Chapter 4 (POV Johnny)

Johnny hurries out of the hotel room pulling up his zipper. The show should be over by now, and he had to get back. He had been surprised when he had looked up from the pretty redhead's face and saw the time. Usually he puts the 'quick' in quick fuck, but damn! That girl had been good!

He wiped his hand across his mouth to get rid of the girl's cherry lip-gloss, the evidence pointing out his incrimination. He didn't want Memphis to know.

He hurried across the now dark streets. He pulls out a cigarette out of his pocket and lights up. His thoughts turn to Memphis. He thought about the excuse he would tell Memphis. He'd just tell her he got bombarded by fans, yeah.

He continued to think about Memphis. The red-head had been good, but Memphis…she was amazing! Just the thought of her…oh, he could feel his pants get tight! He runs to the theater and looks around. It only the Moving boys packing up the equipment. Finally he spots Clive.

"Clive, where the hell is everybody?" he asks.

"On the bus dude, the show's been wrapped up for nearly half an hour now. Where you been man?" Clive asks.

Johnny tell Clive about the redhead, and Clive nods. He understands.

"Look, man, everyone's on the bus. Oh, and Simon was getting pretty close to Memphis today, so watch out," Clive gives his warning, then walks out of the theater.

Rage boils inside Johnny. Memphis and Simon! No! Memphis was his girl! He wouldn't let nobody come between them! The redhead forgotten, Johnny storms out to the bus.