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It was a simple recon mission but, like always, it turned into some big battle. But they didn't really care; they had been itching for a good fight. They had just finished taking out the last of the henchmen, when the ringleader stepped out of the shadows.

"Hey, there's the boss!" shouted Kid Flash.

"You think, Kid Obvious," Robin joked with sarcasm in his voice as he ran forward in an attempt to knock out the newly appeared man, with his bow staff. The said man was clad in a raged brown shirt with matching pants and a bag over his head with slits for his eyes and mouth. Only one thing went through the Boy Wonder's head at that moment.


"Why hello, my Boy Blunder. It seems as though you've found me. But where's Batsy? Don't tell me he sent out the diaper brigade to try and stop me."

"I'm afraid so, Scarecrow," Miss Martian shouted.

"Dude, that rhymed," said Kid Flash as he stared at his teammates wide eyed

"Ignore him," Artemis stated followed by an eye roll.

"Hey." Kid flash shouted

"Anyway I have a present for you, Boy Blunder. It's a new gas that I just finished. I think you will have a great time with it." With that, Scarecrow released a gas cloud around Robin and ran off.

In an instant, Superboy, Aqualad, and Artemis ran after him while Kid Flash and Miss Martian scrambled to help Robin who was in a coughing fit.

"Rob, dude, are you okay?" asked a very worried Wally at a million miles per hour. Before the mission, Batman had told them all about Scarecrow's fear gas and how bad it could be.

By this time, the gas had cleared, but Robin kept coughing, unable to answer his friends. So Megan did the first thing she could think of. Using her powers, she connected her mind with those of Robin and Wally.

'Robin, are you okay?' she frantically asked through her thoughts.

'…' More coughing came from the young boy.

Just as the other three young heroes had returned to the warehouse after unsuccessfully pursuing Scarecrow, both Miss Martian and Kid Flash shouted "ROBIN!" at the same time as the Boy Wonder collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

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