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*Dietrich's POV*

As I try to exit the office, that stupid red bird flies into the air and over my head. A black dust flows through the air and I inhale it. Before I can take another step, I get increasingly tired and everything goes dark. I wake up in a dark room. I feel like I am in the room of a house.

I sit up and look around. There are light walls and the entire room is dark. Standing, I debate if I should call to see if anyone is around or scout the place a bit.. The instinct to keep my mouth shut wins me over. There is a door and I go through it, into a hallway. 'Where am I?' I walk further and reach stairs... 'Would it be somewhere that'd I've been when I was little.' No matter how hard I try, I can't remember anything from being a toddler. I can't remember if I talked, walked, went to school, lived in a house... or had parents. I continue to walk as only the thoughts of my lack of nostalgia can run though my mind. I descend the stairs and the walls change, as if I'm in a different house. I then turn around and see that the house HAS changed. The stairs are not the same ones I just left.

This home is actually furnished. I walk back up the steps to see a different layout of the upstairs and walk into the same room of which I exited. The room is different was well. It's a nursery. I hesitantly walk inside and run my fingers across the railing of the crib. Things are yellow and green and there are toys in the corner. 'Where am I?'

Suddenly the room is swallowed in a dark cloud and I try to reach for my wand which is no where around.

"Where I am? Where I am? You sound like such a defenseless muggle." I see nothing but darkness and hear this menacing voice. "Stop worrying about things as simple as your parents."

"Whoever you are you coward... that's not something simple."

The voice laughs histerically. "You fool! You're a demon. You have no need to be worrying about stupid things as muggles do."

"It's not stupid!" I stand up, flaring with anger, eyes burning. "How dare you speak of my parents as if you know them when you damn well don't!"

"Hmm, don't I?" The darkness lessens somehow and I see a person standing four feet away from me. I would've run at them assuming it was the voice, but somehow, I know it isn't. The person standing in front of me isn't the same one speaking to me. "I know your parents better than you know yourself."

I don't say anything, completely mesmerized by the person in front of me.

"I can... show you your dad... all you have to do is listen." Again, I say nothing.

'Is this my dad?'

"Go closer," the voice whispers. I step up one. "Good sweetheart, now keep going," I take another step...Every ounce of my being is screaming to turn around but not now... Not when I'm so close. The figure holds out its hand and the closer I get, the safer I feel. Just as I'm about to get close enough to see and touch him, I feel something already touching me...

Suddenly everything fades into a faint dust and I hear the words, "I love you."

'NO! Dad...'

I open my eyes and see a blurry vision of Dumbledore and Snape, who has me in a near chokehold. I look at around and see that I'm in Dumbledore's office still... I look back at Snape who looks surprised. "What the hell are you doing!"

He just stares at me, then his eyes take on a rather sour demeanor and he pushes my head aside. 'I don't even know" Dumbledore stands in his place laughing. I get to my feet and glare at the two.

"What did you do to me?"

He then stops laughing. "Why I did nothing of harm to you my dear boy. You just seemed a little tired it all." Snape looks at me emotionlessly and it makes me more angry than I should be. If he hadn't of done whatever it was he did... I might've actually seen my dad. I know it was him.

"Its all your fault," I hiss.

"You're such a nuisance," Snape growls in reply. "Nothing was done to you, now go down to the room and go to sleep." I feel my eyes change red, so deep that it's starting to burn.

"You don't tell me what to do."

"Fine, you can stand right there if you want. What should I care?" He walks over to the portrait on the wall without another word and I leave.

*Snape POV*

I don't see him but I hear him shut the door as he leaves. I sigh brashly, wanting to punch the nearest object. Just as I turn, Dumbledore is in my face obviously pissed. "Why did you do that? The boy is hurting. Can you imagine what's running through his head and you simply shoo him away as if I've told you nothing."

"I've realized, he's not my son anymore. My son disappeared when I gave him that potion," I state harshly, making complete eye contact with him.

