Chapter 1 (POV Judy Nails)

The screams are defining. The bodies all blur together. It's hot a sweaty under all these lights, and Judy loves every minute of it. This is what the band was created to do: spread the music! Judy wipes the sweat off of her forehead as she goes backstage after her wicked guitar solo. She sets down her guitar and sighs contently. She walks back to her dresser, complete with black mirror and matching chair. Judy drops into her chair and takes a deep breath. She closes her eyes. She has been so tired lately. And as much as she loves playing, her fingers are starting to feel raw and her arms felt like noodles. When she opens her eyes, she sees Gunner sitting next to her at his space. Judy's heart speeds up like she's still on stage.

"Hey, nice job out there," she tells him, "Your bass is super wicked!" He nods back in reply. Ugh, Judy you're an idiot! she mentally chastises herself, wicked! Who says wicked anymore! Luckily, Pandora walks over and interrupts before she can humiliate herself further.

Judy tries to sip of her water, and act cool, but she ends up spilling on herself. UGH! KILL ME NOW! She thinks.

"Hey, P. What's up? Nice screaming out there by the way," Judy says, turning her attention on her friend.

"Thanks, but holy crap! My throat is killing me!" Pandora croaks, rubbing her throat and downing her own water.

"Hey ladies," Simon saunters over.

"Hey Simon," Judy says. Then she rolls her eyes and says, "Can you be any more obvious in checking her out? Seriously, she's dating Johnny." Simon smirks.

"Hey, I can look. Just not touch," he walks off to where he spotted Memphis.

"He's impossible," Pandora says, wincing and holding her throat.

"All say," there was a silence as they both thought about their friend, hoping he wouldn't get hurt and also hoping there wouldn't be enough drama to break up the band. Judy shook her head.

"Anyway, did you hear me out there?" she asked Pandora, "I missed, like, three notes. Three! I'm totally losing my edge!"

Pandora opens her mouth to reply, but Gunner cuts her off.

"Judy, you did great. Don't beat yourself up," with that her gets up and walks away. Judy and Pandora look at each other. That was the most they had ever heard gunner say, Judy thought she was going to faint! She stared after him.