The Most Hallowed Alliance by Emachinescat

A Merlin and Harry Potter Crossover Fan-Fiction

SUMMARY: Sequel to The Most Deadly Alliance. Three years have passed in Camelot, and Morgana's loyalties have been compromised. At Hogwarts, the final battle against Voldemort and the search for the horcruxes is at its peak. Summoned to the future by a desperate band of students led by Neville Longbottom, Arthur and Merlin must fight alongside Harry to secure the Deathly Hallows and defeat Voldemort, because, like last time, the only way they're going to win this is together.

A/N: It's sequel-time! For those of you who enjoyed The Most Deadly Alliance, it's unbelievably wonderful to be back with more Merlin and Harry Potter goodness! If you haven't read the first one, well, you should go read it first because this is a sequel, which means it comes after the first one. :) You will probably be in the dark about a lot of stuff if you haven't read TMDA, so I urge you to go read it first (and review, reviewing is great!) if you haven't already.

You'll find out all this in time, but I'll go ahead and tell you – this takes place during the mid-third season of Merlin (after The Crystal Cave but before Queen of Hearts – so the truth about Morgana's parentage is still fresh, but she hasn't gone full-fledged evil queen) and during The Deathly Hallows. This story is going to integrate elements from season 3 of Merlin and link them to certain events that actually happen in Deathly Hallows. Make sense? That's okay, I don't really get it either. You'll just have to read on. :) Please review.

The Most Hallowed Alliance


She is standing in an empty room, the stone walls overbearing, looming over her. There is darkness everywhere – swirling maddeningly around her, creeping into her eyes, seeping into her soul. She drinks it in because the darkness, it gives her power. Power over those who have betrayed her, who have turned their backs on her, lied to her, tried to kill her…

She does not understand the darkness, but a voice speaks from within it. It is high, menacing, deadly. She relishes the shivers it sends down her spine. This voice, the being that it emanates from, and all related to it are the darkness. "The sssstone…"

She looks around and thinks she sees two red pinpricks in the midst of the blackness. Eyes. They seem vaguely familiar and she thinks that once she might have been afraid of them. Now, she sees mystery, intrigue, the allure of the unknown and the yearning to learn more.

She speaks, and when she does her voice is calm and clear, betraying the excitement bubbling inside of her. "A stone?"

"THE sssstone…" There is a lingering pause, leaving her wanting, needing more… "I can ssshhow you…"

A pale white hand emerges from the mist, fingernails long and perfectly manicured. She swallows and something taps on the edge of her consciousness. A flash of color leaps through her mind – the fiery orange of a flaming feather, and with that orange, two sad green eyes, disappointed. For some reason, those eyes make her feel like an insolent child.

She banishes the feather from her mind but those achingly familiar green orbs linger, finally disappearing as she takes the deathly pale hand…

Morgana shifted in her sleep, her eyes wandering rapidly beneath closed eyelids as she dreamt.

She sees her father. Not the man who is actually her father, the man who would rather protect his reputation than claim his own daughter, but the man she grew up believing is her father. She can't believe that he's here; he's returned from the battle! But…

She is confused. He is dead – she muffles a sob – so how is he here, with her?

His eyes are full of warmth and he wraps his loving arms around her. She nestles closer and he presses his lips against her black hair. "Morgana…" The sound of her name coming from his mouth is the most beautiful thing she has ever heard.

And then, he is gone. As suddenly as he appeared beside her, she is hugging air, no one in her arms. She falls to her knees, sobbing. Where did he go? Where did he GO?

The high voice spoke again, enticing her to rise and move toward the source of the sound, except the sound is coming from every direction. "He is not living, so he cannot remain in this world."

She is angry. She screams at the disembodied voice. "Why are you doing this? What purpose did re-opening my wounds serve?"

"He can return to you, Morgana. There is only one way… The sssstone…"

Morgana's fist clenched beneath her sheets and silent tears slid down her sleeping face.

She is back in the empty room again, except this time, a little ruby stone lies at her feet. She picks it up, turns it over three times, and suddenly, he is there again! She runs to him, blubbering something about how she loves her father, forgetting about the stone and letting it fall from her fingers. When it hits the floor, both the black stone and her father melt away.

Her eyes glow gold. Power lines every word. "The stone…"

The red eyes return and they hold a triumphant glow. "Yessss…. The sssstone…."

Morgana sat up, her chest heaving as she gulped in breath after breath of precious air. She felt like she had been underwater, drowning, and now it seemed that she just could not get enough air into her starving lungs.

