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Chapter 11 baths and naptime

""Uite, uite, eu zbor" "Look, look, I'm flying!" a dark-haired toddler yelled as he floated around the room surrounded by a green energy field. The said energy was courtesy of Miss Martian.

Conner chuckled a little at the statement as the child was lowered into his arms. "Că eşti pasăre mică" "That you are, little bird."

"What'd he say? What'd he say?" an anxious speedster asked through a mouth full of chips, but it came out more like "Wkd me das? Whd se pay?"

As Artemis walked past Wally, she slapped him in the back of his head and said, "Don't talk with your mouth full, Baywatch! You're setting a bad example."

"I believe we should give Robin a bath." Kaldur said from his position on the couch next to Conner. "He is starting to smell like his diapers."

Wally started to choke from laughing so hard while eating; Artemis smacked him a little harder than necessary on his back to make him stop. "Sounds like a good idea, Kal," Wally said with a slight laugh as soon as he had recovered, but it was too late as everyone was almost out the door that led to the rooms. "Hey, wait for me!"

After twenty minutes of going through all of the drawers in the clone's room, they had a large pile with various bath things from the Official Justice League baby series. From baby shampoo ("Whoa, I have to get me some of this! Look it comes with a free JLA toy!" "Yes, Baywatch, just what you need, a Flash pacifier.") to weapon-shaped bath toys ("Ooh, look it's a little batarang and an arrow!") (1) to enough towels for an army ("I hear kids splash a lot during baths, so we are probably going to need towels, too."). (2)

The five teens and the acrobatic tot stood in the biggest bathroom in the mountain that had a bathtub that all six of their mentors could probably fit in. But that was not what they were looking at. No, they were staring at the blue-eyed babe that was only dressed in a diaper covered in yellow bat symbols(3), a pacifier, and a necklace. Well, they were mainly staring at the necklace. It was on an old gold chain that was probably as old as the regular Robin and had a cute cartoon Robin on it that looked equally old. It also had two silver rings on it that looked well cared for, but could easily be twenty or thirty years old.

They were wedding rings; one had a sapphire in it.

Conner slowly picked up the rings and read aloud the inscriptions (which were in Romani). "To my lovely Mary. To my darling John. Then they both have a name on the ring, one is Mary Grayson and the other John Grayson."

"What are they?" asked the confused Martian.

"Wedding rings," Wally absent-mindedly said. He was more focused on the fact that his best friend had never showed him this, even though he knew his secret ID.

"Robin is much too young to be married. Why would he have rings?" Kaldur questioned.

"They could be his parents'." Artemis said and filed this information away to ask the ebony about at a later date. The names sounded vaguely familiar, but she could not put her finger on it.

Conner shrugged and pulled off the diaper. He gently placed the naked toddler into the warm water and started to wash him while the others came over and distracted him with the toys. Throughout the bath, Richard stayed relatively subdued and babbled in Romani. But he was happy to be out of the bath as soon as his "brother" deemed him clean enough.

"Awww, he's so cute," the girls gushed as they swaddled Robin in a black towel with a hood that was covered in red super shields and white bat symbols. His blue eyes blinked sleepily at them.

Conner took a look at the clock and scooped the boy into his arms, heading back to their room, only saying "It's nap time" as an explanation.

He quickly dressed Dick in a pair of footie pajamas with a red super symbol on them.

"Somnul, copilul pasăre," "Naptime, baby bird," Conner said gently to the already dozing child as he scooped him up in a Bat symbol blanket and placed him in his crib.

But as soon as Conner started to move away, Richard sat up and whimpered while sticking his hands out in a motion to be picked up. "Nuuu-te, dormi" "Nooo up, sleep you," he said in an obviously tired voice.

"Bine," "Okay," the older Ebony said with a fond smile. He lifted the toddler out of the crib and grabbed his stuffed elephant. Then they both snuggled up to each other in Conner's bed. Both were asleep in seconds.

Not even an hour later, Conner was awoken to a loud voice over the speaker throughout the cave saying, "Team, report to the briefing room. You have a mission."

(1) Bath toy dialog: Megan

(2) Towel: Artemis

(3) lol, it'ssss fullll! Remember, the black symbols change to yellow when the diaper needs to be changed.