Hi everyone! Here we have a pair of drabbles based on the prompt 'Shower'. I couldn't accomplish what I wished to do in 100 words, so I cheated and manufactured a perspective swap. Hopefully the drabble gods will forgive me. Rating of this collection is now, errr, quite obviously upped to 'M'. ;)


Rupert Giles' soapy, steam-encased body jerked suddenly, assaulted by a frigid draft. A lithe and familiar form pressed against his back, embracing him.

Turning towards the uninvited guest, the naked Watcher sighed in annoyance. "B-Buffy-" He groaned as her tongue teased his nipple, scorching water sluicing between them.

The Slayer's gaze met his, imploring, as her wandering hands groped his backside. "Are you still mad at me?" She slithered downward, wrapping her perfect pink lips around his rapidly hardening cock.

His fingers twined into her damp blonde hair, tugging gently. "I…" Dear Lord, what had they been fighting about?


Gasping, the Slayer clutched Giles' shoulders as he pressed her against the shower wall. The sensations were overwhelming; the tiles freezing against her back, the water and her Watcher's surging body searing her with their relentless heat.

Buffy shuddered as he coaxed her legs to wrap around his waist, kissing her violently.

Their eyes locked as Giles entered her, grinding his hips in a delicious circle. His lips feathered against her ear. "Oh, my love…"

She smiled rapturously, writhing against him. If this was how all their pointless arguments were going to end, it boded very well for married life.