Once she had caught her breath, she shivered, pulling her luxurious blankets close. She could feel tears streaming down her face and did not make any move to wipe them away. That dream…

She glanced down at her wrist to see that the intricate, beautiful healing bracelet given to her by her recently discovered half-sister, Morgause, was still latched onto her thin wrist. Morgause had once told her that sometimes a dream was so strong, so important, that even the powerful magic of a healing bracelet could not stop it. This was one of those times.

But this dream, it was so different than others she had experienced. Normally, when she had a vision, it would come across as more of a nightmare, showing her ominous glimpses of things yet to come. This hadn't been like that – the disembodied voice, the strange stone, her father… it couldn't be something that would happen, because, as the voice had so clearly told her, her father was dead. Nothing could bring him back… right?


The stone.

Her mind's eye found the image of the ruby stone once more, gleaming crimson. The pale-fingered man had told her that only through the stone could she find her father again. She shook her head, tears drying on her face. That wasn't possible. No magic, no matter how strong, could bring the dead back to life. That was one of the first things she had learned from Morgause. Not even the legendary, prophesied Emrys could do such a thing. And even if the dead could be brought back, the balance of life would have to be restored. For there to be a life, there would have to be a death. While Morgana would willingly give over Uther, Merlin, even Arthur in the place of Gorlois, she knew that the magic would choose, not her. Seeing as how it was impossible to bring back the dead in the first place, it was a moot point anyway.

This strange man in her dream, with a voice like nails on a stone, high pitched and serpentine, had said that The Stone could bring her father back. Suddenly desperate to know more, Morgana all but leaped from bed, bare feet slapping the cold stone floor beneath her. She strode to her vanity, taking a small jewelry box she had received as a gift from her sister a few months back, a box that could allow her to let Morgause know she wanted to meet. Opening the box, Morgana closed her eyes and incanted the spell Morgause had taught her, "Siarad â Morgause, gyfarfod â mi ar unwaith!"

The box glowed red and a small, satisfied smirk appeared on Morgana's lips as she was able to complete the charm the first time. She knew that a wave of magic would encompass her sister instantly, telling her to wait at the usual spot in the Darkling Woods. Morgana quickly dressed, donned a dark green cloak, and slipped out of her chambers – there was much to discuss.

As she snuck through the corridors and out of the castle to the rendezvous point where she knew the only family she had would be waiting, those green eyes that had intercepted her dream snuck their way into her mind. Her heart leapt and her stomach clenched and she forced herself not to think about him.

And yet, even with all her best efforts to relieve her thoughts of him, Harry Potter's emerald green eyes followed her all the way to the Darkling Woods.

Merlin hadn't been able to sleep. He'd been on edge all evening, not even sure why. He'd managed to drop Arthur's dinner, forgetting about his magic for a split second, and wound up spilling it all over the freshly polished floor. Arthur, none-too-happy about this development, called Merlin an idiot and mumbled something questioning the point of being a warlock if you can't even prevent a mess. Merlin had called Arthur a prat, Arthur had ordered him to leave and come back with food that had not touched the floor, and they had parted ways, both irritated and neither sure what was causing them to feel this way.

Now Merlin tried to sleep, tossing and turning in his small bed. His mind was whirling. Every time he would fall asleep, strange dreams would haunt him. Not the premonition type that befell Morgana, of course – but dreams of the past, of old friends, the future, the past. He was seeing Harry, Ron, and Hermione in his dreams much more recently. He even saw the Hogwarts Potions master, Severus Snape, a few times, and that was not someone he was eager to meet again.

Last night, he'd seen Voldemort. Tonight, the one time he'd fallen asleep, Voldemort was fixated on something, searching desperately, caressing a black stone before it melted away. Voldemort had turned his eyes and hissed menacingly, "Not even you can stop me…"

Evil was stirring, and if past experience had anything to say about it, it wouldn't be long before he was at the center of it.

A/N: Here's the deal. This was more of a teaser chapter than anything. It was short, less than 2K words, while the rest of the chapters will be at least 4k words each. But I've had a ton of people message me and ask me about this sequel (thanks so much, guys!), and I wanted to let you all know it's in the works and after I get a few of my other fics done, it will be the main one I work on. Until then, I'm going to focus like crazy on getting Ransoming Emrys and The Visiting Prince and A Game Well Played done. Not sure when I'll update this next, but PLEASE review and let me know if you like where this is going. I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can, at least within two weeks, if all goes well. Eventually, I'll work this fic into my update schedule and update regularly. Promise. :) Review?

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