"You never were that boy's father."

The breath catches in my throat at this remark. Not that I'm affected by it or anything.

"That poor boy probably has the memories of 7 different people and after seeing what we've seen tonight, enough power to wipe out hundreds of wizards without effort." I say noghing, only look in his eyes. "So I want you to go down there and comfort him. By tomorrow, I want you two to be the best of friends. So close that you'd consider telling him that you're his father because I saw the look in you r eye when yon found out he lied to you and you were considering it."

I look away from him and walk towards the door. "I'll talk to him." With that, I exit. The halls are vacant. The only sound comes from the torches on the walls. That's when I notice something strange. I lift up my hand and look at which way my shadow moves on the floor with the flame. Looking at other objects such as the stair railing and other stray torches, I see that there aren't shadows anywhere. Nothing has a shadow but me. This observation causes me to pick up my pace on the way down to the dungeon. Entering my room, I see Dietrich lying in my bed, asleep. Surrounding him are shadows, expanding and retracting as he breathes, as if it is one with him.

'What the hell...?' I walk closer to him and reach out my hand in an attempt to wake him up but one of the shadows leap off of the floor and snap at me. 'Feisty son of a bitch, I see.' It's not like I'm not familiar with this. It's simple dark magic. A field of shadows created for protection. It's simple for a master, but not someone who doesn't even know they possess dark magic. I walk across the room and pick up a shoes... Checking it's durability with a toss in the air, I chuck the shoe at Dietrich's dead. He pops up and rolls over in pain. "Wake up you devil"

All of the shadows escape my room. He groans, in somewhat of a fetal position. His attention is brought to me and he looks at the shoe I hit him with. Sure, the shadow force can kill, but one flaw with it is that it only attacks things of magical quality or a life form. Therefore, you better hope there are no sticks around with someone who knows what they are doing.

He shoots the shoe back in my direction which I dodge with ease. "What the hell is your problem? You couldn't think of a better way to wake me, like maybe a gentle shake?"

"I'm afraid that wasn't an option," I shrug carelessly. He rolls over. "At least change out of the clothes you wore today. I walk into the bathroom as he grunts at me and I get into the bath. Normally I'd shower, but it's been a long day and professor baths are almost more than ten feet long and 15 feet wide. Nice luxury. I run the water and watch the steam rise before stripping and hopping in. I close my eyes and sink in lower just where the water touches my chin.

That's when I hear a small squeak and the water splash. Why do I open my eyes to a relaxed Dietrich sitting in the water across from me? I take a deep breath, not getting to worked up. "Why...," I take a pause to breathe some more. "is you unclothed body in MY bath water?"

Instead of answering my question, he stretches his arms and says, "You ran the water perfectly." His eyes are green so he's obviously not angry..

"What's the matter with you," I say in low voice, trying to ignore the fact that we are both naked.

"Nothing at all old man. I've been thinking about my parents. I wanted to see them so bad. I wanted to know who they were so bad... But I've realized something."

"That being?"

"I don't care anymore." This brings me to pay more attention as his voice gets darker. "You may know them better than me, but as far as I'm concerned, they are nothing. And If I ever do meet them, I'm not going to hug them or ask them to take me in." He pauses in deep thought, eyes changing to a black. "I'm going to kill them and I'm going to do it slowly so they can see what they've made me into."

"You can't do that," I tell him, standing up. He looks away but keeps his demeanor.

"Why is that."

"Because you will never meet them," I say, tying a towel around my waist.

As I'm walking out of the door, he says, "It won't matter." I stop. "I'm not in a rush to meet them. I'm not going to look for them. But if I see them, I will take all of my happiness out on them. Luckily, I don't need them. I have you."

My eyes widen and I urge myself not to turn around and look at him. His voice was dark and slightly evil at that but still I heard senserity. I senerity I will soon regret and for some reason, I have a feeling he knows this. With that I walk out.

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