sakura was getting pissed because the line wouldn't advance and the cashier wouldn't hurry, and you know Sakura is not a patience person" she stop and look at me to see if I was listening so I only nodded my head, she taking it as a sign to continue. "Then, this hot dude got in the line in front of us making Sakura even more pissed. I politely ask him to get out from the line and you know what he did?" She got my whole attention when she said 'hot dude' how dare her say that to me, we entered the kitchen and I could see my mom making breakfast but I didn't see my dad sitting at the table reading the newspaper like he usually does in the mornings and drinking his dark coffee. I guess he already went to work probably he has a meeting; well he is the Hokage of this village.

"Mom, Naruto isn't listening to me!" Hinata complain to my mother.

"Honey, please listen to what your sister has to say" my mom turned around and smiled at me. I took her appearance she looks kind of young compare to the women of her age, she's 36 years old with long red hair and shiny violet eyes filled with happiness, love, and laughter. Her body is very slim and has curves in the right places after having twins I don't know how can she have a models body! No wonder my dad never lays his eyes on other women, I mean there are lots of beautiful, young, and sexy women in this world… Why am I thinking this? I shouldn't be thinking of this I guess I'm proud of my dad for not cheating on my mom with another woman.

"Naruto, honey are you okay?" I snapped out of my thoughts shaking my head slightly. Ignoring her question I took my seat next to Hinata who was texting on her cell phone. Seriously, how can she text all day even in the bathroom she's texting.

"Hey, mom can I go to the mall with Sakura, Tenten, and Ino after school?" Hinata asks my mom lifting her eyes from screen. Mom lays the plate of food in front of us, she doesn't answer at first. I could see she was doubting on letting Hinata go to the mall. From the corner of my eyes I could see Hinata waiting impatiently starring at mom. After few minutes mom sighs and smiles at Hinata.

"Sure, Hime you can go, but you have to be home by dinner time. You know your Father doesn't like having dinner when one of us is not at home" Hinata jumps up from the chair runs to my mom and hugs her, mom smiles and hugs her back. Argh, now she's going to the mall, a place full of men, who are going to be after her. She's really popular with guys because of her beauty and nice personality. Because of this I lose my temper and end up fighting with the guys and a pissed of Hinata. My parents always think I'm an over protective brother, its sad how they don't know their son loves their daughter which is my sister.

"Naru-kun it's time to go to school" Hinata said standing from her chair and walking to the front door on her way grabbing her purple backpack. I do the same thing following her out the door. Not expecting the sun to be so shiny I covered my eyes and walk next to Hinata who is waving hi to her friends. They walk toward us and they greet me with a 'Good morning Naruto' Returning the gesture I walk ahead of them listening to their conversation, when suddenly I'm pushed to the ground and see a man with a Jason mask, my heart stops for a minute, my mind processing what's happening. Then, I hear Hinata and her friends laughing, rising my head to see what or who knock me to the ground I see my best friend bending over from laughing with the stupid mask on top of his head "You asshole! You almost made me shit on my pants" I yelled at him rage rising inside of me.

"That was awesome! You should have seen your face Naruto" he said laughing and pointing his finger at me. This idiot who does he think he is? Coming out of nowhere and scaring me! I stand up from the ground and punch him on the face, I could see I took him by surprise his face showed it. Blood came running down his nose, he raised his hand to his face and wipes the blood away while starring angrily at me.

"Hey, man what's your problem?" he asks.

"What's my problem you ask? My problem is you came out of nowhere wearing that stupid mask and almost giving me a heart attack, that's my problem" I said glaring at him.

"I'm sorry man, but you have to admit it was hilarious! I wish I had a camera… oh wait" he smirks at me evilly. "I forgot I told your sister to help me with this plan by recording everything that just happened. Hinata" He turns to Hinata and stretches out his hand for the camera Hinata is holding. She hands the camera to him and smiles at me. I stare at her making her back away to her friends, I can't believe the woman I love team up with my best friend and planned this prank on me! Those two are going to get it!

"Hinata I can't believe you team up with Sasuke-teme" I said disappointed at her, making her fill guilty. I know she doesn't like me to be disappointed at her, that's way I'm using this to my advantage.

"Naruto I'm sorry I just… um.. Sasuke said if I didn't help him he was gonna tell you that" she was interrupted by Sasuke.

"Hinata are you sure you want to tell him now?" He asked her walking towards her and holding her hand. Wait his holding her hand!

"What are you two talking about?" I ask getting confuse and more now that Sasuke is holding her hand.

"I'm sure Sasuke, he will find out eventually from someone. I want him to know from me" she said.

"Do as you wish Hinata" Sasuke looked at me his eyes fill with guilty and sadness.

"Hinata tell me what's happening" I walk towards them with my eyes still fix on their hands.

"Naru-kun, Sasuke and I…. we're dating" she whispered but it was loud enough for me to hear.