Not exactly sure how it happened, but I accidentally wrote a drabble tonight after drinking a bottle of Jaboulet Rosé (YUM).

This is the first drabble I have *ever* written, so please don't rip me to shreds!

Pairing: Giles/Buffy
T? I guess.
Season 4-ish. I admit a certain weakness for a snarky Olivia and a Buffy-loving Giles…
Buffy is owned by the Buffy people and Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover is a song by Paul Simon.


The Fifty-First Way

Olivia snickered at Rupert in disbelief. "You can't really be saying… I mean… are you joking?"

"I'm sorry you find the situation so... amusing. I assure you, it is perfectly serious. I…"

Giles pinched the bridge of his nose, searching for the right words. She had known him for twenty years, could smell his personal brand of bullshit from miles away.

His voice was small, tinged with a vulnerability Olivia would recognize as strength. "I love her, Olivia. God help me, but I do."

"Well then. Shall I call Paul Simon and let him know we've found number fifty-one?"


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