"Legend shall speak
Of sacrifice at world's end" – LOVELESS Act IV.

The Gods and Goddesses have the ability to foresee the future of the worlds they protect.

They are allowed one chance to fix the future before it becomes a reality. And they are allowed to use any means necessary.

However, they cannot predict what would happen when the worlds they guard meet…

Minerva had seen the chaos on Gaia caused by Jenova and her puppet Sephiroth, and longed to do something about it. During a Meeting of the Worlds, she sees her chance in the form of a young woman that Sephiroth himself was drawn to. A woman who, though physically unfit for combat, wields a great inner strength that would be perfect for her needs…

Katlyn had been attending a relative's wedding, feeling miserable since her boyfriend had ditched her yet again. However, when she was asked to dance by a stranger her heart somehow knew, her fate had been put in the hands of someone she'd never expect…

Sephiroth had seen visions of a brown-haired woman with a beautiful voice, yet every he tried to get close, she'd somehow slip away. Yet when he saw this woman at a ball he was forced to attend, he sure as hell wasn't about to let her get away this time…

When the stranger's identity was revealed to Katlyn, she knew that fate was indeed a fickle thing, for how could she ever be with a man who wasn't supposed to exist? When she tries to talk about it, however, her jealous boyfriend pushed her into a coma that she would never wake… or so her world thought.

In reality, she was pulled into a meeting with a Goddess, who offered her a choice: Continue living in her world in peace, or become the savior that another world needs, at the cost of her own. She chose to become Minerva's champion, the Gift of the Goddess.

Granted with the gifts she would need, she is sent to Gaia to carry out the Goddess' will. Her mission: to change the fate of the six lives who had been affected the most by the Calamity.

However, there was a catch: If she failed to prevent Jenova from wrecking disaster, then the WEAPONs would fulfill their purpose, and not even the heroes who had defeated them before would be able save the planet.

Seven fates and countless lives hang in the balance… Can Katlyn somehow manage to pull off a miracle? Or will she fail, and cause the destruction of very planet she had come to save?

And the most important question: Will she ever be able to live a life with the man she loves?

*I don't own Final Fantasy VII or any of their characters, though Katlyn is mine.