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Chapter 12 Missions and threats

Superboy carefully detangled himself from the clinging toddler and tucked him in. Then slipped on his boots and left as quietly as he could.

~Mission Debriefing Room~

The teens lined up in front of their mentors plus Superman and Wonder Woman.

"Okay, now that everyone's here, we are sending you to…" Superman began explaining their covert mission that Conner only half-heard. He was focusing on the soft breathing of the toddler down the hall when Flash pulled him out of his thoughts.

"So, while you kids are out having fun we will take Di-Robin up to the tower with us." Flash explained happily, looking a lot like Wally when he's had far too much sugar.

"So, where is the little one?" Wonder Woman asked as she looked around the room and frowned when she did not see him.

Conner glumly stomped out of the room.

"What's wrong with … him?" Superman asked with a raised eyebrow and paused when trying to find the right word to describe his clone.

"I believe Conner is upset at having to leave Robin," Kaldur explained while emphasizing on Conner's name.

~Conner's room~

Not really sure what he should pack, Conner grabbed some of everything they had bought at the store, and placed it all in the Batman diaper bag.

Once he was done, Conner looked at the sleeping toddler.

'We could probably pass as brothers.' He mused. 'We have the same black hair and blue eyes... but he is tanner than me. Though real brothers have small differences like that. Right?'

Conner gently picked up the boy, who he had began to think of as a brother. After tucking the stuffed elephant into the diaper bag and rewrapping Robin in his favorite blanket, they headed back to the briefing room.

As they got closer to the briefing room once more, Conner heard the others telling their mentors how close he and Robin had gotten in the past few days. Though, as soon as he walked in, everyone quickly got quite, making it obvious that they were talking about him. The super-hearing wasn't necessary to understand that.

"I heard you, you know," Conner stated as he continued toward the group, and mumbled, "super-hearing and all that." Aqualad gave him a disapproving look.

Clark walked up to his "son", or so everyone kept insisting, and motioned to grab Robin, but Conner just walked past him and handed his precious bundle to the Amazon. Why would Conner trust Superman with Robin if the Kryptonian wouldn't even take charge of his own flesh and blood?

"Thank you, Conner." She smiled kindly at him as she adjusted the toddler in her arms. Then Conner dropped the diaper bag in Green Arrow's arms. Oliver grunted under the weight of the bag.

"The he-heck is in this thing!?" the archer demanded, almost cussing but stopped at the glare he received from the ebony in front of him. Conner even continued to glare at the blonde man until he slowly made his escape to the zeta beam after Wonder Woman.

"Recognized: Wonder Women, 03. Recognized: Robin, B-01," the computer stated as they left for the watch tower. The rest of the JLA made to move toward the zeta as the teens exited toward the hangar.

"Wait," Conner commanded before the mentors could activate the beams to depart, but after the Team was gone.

Green Arrow, Flash, Superman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter turned back to the teenager.

"IF one hair on his head is out of place or if he so much as cries, YOU. WILL. REGRET. IT. Do you understand?" Superboy said calmly with a glare that would make Batman proud.

The adults stared at him in shock for a few minutes while Conner continued to glare at them.

Suddenly Kid Flash ran into the room and shouted, "Come on, Supey, we want to get there before Christmas!" Then ran out with his teammate slowly following him.

"Not. One. Hair," were Superboy's final words before he disappeared into the hangar.

The men stood there, shocked, for several minutes after they heard the hanger doors close, signaling the team's departure.

Finally, in a daze, Martian Manhunter activated the zeta tube.

~Watch Tower, low Earth orbit~

"What took you guys so long?" Wonder Woman asked, while walking up to the closest superhero, Superman, and handing off the child. "Never mind. I have to go, but I will come check on you later. Do try not to destroy the tower."

"Recognized: Wonder Woman, B-03."

Clark uncomfortably shifted the child he had come to think of as a nephew.

"Soooo, what now?" Oliver questioned, breaking the silence caused by Conner's unexpected threat.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna get something to eat while the kiddo is still sleeping," Flash stated and dropped the diaper bag, which had been given to him as soon as Conner wasn't looking, on the floor. He was convinced that is was full of rocks! Or maybe bricks. But definitely NOT diapers!

But before he could speed away, a child's scream filled the air.